How To Work From Home Online

Are you ready to learn how to work from home online?

Are you ready to learn how to work from home online? I would like to share this story written by a fellow member of the Wealthy Affiliate learning platform. 

It shares my How to work from home onlinefeelings of retirement! This shows another reason to learn how to work from home online.

It is a great story of this member’s Mom and her progress through these retirement years. 

It is a quick read.  Full of insight and a personal story. (Click on the partial statement below now.)

A wise man once said:

As a part of helping retirement be a great time for you, I wanted to share some ideas to help you know some of what is ahead for you should you decide to become an online entrepreneur.  This needs to be a great retirement living time for you.  Plan to have fun and enjoy this time, whatever you are doing.

You don’t know everything

In fact, you may find that you know very little.  In all honesty, even if you have a great deal of knowledge about building a site to work from, there will be areas you will need to gain skills in.

There is a learning process that you must go through. Here is what I mean. Few people know all that there is to know about building a business online. 

The most successful online marketers,  the ones earning large incomes know a lot.  However, even they will tell you that there is always something to learn.

So if get rich quick is your idea of what online marketing is about, you may as well stop right now.  

If you are interested in gaining new skills, learning about online marketing, this may be your time.  You may be ready to learn how to work from home.

Building a business online is not hard, but it does require work. While it doesn’t happen overnight, working at building your business will result in success with time.

A little humility will serve you well as you learn how to work from home online.

Learning that parts of this business will be difficult and foreign for you will be balanced by areas where you excel.  

There are many marketers so watch for the most successful. They are the ones you want to watch, follow and borrow suggestions from. 

Learning that it’s not necessary to reinvent the wheel is a giant step forward in your search for an online business.

Learning to listen when you are given advice is important.    

Along the way, as you are learning how to work from home online, you will meet some really great people.

By being networked to an active group of people who are working, or learning how to work from home you have the help of marketers who have learned the important things.  They will share with you.  Give you ideas of how you can improve your business.

You will be having advice from experienced people with real skills. These are really remarkable people.  They have skills that are already developed. 

As you are moving along with your marketing ideas, you will need to build a relationship online with your readers.  You build this relationship by blogging and sharing with others in your niche.  

You must ask these readers what they need.

As your site grows and your readership develops, you will need to interact with them to make sure you are giving answers to questions they have. 

To be a successful online business owner you must give your readers information to make their lives better.  You will need to keep your eyes open to the needs of people in your market.

This develops as you study and learn the skills needed to market online.

When you start building your business, remember to take some downtime. 

Thinking that just because you’re doing this start-up business in your retirement years means that you got a late start and that you have to work all the time is not correct.

I’ll explain.

You’ll need to unplug, check in with the family and friends. There needs to be some balance. (This one has been a difficult one for me.  Losing track of time, and sitting with my laptop too long in one sitting.  Not the most productive way to go about things.)

How to work from home online is a continually growing interest for many.

The internet is a big place.  There is room for to work from home online

This is such an exciting way to use your retirement time. Research has proven that learning to do new things is the best brain exercise that you can have.

There are low startup costs when learning how to work from home online.

There is help out there.  

You can learn, one step at a time.

You do not have to reinvent the wheel.  It has been done already. There are few businesses that treat all equal the way learn to work from home online will do.

  • You simply follow the plan
  • Do the work
  • Be patient
  • It does happen

Most small businesses fail when they do not have a plan, or do not follow the plan

  • All too often, new small businesses owners just don’t give the business the time to mature and produce
  • Another reason for small business failure is slow earnings
  • Unreal expectations of earnings potential is a sure business killer
  • The whole thing is abandoned before it has the needed time to mature
  • It is true for learning how to make money from home as well
  • You have to give yourself time

However, once your business is in place and earning, maintaining your streams of income is less demanding.  So, you see, there are many steps to having a business online. 

Sometimes a new business builder sees the monthly membership fee for a learning platform as just an expense, not a building block. Unreal goals will make you think you are spending too much,  not earning yet.  

However, giving this business time to mature and develop can lead to financial freedom. The freedom that can pay back in a month or two what was spent over a long period of time to join a program to learn.  Invest in yourself.

The program I chose to work with, Wealthy Affiliate Open Learning Platform,  costs so little compared to the franchises we purchased a few years ago.

Did you ever sign your name to a $50,000.00 debt?

This will cause some stress!  To build a business you knew nothing about.  Use equipment you had not a clue how to operate?  Build a business that would be under strict government guidelines?  You have a lot to learn and you learn it. Not all in one day but a step at a time.  

These businesses needed 3-4 years to grow enough to make any money.  The first 2 years were building years.  Year 3 was a self-supporting year.   Year 4 you began to make money. Remember,  all this was dependent on following franchise rules and a good deal of luck.

Online business versus a brick and mortar business 

There is some stress while learning how to work from home online, however, it is self-imposed. You want to learn too much, too quickly. 

Be real with yourself.  Allow yourself to enjoy the process.  You may not see this process as you are learning. When you reach retirement age, you think you should learn every bit as you did years ago. 

Hang in here with me

The stress of meeting a learning goal I have set for myself pales in comparison to the debt of a brick and mortar store.

You learn about your strengths and how to build those, maybe even outsource(pay someone) to do some of the parts that are particularly difficult for you.  Everyone has their own pace to learn and work. It is your retirement, your decision.

Instead, there is time to enjoy the process

Knowing that I have budgeted myself to keep the start-up expenses to a minimum is helpful.

This start-up business cost much less than when I was trying to keep myself busy, with hobbies and sewing and crocheting.  One months’  fee is less than a visit to the yarn shop for 5 or 6 balls of yarn.   5 or 6 balls of yarn won’t last very long.

My journey hasn’t been a speedy one, 

However, the challenges I needed to overcome gave me the desire to get on with the learning side of the business.  

Following the guidelines shared with me by experienced marketers as I continue to make my way, regardless of how slowly, forward.

Finding others who are on the same path has been encouraging for me.  I feel that as we learn about what we can do to make our retirement years more fun, we need to put into action what we learn.

However. do not allow this retirement time in your life less than what it could be. For me, the challenge of learning something new was stimulating. 

If your path takes you somewhere else, just make sure you are living the life you want to live, not how someone else wants you to be.  Life is too short to not have it be the best it can be. 

Do you feel your years are passing slowly?  You need to do something to change things up.  Surely you did not retire to be bored with life.  To drag through the days. 

Building an online business may not be the retirement dream you’ve had tucked away for all these years, what is yours?  Get busy and make it happen.

See what you think about Wealthy Affiliate Open University and what it can do for you.

Remember, this is not the only thing you can do during your retirement

If this is not what you are interested in, find something you are interested in and get busy.

  • Plant that garden
  • Learn how to cook Mexican food
  • Bake French pastries
  • Can fresh foods
  • Dry fresh fruit
  • Learn to take great pictures
  • Write a novel
  • Reload your own shotgun shells
  • Learn to do woodworking
  • Learn to sail a boat  
  • How to pan for gold
  • Blow glass
  • Make stained glass panels
  • Learn to use a computer
  • Take a class
  • Do an in-depth study of the Bible

So much out there.  You have no excuse to be to work from home online

Your opportunity time is here. Now. Retirement is a wonderful time.  

You have earned this time.  Do all that you can to make this a wonderful time in your life.






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