How To Reorganize Your Retirement Living Day

How to Reorganize your Retirement Living Day.  How to reorganize your retirement living day

Why should you reorganize your retirement living day?  Did you know that your happiness level can affect your physical health?

Being happy is a desired state of mind for all of us.  

But were you aware that your happiness level can adversely affect your physical health?  The effects of happiness on your mental health are easier to understand.  I think that it is no surprise to any of us that the mental health and happiness level are so important to each other.  

It is just a bit more difficult to connect the physical aspect to this emotion. Where are you on your retirement living life journey?  Are you completely satisfied with where you are with your life to this point?  Or do you, as many do, settle for being content?

Know your happy  

The ability to constantly stay happy is not as easy to maintain, and  Wikipedia will tell you, no one is completely happy all the time.  You will have times of highs and lows on the happy scale. Doing what you can consciously to ensure some moments of happiness in your life is important to your overall health.

Are you happy

Now, let’s consider what happiness actually is.  Once you recognize it, you may be having more times than you realize of being happy.  I think we get into the habit of thinking we are not happy and do not really acknowledge the happy times.  

Happy is an emotion.  It can cause enormous highs and bursts of energy. That cord of contentment in your mind when you hear a certain melody or song in the back ground of your day.  Feeling in control gives most of us a sense happiness.  The way you feel when you crunch a potato chip!  When you complete a task or assignment.  

Learn what happy is to you

There are many feelings that are considered happiness.  When your kids take time to call home. Those little moments that occur through the day. So many that we tend to not pay attention when they happen.  To feel this elusive “happy” more, make yourself aware of the feeling, even as brief as it may be. 

Pay attention and allow the moment of happiness to take root in your mind. As you learn to pay attention you may have a different answer when someone asks you if you are happy.  

How can you find happy

So, if I asked you if you were happy, would you answer, “Yes I am.”  Or would your answer be “No, I am miserable?”  As you consider how you would answer, also consider what would make you happier?

 If you are retired now, is there something you could do to make sure you have more happy moments? 

It is surprising how just a few tweaks in your retirement living routine can make you happier.  Is there a small health issue that is affecting your days of retirement.


Dealing with your body during the aging process is not always easy.  You continue trying to live as you always have, and low and behold you just do not feel well. You will need to make sure you are getting the basics of good health.  

Sleeping enough?  Eating a healthy diet?  Getting some exercise?  Drinking enough water?  You know, those basic building blocks that grow healthy families?  They are necessary for healthy and happy retired senior citizens as well.

Will control help

As you consider your retirement living, would a feeling of control assist in the happiness?  So many retired senior citizens fail to recognize the happiness that having a bit of control gives you.  

Remember how you felt the first time you got to carry the key to the front door.  You felt so in control of the world. Even being only five years old, but no one could go in until you allowed it.  The door power to open the door for them.  Remember how important you felt?

Those moments also happen in a day that goes as you planned. The moments are there, you just need to give them the recognition they deserve.

This is how you can build your happiness levels.  Recognise when a happy time happen.  Appreciate it.  

Physical HealthReorganize your retirement living days

Get your physical health going in the correct direction.  You may not be able to get all the parts of you that are showing up worn out and under-performing back to where you want to be, but awareness is half the battle.

When you become aware of the problem, and take the steps to improve the situation, you will have the small feeling of control. That feeling will help you to make it over into the feel good happy feeling.  

There is a need for caution here.  That Happy feeling is addictive.  The happier you are, the happier you want to be. Soon, like any other thing that makes you feel powerful and good, you will be searching for it wherever you go.  

You will find that you can find happiness in places you have overlooked all your life. A quiet walk with a friend.  Reading a good story.  Hearing a favorite song.  In an orderly day and life.

Mental Health  

Your mental health is so easily affected by your emotions.  Sadness or happiness are controlling emotions.  When either of these emotions is present you will find your mental health affected.  

Naturally, making decisions when very sad is not advised.  But as you think about it, major decisions need to be weighed with some awareness of your happiness level, not just your sadness level.  Often people are said to be “in lust,” not “in love.”  In retrospect this is apparent.  

Some times allowing yourself to get to know someone well enough to move from lust to love just does not happen.  

When retired, staying on top of your happiness level will help when making major decisions.  The ones you can not easily change should be made when you are at a moderate rate of happiness.  

Make being happy a habit

Being too happy, or too sad is a part of life from time to time. Yes, retired senior citizens find their retirement living having a major change with a death or divorce

Yes, retired senior citizens may find their retirement living having a major change with a death or divorce.  

Seniors want to be happy

There is an expected time of sadness with the ending of one lifestyle, and the start of another.  So often decisions to remarry are made before allowing the time to pass for the processing of these emotions.  

These relationships are sadly not often good ones.  There just needs to be some allowance for the normal up and downs of life.  The adjustments that normally one makes to accommodate the new situation in life need to be made. Find your life balance before entering new relationships to allow a good one to grow to enrich your life.  

You hopefully experience both sadness and happiness in amounts that make your life the awesome place you wanted to be in for your retirement.  That place that has more good days than bad.  Once you have paid attention to what makes you happy and what makes you sad, you can make the changes to make you have fewer sad days.

Be aware

Awareness is the key.  Make yourself aware so you can make the small changes you need to and want to make.

Those changes will result in fewer sad days.  Stay in control of your life. Stay in the happy times. 

How Can You Reorganize Your Retirement Living?  

One day at a time.  Deciding what is wrong is a good starting place.  You have to identify what must be changed to change it. Just as you need a goal to be able to identify your success, you need to a goal to have successful reorganizing of your retirement living days. If you do not have a particular starting place, you will not know what to work on.  So take a moment and think.  Do your mornings flow well? Plan your day.

Will You Take Control of Your Retirement time?  Assume control of your How to reorganize your retirement living dayretirement living every day?

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