Free Education Teaches How To Build Online Business

Free Education Teaches How To Build Online Business   

Yes, a free education teaches how to build an online business.  An online, home based, business for Baby Boomers who are still working in retirement?   Or anyone else, even those not ready for retirement. 

Have you heard about how you canonline buiness for your retirement get a free education?  A free education that teaches how to build an online business?  

Make money from home working with your laptop online?    

This journey of searching for a way to work from home online from your laptop?  

Who knew that it would lead to an education site?

Free Education teaches how to Build Online business? 

The one rule to remember when building any kind of successful business,  It Must Help Others.  Fortunately, there are many ways to help your fellow man.  Where to look?  What to look for?  The one thing you have is a limited time.

How will you use your time?  Looking up all the “wild goose trails” by those false teachers?  The ones who lead you after all the “bright shiny objects” that fail to produce or teach you how to market online.

The journey begins again.

Then, usually comes some Googling of all the combinations of words for information about this idea, about making money working at home online. A number of combinations will not make sense.  

You know, “Make money online”  or ‘Home online businesses.” Oh my goodness!  Did that ever bring up lots of information about the opportunities that are out there? Some real, many false.

Are you ready for some results of the search? 

Do you want to spend more time doing continued research?  Do you want to have inventory to stock?  That would mean storage, shipping, and well yes, you can do that.   But right at the start, you might just want something that can be done by yourself and without inventory.

Sure, you will see the ads promising big earnings with little effort.

You could even check out You will find it stated that over one-half of the businesses in the U S are home based businesses.  

Do you have a million dollar idea?

Do you know where to find a million dollar idea?

You know that ideas are out there. Just do not feel that searching for such a magical idea is how you want to spend your time?

You knew that there would be training, education.  

Could this dream be an online store?  Write about products?  Get anyone to buy anything?  What is the answer?


There is Copy Editing. That sounds interesting.  Can you read?  

free-education-fteaches how how to buiild online business.
Free education teaches how to buildonline business


You are to catch the errors and edit them out. If you check this out, you will find requirements, and there is an application and itrequires a fee.

There will be critical timelines to meet. You  understand that they have schedules, there may be some concern about the short lead times that are given.

They did not guarantee you any work.

There is also a statement that they were not responsible for a continual workload. 

Their business is based on an ever-flexible workflow.

I knew that there was probably legitimate work here.  Just did not know how to access it, without paying fees. I had already realized that I would have to pay a fee to take their editing training.  Then there would be one to actually work and get paid.

I was still looking for that free education.  The one that teaches how to build an online business.   

At this point, I felt continuing my search was in order.

Proof Reading.

Also sounded interesting.  Just read through and make sure the changes were made at the copy editing desk and that a well edited finished product was going to the editor, with no problems caused by the editing process. 

Still, have not checked this out.  Do have the resources now, to do so.


Had no clue about this and still do not know much beyond knowing that it is a service that marketers can have done for the websites to make them easier for Google to find them.  

As an online marketer, I submit my posts for indexing. Yet another part of the editing and marketing of business.  This was also interesting, but where are the customers needing this service?   Fees and training were also involved here as well.

I know now, how to check this out when I get to that point in my online career.  Right now I am too busy to work with this.  

I know there are fees that are associated with all levels of access to the client lists, and there would be upgraded training to get you to the making of “real money”.  Not sure what real money is, but the application was less than forthcoming.  Sure that involved additional fees as well. 

Developmental Editing  

In this position, you will work with  a manuscript or someone else’s idea to build and organize the information to a be put into action, usually getting ready to publish. This sounded exciting but did not find much in this area of the editing, and what I did find was pretty vague.  Maybe later.  Technology is ever changing, and the opportunities are changing as well.

Book Doctoring

Now that was an interesting idea.  When you Doctor a book, you are literally making it well.

Some authors have great ideas and a Book Doctor takes this information and the script that has been produced and makes the end finished result  into a publishable document.

There are a great number of self-publishing editors nowadays. This service is apparently in great demand to help “polish” the finished product.  

Even books need cosmetic surgery.  Made me think of the retirement aged individual.  O K, I happened in front of a mirror a few minutes ago and thought I needed some cosmetic surgery!

Did not find a great deal about this either.  So will refrain from commenting on what I do not know for a fact.

Website Page Content Writer

This is an up and coming business.  The number of websites grows on a daily basis, so there is always a need for good well written and researched content.  

This was very interesting, and the more I learned about it knew that I would enjoy doing this.  However, again would have to learn how.  Just seems important to enjoy your job, especially during retirement.

Copy Writing 

Sounded fun as well.  This is usually done to promote a product. There are courses and guidelines and services to sign up with.   There are agencies who get the contracts to do the writing.   They keep a portion of the pay for the service.

Again there are fees to sign you up.  Am always suspicious that all these editing jobs services may make more on enrollment fees than they ever do on commissions on jobs done.  However, I am a better judge than I was to start with.  Maybe there is some money to earn here.  

Networked Group For support

I do think that by getting some training, you will find that there are more opportunities online than you ever dreamed there would be.  

I have found that as I have progressed with my training, there are sites recommended by members of the platform I am studying with, Wealthy Affiliate University, to make money.  

The experienced marketers know that sometimes as you are growing your sites, and developing them, you need to earn extra money along to encourage yourselves about the online opportunities.  They have been there.  Done this.  

These sites are already screened for you.  When you have time for extra work.  The online world takes care of itself, just as other working communities do.

Marketing Copy Writer 

Yet another part of the editing field. If you can write copy that gets people interested and excited and encourages them to buy your clients products you can do well.

However unless you have a great deal of experience in this field, or with the line of products your customer has, you will need to take some courses to learn how to be competitive in this area of Marketing Copywriter. There are services that you can join to provide the client list, for a fee of course.

Newspaper or Magazine Article Writing

This is a good way to get some of your work out and into the published world, if you are thinking a book is your next project.  

This can help you get into the writing habit and allow you to gain some skills that go with getting a book written and published and hopefully sold.  

Have not checked this out either, as it did not appeal to me very much.  

You can also write your own novel, self-publish.

However, one would also need to know how to market it.  So for me, everything kept leading back to the basics.

The good thing about getting through this list was that:

  • I knew that there were areas that were more interesting to me than others.
  • I was going to have to have to train regardless the direction I decided to pursue.
  • This training / education was going to be time-consuming.
  • I would have to pay for the knowledge to work online.

So, I went back to one of the sites that I had discovered.

This one emphasized education.  Then what to do with that education and how to figure out what would work for me.  What training would I need?  I began to check the information there, as well as how they did business.

  • What I was going to have to pay.
  • Would I be able to have my own business, or would they sell me something that was someone else’s idea of a business?
  • If it was a good business why were they selling it?

This was a 10-year search for me.  I had been trying to make this decision for a long time.

  • Wanted my own business.
  • Wanted it to be online.
  • Was not getting any younger.

So after a great deal of research and consideration, a path has been chosen.

For me, this was what I was looking for.  

Free education teaches how to build onine business.

  • Now a word about the free education:  
  • There are free sites that teach all parts of the process.  
  • You can learn everything you need to know about how to build your own business online for free.  

However, they were too mixed up for me, and I can not recommend that method.  

The entry level of training available with Wealthy Affiliate University is free.  

With this training, you can build a business that can get you started.  

There is only entry level and one premium level.  

I am retired.  

I did not feel I wanted to have to learn everything for myself about how to use this training with the trial and error method. This just seemed to slow for me.

So after the trial period, I did go ahead and join.  Best money I have ever spent!  

Could I manage a business without this as a starting place? Maybe at this point I could, but why would I?  All the resources I need in one place.  All the experienced assistance.  

Not Free

I may not really be able to learn to work online for free.  I did have to pay for most of education.

If I decide to only work in the editing field, I can do so. Have received training to make me ready to work in many areas of the editing world.

However, right now I love growing my business and finding out how to help others find the education and training that is needed to pursue their online dream as well.  My success comes when you have a successful business that you enjoy and look forward to working with.

I have not looked back since that day I put my email address in the box and clicked on the free membership. Click the link below and see if it works for you.   You will be making a positive decision for your future.  I will watch for you.

Open your gate to education

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