How To Live To Be 100

So Do You Want To Live To Be 100? 

This is interesting to me because the genetics are in place for me to do this.  How to live to be 100.  When I began to look around for information about how one might increase their odds of being in that group of people that live that long. I found a number of suggestions for making this even more possible.  Can I live to be 100 years old?  

 Well, maybeHow to live to be 100 Do your really want to live to be 100 years old?

I was more than a little intrigued that my old favorite monthly publication had done a bang-up good article about this very thing. You can find Prevention’s take on this here.

The idea that one might live that long made sense, based on on my family lifeline. My Mom lived to be 95.  Her mom passed away at 90.

Dad was 97 when he died. He was fairly healthy, both mentally and physically till he reached 95. His Dad was 90 when he died.

So, the Good Lord willing, I could easily live to be 100.

My husband’s, Mom was 99 when she passed away, and one of his Grandmothers was 101.

How help our kids take better care of us as we get older?  We really need to figure out how to make the most of this place we find ourselves in.

Seen all the research saying that anyone born after 2000 has a great chance of living to be 100?

Apparently, there will be an increasing number of members in the 100 + year old club.

 If there are going to be more and more of you around, it is really important to give yourself the benefit of any new information and data.  Enter into this “unknown” time in your lives as ready for the challenges of life as a centurion as prepared as you possibly can. 

How to live to be 100, better still do you really want to?

You will be surprised that the basics are so simple.   Diet, exercise, and having a positive attitude.  

These were among the most important indicators of people who will live to be 100 years old.

Can you believe it?

There were no magic formulas.

No secrets rituals.  How boring can that be?  Looks like the prep work to live to be 100 is going to have to be an evolving process. I do not know about you, but for me, there is some work to do.

There were a few revelations that were somewhat surprising

When I compared some of these suggestions to live longer with what was actually happening in our lives.  

People live longer if they eat less.  Really!  What about the starving people, where ever they are?

The idea of diet for a longer life.   Seems that research is finding that more is less.  People live longer when they eat less.  

Overeating. even healthy food is as dangerous as unhealthy eating.  There is some work to do. The suggested total calories for a daily intake was between 1500 and 2000.  So the trick is to eat nutritious calories.

No need in going into the ugly details here.  Most days I probably am not too far from doubling the 1500 calorie limit suggested for living longer.  This is with a “retirement mentality” based activity base.  O K, I eat too much and move about too little.

Did you know you were  overeating most days?  Did you know that the suggested amount for a “retired senior adult” was so low?

So here you go.  Some highlights of suggested lifestyle guidelines.   So you know how to live to be 100 years old.

How to live to be 100?

Eat 1500 to 2000 calories a day.

Eat less, but pack every calorie with as much nutrition as possible.

No cola drinks. (The Dr. Pepper commercial that taught you to think that it was good for you.  Acceptable “pick-up” between meals, was misleading.)

The less processed the food the better.

Did you grow up with fewer choices of processed foods?  Did your Mom have to cook most everything you ate?

A little farm town in Texas did not offer deli foods back then.  Mom could not get ready to eat foods.  

Did you have too much of your food fried in that day and time?

There were no chemicals added in the process of getting meals on the table.  

I know, enough already.   It is fun to remember how good meal time was, though.

Keep your body hydrated.   Drink plenty of water.

This is reputed to be a major cause of energy loss.  In anyone regardless of their age. We are all informed and alerted to the need for plenty of water, through- out the day.

Foods that have a high water content are also beneficial. Fruits and vegetables are suggested.  How to live to be 100 seems to be a way to be healthy!

We are all informed and alerted to the need for plenty of water, throughout the day.  

Foods that have a high water content are also beneficial. Fruits and vegetables are suggested.  How to live to be 100 seems to be a way to be healthy.

Now we get to exercise

Yes, I hear you.  It is sometimes hard to get enough exercise.  

Let me start over, please, It is often difficult to get any exercise.

Yes, there are always excuses.  However, this is equally important for that healthy balance.

Can you believe Prevention Magazine suggested that we  should be running 40 minutes a day? 

That was listed as a prime indicator of living to be 100.

Well, this “retired senior adult” is trying for 30 minutes of walking a day right now.

As the conditioning gets better.   I will try for 40 – 60 minutes of walking.  Running is a very long ways off.  How to live to be 100 may be more involved than first realized.

Are you a positive thinker? How tolive to be 100

Research indicates that if you are a cup half full kind of person you will live longer, and more productively.  Your enjoyment of your life will make things more pleasant along the way as well.

Another suggestion for living to be 100 was to use technology to stay connected socially to friends and family.

Knowing how important the daily email to my kids is to me.  Because it brings responses.  I get to hear from some of them every day.  Some days everyone reports in.  

With the Grandkids occasionally adding a quick note.  Do you have any idea of how much that brightens you day?

How  important this would be when you can not get in your vehicle and go wherever you want.  When you want.  Yes, this one makes so much sense.  

I will try to be better about texting as well.   I will admit that is my least favorite form of communication.  But I have to try, as that is what the grandkids use.

Doing your own housework is a good indicator of who will live to be 100

Well, there it is.  

The most exciting suggested lifestyle factor for how to live to be 100.  You can clean house.  

Learning how to live to be 100 has some guidelines I was not expecting. Guess I had best suck it up and quit trying to find a way to afford to hire some help with the housework.  Doing windows is supposed to be so good for You. Wouldn’t you know?

An indicator of living a long life was delayed menopause.

Were you were in your early 50’s when this occurred?

Having a baby after you are 40.

If your mother was young when you were born.

If you were a normal weight as a teen.  

Indicators that were found to be important in this business of living to be 100.

If you, like me have some latent desire to live to be 100, you might check out building a business online.

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Check out the link to Prevention Magazine for the other suggested lifestyle markers that indicate who might live to be 100. 

How to live to be 100

If you do live to be 100 what will your world be like?  We can talk about next time.

You can  build a business online to have something to do during these extra years you have available, check the information here.  You will not be disappointed.


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