How To Make Money From Home On Craigslist

How To Make Money From Home On Craigslist

All too often we do not consider using Craigslist as online marketing.  Do you want to know how to make money from home  on Craigslist?

What?  How can that be online- your just selling stuff?    Well, just consider that —

  • You list the item “online”
  • You post a picture of the item “online”
  • Then you add a description of this item, “online”
  • The buyer then contacts you, usually “online”How to make money from home on Craifslist

So, yes it is an “online” business.   Do you want to join those who know how to money from home on CraigsList?

The founder of CraigsList, Craig Newmark, wanted a way to connect with people in his new hometown of San Francisco, California.  

So in 1995, he started this site with the idea that getting people who wanted to sell stuff and those who wanted to buy stuff.  

He reasoned they should have a place to make this happen, as well as maybe a way to socially connect with the neighbors, near and far.

Through the years, this site has developed into a site to place classified ads to sell and in some cases give away items you no longer need or use.

When you are an individual these ads are free.  

My experience with the site has been to post help wanted ads and to buy some supplies for our business.

Those were both positive experiences and I found them most helpful.

It hit me, kind of like a slap in the face.  

This is an online business as well.  

This could help make some money, as well as clean some store rooms, and clutter from the house.

Howto make money from home on Craigslist

 A few things to learn:

One man’s trash is another’s treasure.

There are some things to learn about this kind of enterprise.

Definitely, there is money to be made here.

This idea of selling 2nd hand items worldwide, not just the U S A.   

Selling 2nd hand items has become one of the most important forms of income internationally

You might think that in countries where the lifestyle is simpler and there is not a lot of extra anything, that resale would not be a part of the culture.   They are very much involved in selling things they can no longer use or do not need.

In highly populated cities, the resale, besides being a way to raise money, is a practical way to get items you no longer use out of the way.  

Rent is so high, and space so limited where there are so many people to house.  Getting the unused items out of the way is a way to get breathing space in smaller living quarters.

A visit with a friend who has a resale shop here in town revealed that they list items all the time on Craigslist. 

how make money from home on Craigslist

It seems that people who live in nearby towns, even as far away as Austin enjoy driving out to our little town to shop for bargains.  

They like getting out where the pace is a bit slower.  If you have a good item, there will be a good response.  My thinking is you only need one response. The buyer who wants your treasure!

So here is a quick review of what I found

You know the internet- there is always tons of information.

I signed up for my account.  (  did not remember this information from 10 years ago!)  

Was super easy!  To sign up, will get you to the home page.

As with all new interests you are checking out: 

  • Review the information
  • Enter your email address to get your password  

I have been known to skip this part and about half way through, think “What am I doing!”  So take a minute and read a bit.

  • Then submit your email address
  • Proceed with getting your account set up

When you get your email and go back into your account:

  • There is a very simple layout
  • Everything is easy to see. Easy to use, and self-explanatory
  • Easy to use
  • Self-explanatory

In the upper right-hand corner is a help tab- when you click there you will see a page with all sorts of information about how, and what to do to make this a success.

I also noticed while researching on the internet, there were some suggestions for making your ad stand out from the rest.

  • Make your ad super neat.  
  • Have the information clear and the description complete.
  • Include if this is a cash only sale.
  • Take a really clear picture of  the item.  
  • Make sure your background is uncluttered.  
  • Have nothing to distract from the item itself.
  • Make sure that any damage is apparent.  
  • If it is not, make sure that you put the information in your typed in your item description.
  • Your integrity is at stake here, and you must have honest pictures and descriptions.
  • Price slightly higher than selling price to give room to negotiate
  • Check your ad every 2 or 3 days, for a response.  
  • You can choose to have an email address that will make your real email address disappear.  I would certainly choose this option.
  • If  your item is still for sale, maybe edit and/or rewrite the description to be fresh.  At the very least, in the edit mode, refresh the description and make sure the information is correct.
  •  Most of the articles  strongly suggested also listing your phone number. as the ability to get information quickly seemed to speed the sale.  I will probably do this after the first listing. ( I have a large upright cedar wardrobe that is not fitting in our home as we wanted it to- so this will probably be the item to work with on my first attempt for this kind of online business. )

An inexpensive cell phone would work if I am going to try and develop this. There is  growth possibility With this.  Knowing how to make money from home on Craigslist is one more skill.

Thrift store shop

Find and refinish items for sale without a lot of cash outlay.  

You would have some time invested, but this could be a good way to make some serious cash.   I am sure that you have your own interests that can be reflected here in an online business.

Very few business will have such a low start up cost.

You could specialize in selling to a specific market.  

Just like niche marketing.  All the basic classes repeat this phrase in the training, “Become an authority in your niche! ”  Research, learn. and educate those who are interested in your product.  

So some research on my “Wardrobe” chest is in order.   I am not sure that I want to search for other pieces of furniture of this type to buy, to get to be an expert, but the pretty glass insulators that line my windowsills, now that might be something else.

Here is a list of items

Maybe they will help to get your mind started with exploring this how to make money from home on Craigslist:

  • Glass insulators from electric and phone lines
  • Neon Beer signs
  • Pianos
  • Glass top canning jars
  • Parts for vehicles
  • Knives
  • Guns
  • Furniture
  • Handmade stools
  • Watches / Clocks
  • Refurbished lamps
  • Camping gear
  • Collectibles
  • Bicycles /scooters
  • World Globes
  • Larger toys for children
  • Cameras
  • Musical Instruments

Whatever is your passion, and your space will allow.  

My friend with the Thrift Store repeats that it is  more profitable when you choose a particular item and specialize in that.  

Otherwise, they seem to creep over into the “junk ” category quick.  

She says that when they list items, they make sure it is in the proper section.

 It needs to be where the shoppers can find it, not just “happen to run across” it.

How to meet face to face with the buyer for my wardrobe:

  •  Make sure to have someone else here  at the house when showing the item.
  • Do leave it on the sidewalk, however, it could it could be left in the middle of  the garage.
  • I will not invite potential buyers into my home.
  • Make sure that you are aware of the proper steps to take to fit your area.
  • State in the listing how I will accept payment.  Cash sales are the way to go if you can.

Err on the side of caution

How to make money from home on Craigslist

If cleaning out the garage and attic, you can do that.  With this kind online selling, you can do that.

Want to start up an ongoing business?

One that will build as your reputation grows as the expert in the field?

This is a business that you can design to exactly that.

One that fits your personality and your needs.

The first level of training is free- You can stop- and you have not spent any money- if this is not for you!

Thank you for stopping by on your search for a way to make money from online.  I found that the education was the missing part for me.

What part of the puzzle piece is missing for you?

Thank you


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