How To Plan Retirement Years Shoe Store Wisdom

How to plan retirement years.

The day came.  I could get to our daughter’s home on the west side of Austin.  And she was free to drive me. Into the old part of Austin to a shoe store.  One that does a great job of fitting shoes.  You know in this day and time, that is almost a lost art.  This is where I received another lesson about how to plan retirement years.  

This is retirement thing is an ongoing process for me.  Now back to the shopping trip.
How to plan retirement years

Inner Austin is a challenging drive when the highways are all open.

However, road construction can really make things difficult.

Do we ever have construction going on! Major construction.

You know, you probably have road construction as well.  

This experience about buying the last pair of shoes I will ever be able to buy.

My foot continues to grow.   

Being retired, really thought the growth was done.   

Shoes do not get much bigger than the size purchased yesterday.  

Wore the old ones almost every waking minute.  Yet, in the 2 years, my feet had grown to need a larger size for a  proper fit.

How to get them to quit growing  

Plants do not get bigger in a too small container.  Does the same logic applies to the human foot. Maybe sleeping in these it will stunt the growth.  Didn’t that binding of the feet happen many years ago?

More research made me aware of what common sense was telling me.

Manufacturers continue to change the shape and sizing of their products.

Sizes were more uniform when styles were simpler.  And styles more sensible.(I am speaking about women’s shoes, as that is what I am dealing with.)

So- while this does not explain the fact that my feet are growing.   I uncovered several ideas about the human foot.  I did not think that how to plan retirement years and shoe stores had much in common.  Was I ever wrong!

Adult feet growing

There are several suggestions as possible reasons this growth has continued.

The explanations are in line with my personal experiences.  I suppose they are on track with some truth.  Can you imagine a scientist applying for a grant from the federal government for studying how the senior citizen’s foot continues to grow?  Makes as much sense for your federal dollar as some of the off the wall studies we read about.

Maybe this is not a locked in scientific proof of what has happened.  At least, not proven at this point.  However, at the end of both my legs, there is a foot that continues to grow. 

The reports add up to me. Matches my personal journey through this retirement maze.

Attracting Scientific study

One good result that I found.  This is a question that is catching the attention of research scientist along the way.   

New markets 

As retired senior citizens are living longer, there is some interest from the makers of shoes as they realize that this is a market that is untapped.  Senior citizens wear shoes.  They may not buy 4 or 5 pairs a year, but with the increasing numbers of them, there is money!  

Adding walking much more in the past 2 years.  There is a super need to exercise in retirement.  Walking is such a natural thing to do.  

The skeleton strengthens in reaction to the demands made on it, at any age.  (Did you know this?)

The bones in my foot are probably thicker and stronger. Having the now more exercised feet in the same sized shoe forever.  It may not happen.

I have gained some weight with retirement. This fact that has increased the demands on my feet and legs.

Add that to becoming more aware of being comfortable.   

For me, “appearance” has become less important.  

So my shoe buying days may be over.   Unless the manufacturers do begin to recognize the need.  The need that is now being created in our world.  

We are going to need bigger shoes.  They need to be size 11 with a size 8 1/2 size label.  

How does this affect you?How to plan retirement years

Retirees, you are realizing you could live 25 to 30 years after retirement.  You know that research has found that walking is the best exercise routine for senior adults.

Will you continue to grow a size ever two years?  The math here gets a bit much.  Size 10, size 11.   

That is only 4 years of retirement life.  What if You live 10  more years.  And are able to walk 2 or so miles several days a week.  5 more sizes.  Size 16.  This should prove interesting.

My thinking tells me that at some point you will max out

Now that I actually have been fitted properly.  The need for larger sizes will slow down.

Your once high arch will have given way as much as it is going too.  Your weight will lessen from the walking you needed to do.    

This what I am consoling myself with.

Will you have the option of rewarding yourself with a pair of high fashion shoes? 

For you females, is there a pair of Jimmy Choo,  red 8″ heels on your wish list?  In a size 16?  

For you guys, how about maybe a pair of Ralph Lauren Denver cap toe oxfords in tan.  Size 16!  

Now on to the other part of this question.  The information the sales guy gave me for correct shoe size buying.  

Your attitude towards your shoe size.

Does that mean you do not have a well-developed brain and mind if your shoe size is smaller?  

Or is the reverse true?  Are you considered more intelligent and knowledgeable?  More desirable? 

Do you become less valuable as human beings when your wear larger sizes shoes?

Does this mean that you are too heavy when your old shoe size is a 9.

Does it mean that a size 5 shoe size is an advantage?

The whole thing is so silly.

Like lots of the ideas,  you get when you are younger.  

  • Like girls were not interested in science
  • Guys could not like cooking
  • Men do not enjoy sewing or knitting
  • Men could not be successful hair designers
  • That only gay women liked to work on vehicle motors
  • Only men could drive a truck
  • Women did not enjoy landscaping

There are far too many stereotypes that were not founded on fact.  How many have you carried through to retirement time?

Did you grow up in the dark ages?

My paternal grandmother sternly admonished me.  Why?  For thinking out loud, in her hearing, about becoming a nurse.   

“Only women of low character would consider such a thing.  Nurses had to take care of sick men.  Those hospital gowns would offer little privacy.  No telling what you might see.”

The world of today correctly scoffs this idea.  

However, it did not allow me to entertain the idea of becoming a nurse very long.

Of course, I was only 7 or 8 at the time! 

Had no idea what might be hidden under a hospital gown.  Had no idea what a hospital gown even was.

Was too terrified to ask Mom or anyone else what she was talking about!

Thought there was a chance that I might “turn to stone.”  I had heard my grandmother use that term before.  

And, after all, she was my grandmother.  Yes, ignorance will lead to more ignorance.  

Thank goodness we are now a bit more aware

How have we allowed ideas from days gone by to influence us in our life? 

Besides making you think you needed certain size shoe.  Not the size that fits.  

Do you refuse to eat certain foods because you heard your dad refuse?  Using what you now know was a lame excuse.   

Do you think there are still male jobs and female jobs?  Not taking in consideration who is more capable.  Or who is stronger if strength is a key component of successful employment.

How do you view these ideas?

Those restricting beliefs are there if you are truthful with yourself.

You are still slow accepting a male early years teacher.  

Pre-school and first-grade teachers are almost always female.  

We know that men enjoy working with and teaching little children.  

There are surely many missed opportunities for men to find a career that would allow them to teach and lead young children to be successful adults.  

Not many female coaches for boys athletics teams.  I am as guilty as anyone.  Yes, there is reason caution should be exhibited, but there are also missed opportunities for deserving educators.

How are you eliminating these no longer useful ideas from your life?How to plan retirement years

Are you taking responsibility for a successful retirement?

Making sure you are staying healthy?  Are you happy with your retirement living?

Men, are you sitting back and eating whatever your spouse prepares for your meals?  Because it is not your job to help make sure healthy meals are on the table?

Are you taking steps to make sure your eating habits are healthy and will lead to a retirement that will enable you to have a long and healthy life? 

You can help with correcting an unhealthy diet.  This is not all women’s work.

Do think you are interested in learning a hobby?

One that would give you something to do in retirement?  Something that you have not considered before.

What have you done to make it happen?   Taking action is how to get this going.  You can in today’s world enjoy many different things.  Senior citizens are not regulated to the front porch and a rocking chair. 

Those old ideas do not have the power they did at one time.

You are a grown-up. You can make the decision.

Do not be governed by ideas that have you still wearing a too small shoe size.

There is growing room for you.  You can still plan your days and live an exciting life during retirement.  The need to know how to plan retirement life does not stop when you retire.

You can get past a lifetime of wrong thinking.

Most of the time these ideas are fostered on us by people who are just scared of the future.  

The ideas are used to control your actions through fear.  

Do you have some creative ideas that are calling to be nurtured in your retirement time?   

Consider how you can get started.  

You do not have to be female to enjoy sewing.  

You do not have to be a male to enjoy digging with a shovel.  

Females can build things. 

Men can learn to quilt.  

There are many options.  

Choose yours.

Choose to live with a shoe that is the correct size.  A size that fits you.  How you choose to plan retirement life helps retirement fit you.

The number on the shoe box is just a number.  For inventory control.  Your age is just that, a number on your birth certificate.

It is not always the proper guide for finding your correct size.   Other people’s retirement plans may not be for you. 

You will need to wear a size that fits differently if you are choosing styles that are not tied on or buckled on. You will walk out of a “flat shore ” with no ties or straps. 

Plan for you

Do you have a different style of retirement planned for yourself?  Step out of the retirement your parents chose.  

Give your toes a chance to stay comfortable.  Grow fewer bunions.  Fewer corns.   Be happier in your retirement.

The knowledgeable and helpful salesman told me that the shoes I had worn in were too small.  Is your retirement plan for your life too small?

After getting measured and finding the pair I wanted to buy, I asked what size they were?  He very nicely smiled and answered with this question.   

 “What size do you want them to be?”  

Do you have some ideas about big feet? 

Did this make you think about when you were last fitted properly?    

Make sure shoes that you purchase fit.  The ones you got because they are the size you have always worn.  Are they causing you pain?  Do you have bunions?  A sure sign of too small a shoe.   

Speaking from experience, retirement is challenging enough without your feet hurting.How to plan retirement years

Retirement can also be a better experience.  If you will shed your preconceived ideas.  

The ones about what it takes to live a happy and successful retirement time.  

Is an online business in your future?  Yes, I want to check this out!


Up date

Happy to report that this year’s pair didn’t get larger.  They stayed the same.  The added benefit for me?  My feet no longer bother me.  They do not feel as they did while being 20 years old, but they serve me well and this size fits! 

So does my retirement time.  Am so glad that my retirement included an online business.  Can you say you are happy with your retirement time?







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  1. John,

    Thank you for stopping by. Also, thank you, for making me aware of the too frequent pop-up!

    I do want to help retired people enjoy their retirement years! We do not have to live these years being bored with our lives!


  2. Now this is a topic that much people hardly give though to until it is almost to late. I have seen retired persons going back to work trying to maintain their way of life when they should be living, loving and enjoying life. Though and much though should be given about enjoying those golden years. I believe that everyone should read you post because the time of retirement is coming for all of us as we live out our days. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Norman,

    Thank you for reading my article, and leaving your comment.

    I agree retirement is such a wonderful time of life that no one needs to miss it.

    Learning to cope with life changes is how we grow. I know that being blessed is one of life’s conditions we need to be mindeful of and sharing is my way of being thankful.

    Reading is a proven way to make our lives better.


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