How To Take Responsibility For Your Retirement Living

How to take responsibility for your retirement livingHow To Take Responsibility For Your Retirement Living

Where are you in knowing how to take responsibility for your retirement living?   The day to day living for your retirement days?  The day that starts when you wake up and ends when you go to bed? You know the everyday life? 

Are you 100% happy with your retirement living days? 

This is not about the fun days, golfing or whatever you do.  Just the everyday flow that makes up your life in retirement.

The flow

Retirement living can mean being in the flow

Remember the “flow?”  Those days at work when everything went as planned, the work just “flowed” almost without thought.  Except you knew that you had planned and worked and dreamed of completed projects.

You know those days.  You can have the feelings of contentment and happiness in the retirement of the flow.  Of days that produce almost effortless that feeling of contentment and accomplishment. 

Yes, you can live with purpose and decision.  You do not have to just float along your retirement living journey as out of control as a boat with no oars in a fast moving body of water. 

Do you have a plan?

Life can be demanding and overwhelming from time to time. 

Are you ready for a new mindset for your retirement living?  A mindset that weathers the storms and enjoys the quiet times, just as we did in our work years?

Take control

You had this control of the way your life flowed because you stepped up and took control.  There was no option but take control and work through the days one at a time. 

Fortunately, most of you learned to do a little planning.  Then you learned to do a lot of planning.  Retirement does not require the careful planning and scheduling of each hour through every day. 

However, you do need an overall plan.  You need to have a plan with flexibility for change.  The outcome is a successful and happy retirement.  Worth the time and effort to plan?  That of course, is up to you. 

If you are happy with the way the everyday stuff is going, God bless you.  You are leaps and bounds better off than the majority of the retirees. 

Who is in control

Have you found yourself blaming someone else for all your problems?

Do you blame the government for not having enough money to do what you wanted in retirement?  How’s that going for you?

So, are they accepting the blame and helping you get things together better?  Is someone assigned to you to make sure all your dream come true? 

No? I do not have one either! Whatever is the cause of your lack of control in your daily life?  It has already happened. 

Deal with it!

Your life doesn’t have to continue in a less than happy way. 

You can get back the feelings of control.  The joy of waking up with something to do that you want to do.

Sure there will be moments that you have to man-up and scrub the bathroom.  Do dishes.  Clean the yard.  That does not have to be your whole week!


There are few jobs that can’t be completed in steps and over several days.  With planning, getting those “have to” jobs out of the way.  And still have most of your time to do some fun stuff, even if that fun stuff is sitting on the front porch visiting with neighbors.

Learn to enjoy the slow days

The incredible feeling of accomplishment when you enjoy a day of just loafing and not really doing much of anything. You know, like the day after you arrived at your destination when going on vacation. 

The day before the rest of the crowd showed up?  Yes, just a day or so of doing absolutely nothing along the way.

But do nothing by choice. 

Do nothing in limited amounts.  Like too many desserts.  You will find you do not feel well when you overindulge in too many days of doing nothing all day long.  Day after day. 

Like another piece of pecan pie when you’ve had 2 servings already, you will find it does not taste as good.  Doing noting soon loses its appeal and becomes boring. Not fun anymore.

However, sprinkled in through your week those days and times are wonderful.  They are what you dreamed of when you retired. 

What is it about human nature? You tend to only remember all the fun of doing nothing, not the long hours involved in traveling to get to a fun destination.  Not the weeks and months of working and saving to get to vacation time?

How to use your “nothing to do times?”

Think about when waiting for someone to answer a request for information.  Or the cake to bake in the oven?  Those can be good times or they can be not so good. 

When waiting with a relative for the Dr. to call your name in the surgical waiting lobby for a report?  You plan ahead and take something to spend the time doing.

Walking the floor and wringing your hands is tiresome and useless.  You could be writing your thoughts and fears in a journal.  Using the time to get your fears out where they can be seen, not lost running around in your mind.

why Plan

There are many ways to spend this time

This energy caused by the unsettling event could be used to your advantage.  The snack bar at the hospital eating calories you don’t need or really want?  You just need something to do. Planning is what you need. 

Your retirement time is a great deal of forced downtime if you allow it to be.  Plan and use your time to be able to use this time to your advantage. 

Yes, there are times you will find the plan does not work or make sense as you get there.  If you have planned your week and month you can usually rework the schedule to better handle the times when this happens. 

Stay in control

Having time with grandkids is wonderful. as long as you feel you are doing this on your schedule. 

Soon it gets to be a chore if you had planned to do something else.  Is the day your daughter called and asked for help the day you usually do some cleaning?  With a schedule or plan, you can usually work those days cleaning in with the day before and the day after. 

It is fun to scoot things around and have a day to play with grandkids. It is not fun to have to clean and have small children underfoot. (Your days of that are gone, thank goodness.)

Take responsibility for your retirement living

Take responsibility for your everyday happiness.   The fun you in your retirement living.   Now that the blame is clear to you, how can you change this? 

How can you take responsibility for your retirement living?  What can you do to change the direction you are going?

Most people find that just having a clearer idea of what they really want makes it easier to change some habits.  Do some things differently.


Who knew that all you really needed to make your retirement more fun was just a better organized week? 

Will rearranging some of your daily activities to make the flow of your week better?  Do you still delay your house cleaning until the weekends because that is how you always did it? 

You always washed the vehicles on the weekend because that was when you had time?  You are retired now, and these can be done in another day if that would make your week flow better.

Make some different actions every day to increase the satisfaction you feel in retirement. 

Your plan Your life 

Get a pad and pencil. Think about your days.  You probably are not unhappy with all of them.  Consider just last week. 

On your paper pad, list the days.  Which were good and what days were not so good?  What part of the day did not work for you? 

Is there a way of changing up the events of that day, or was it simply one that had unexpected events?  If there is a day or two that you would like to change the way the day went, what would you change? 

Really look at what was going on or happening, and use this to think about this week.  Think about what you need to do, what you have on your schedule.

What can you do to make the flow of the day go better?  There are usually some surprising results when you decide to be the master of your time. Don’t allow your retirement years to be lived enjoying your retirement living. 

Will you learn how to take responsibility for your retirement living?

The choice is yours.  So also is the responsibility for your retirement living days.  You have to make some changes.  Will you make those changes?  This happiness you dreamed about can be yours. 

You can do it.  The next time you have coffee with friends, do not be the one who would sit all day, drinking coffee.  Have a plan to make your retirement living life better. Enjoy the time spent with friends, then get on with your day. 

Do not sit through another 2 hours of listening to that one friend who has nothing to do but complain.  He/she has made his/her choice and that is good for him. 

What is your choice? 

Make your own retirement living choices.  Make your own time use choices. You can make your decisions for another direction for your life.


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