How To Plan Retirement Life

How to plan retirement life

Are you retired?  Do you have a budget?  Do you know how to plan retirement life?  How to plan fun stuff?How to plan retirement life  

What you really want to do during your retirement? 

Do you wake up excited?

Have you considered how steadily increasing health care costs will affect you? Your plans for retirement? How you personally will be affected?

Research led me to the report by Ron Mastrogiovanni, founder, and CEO of HealthView services.  The report that sums how up bad this is for those of us who are retired.!  Show me the report

He said the end result of facts found in the research was that medical costs will exceed Social Security benefits. This fact makes me cringe.  Social Security provides a bigger part of our financial security.  Do you know how to plan for retirement life?  

A smaller Social security check?

This information has become evident in the continual increases we see in our health insurance premium cost each year.  Can your spending plan withstand a smaller Social Security check each month?  

There will be some revamping with my budget should this happen.  Inflation is already making inroads into our budget.  

Do you know how to plan retirement life?

You will be comfortable for a while.  You will be able to maintain your comfortable lifestyle.

But what happens when you get 10 years down the road?  

When inflation and increasing health care costs have taken their toll?

You will be more relieved than ever that you are able to get started with your online business for retirement.

Will  a stream of income help make up the difference for you as you age?  

My plan is to have the security of money coming into our household.  You can only take out if savings for a limited time.  

When you plan as poorly as we did, retirement is a bit shaky anyway.  We did not spend time planning retirement life.

The double whammy of increased health care costs and inflation canl make you have to rethink your lifestyle decisions!

We live a modest lifestyle now

Thinking about eliminating  some of the things that we enjoy.  Not something I look forward to.

No, we do not have to have all the T V channels we have on our monthly plan. This is our main entertainment.

We do not have to drive to participate in our grandkids activities.  This is something we have looked forward too.

We do enjoy those things.

Being able to afford to eat out once or twice a month.

The haircut every 3 or 4 months.  An occasional trip somewhere.

Our splurges are not flamboyant.  We really do live modestly.  There is a need to manage our expenses in order have  finances to be able to do a few things.

To be comfortable and remain able to enjoy the few things we do.  Learning how to plan retirement life is important.  

Learning to build an online business

Having a stream of income that is steadily growing.    

Deciding to build a business while you still have wiggle room in your spending plan seems to be something positive to do.  Is it the answer you are looking for?  

Knowing how to build another stream to add to the first.   And another after that.   As long as you want to do so.  

Learning while in you retirement years also seems a good idea.       

You do have to give yourself time to get this done.  It is not an overnight thing.  

To build an income producing business can take several months.  

It is work.  Not hard work, but work that must be done.  

For most of us learning and building in the platform I chose to use, it is fun. You can learn to build a business for minimum cost.

You may have been spending money monthly to have something to do for fun.  Something that you enjoy and looked forward to.  

The small cost to enroll in the training program is less than I was spending at the bead shop. The yarn shop.  I now have something that makes money, does not cost money.   You can reverse things for yourself as well. Tell me moreretirement community-beacj

Learn to add to your monthly income.  

No need to tap your savings.

This is how to plan retirement life.

I do not know about you, but the interest rates available now do nothing to make me feel better about taking money from savings.  That money will not replace its’ self with interest collected in my lifetime. 

To be able to stay in control of your own future and where the morning walks take place.  This is what I want for retirement.

There will come a time when you will not be able to enjoy working from home online.  If you luck holds, you will be really old when this happens.

However, you can do the online thing a few hours day.  This can be done longer  than you could stand and work as a cashier in a part-time job.

The future changes and your ability to work changes as well.  At that point, the income streams will carry themselves without much attention from you. That is why you need to know how to plan retirement life.

Here is how you can feel more secure.

This was how I handled the fear of sharing my credit card information online. 

I established a PayPal account!.  Followed the directions at PayPal.com.  I  called our bank to see if there had been any issue they were aware of from using PayPal.

I just explained to the lady at my bank what I wanted to do.  That I knew I was going to be interested in shopping more online, and wanted the security of a Pay Pal account 

The customer rep at our bank said that she had one for the same reasons.  It had worked well for her.  So that part was reassuring in my mind.

It is connected to your checking account and offers another layer of security.  

Now I would not hesitate to give my credit card information to Wealthy Affiliate.  The integrity I have discovered here is amazing.  

However, I did not know that to start with.  I felt better with the Pay Pal Account.  There are really so many ways to get in trouble online. 

I knew I was not as aware of all of the safety measures as I should be.   Pay Pal gave me a very secure feeling.

What a deal  

You make money while you sleep.  When you travel.

You can actually afford to travel some.

All the benefits of working at home continue to grow as you get more firmly entrenched in your business.

I was excited at first to have something to do that I wanted to do.

However, the benefits that I was not aware of continue to show through.  Had you rather spend your timehow to plan retirement worrying about the future? 

Or had you rather do something about it.  The choice is yours.  Are you ready?  You know how to plan your retirement life now. 


2 thoughts on “How To Plan Retirement Life

  1. Thank you Alec for your comment to my ideas about surviving retirement! Some of the difficult times can be avoided by deciding to make a plan! Stop allowing out days to just drift by. This has been an effective tool to get retirement shaped more like we want it to be.

    If years of not planning catch up with you, you can at least make the best of the situation with a plan!


  2. I completely agree with you on this. Why should we work 9 to 5 all of our lives, only to retire and enjoy the bittersweet feeling of having to give up some or much of the things you had become accustomed to during your working years.
    Retirement should not be a step down from your working years, you should be able to enjoy it. That’s why I totally support anyone who takes action to change their circumstances now.
    Keep up the great work!

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