How To Write Online And Get Paid

How To Write On Line And Get Paid

More internet marketers are entering the business of online marketing.  The demand for good well-written articles is also growing.  Would you like to learn how to write online and get paid? Learn for free?How to write online and get paid.

The opportunity to learn how to make money from home is a growing opportunity.  Writing online has  gained more interest. The need for well-written content for online marketers is also growing. 

The availability  of new technology is making it easier for people to learn to write.  You can make money from writing.   This increase in demand has created a renewed interest in learning how to write. professionally.  

Is this something you are interested in?

Those who thought they had missed their chance to enjoy this kind of  career and income are finding that they did not.  They can learn to write articles, stories, and novels.  They can find their niche in the writing world and make money doing so. 

The result is that many writers have built online businesses around the writing industry.  There are many thousands of sites that offer information, inspiration, and instruction for aspiring writers.  As in all things commercial, there are free instructions, as well as paid courses for the writer to increase their ability to make money online. 

I will be concentrating on the free sites.

I think you all have a “yet to be born” novel in your system. You just need to learn to get it out and onto the computer screen.   Others are eager to read your creation.

The ability to be able to start our training with shorter items that can be written quicker seems a practical way to go.  You soon will have the skill set to move on to e-books and how-to books for Amazon.  Learning to write during your retirement allows you to be creative.  You can also continue to learn.  Then there is the making money side of the story. 

The potential is unlimited  

The thing that really peaked my interest?  The true story of a lady from the semi-local area. (the next town over) The story about her success as an author of novels. 

We found out about her in an accidental way.  We were visiting with a distant cousin whom we had not seen for a while.  Catching up kids and grandkids.  The question was asked, “what is your  son’s wife doing?  Is she still working in the bank?”

Catching up kids and grandkids.  The question was asked, “what is your  son’s wife doing?  Is she still working in the bank?”

Her reply was kind of an embarrassed “no, she is writing online now”.  She quickly moved on to another subject, and I gave it no thought. 

There was a great deal of activity going on around us.  We quickly ended the visit with the usual “so good to see you” and moved on with our chores. 

Was not many days till we had an occasion that we accidently ran across the son of the before-mentioned lady.  A quick catch up led to the question again of his wife no longer working for the bank.

He rather hurriedly stated that she was writing novels.   Selling them online with Amazon.com!  Naturally, I remembered the conversation with his Mother.   Could not help but ask “what kind of novels?”

His reply of “Adult Romance” surprised me.  But not really.  She was a child of the 70’s.  She had done her time in the rather strict confines of a “small town bank”. 

He went on to say that she made more per month than he does at his job. He has 30 years of experience.  She could stay home.  Keep grandkids time to time.

What a deal  

Her sales continue to grow.  She has residual income.  The novels written at the first of her career continue to sell.

As her fan base grew, so did her revenue. 

So this has been a dear to my heart “make money from home online” story.  One that I wanted to share.  

If she can why can’t I?  Why can’t you?  

There is nothing like a success story to make one excited about doing research!

One quick disclaimer, I know that this happened over a few years, like 4 or 5.  And I have not seen the check stubs.  I have only an off-handed conversation to base this information on.  

So please know you will need to learn.  Write.  Learn more.  Write more.  As in all online businesses, there are few overnight sensations.  

There will be work and dedication to an online writing career. Or to any online business that is successful. 

The reason for this post.  I would like to present some information for learning to write online. Free training and education.   

Please use these guidelines when you are looking for a place to study online writing.

Your search for the right place for you must begin with a plan.  

You need to decide what you want from the education. 

My search began with the plan to “Write a book!”  

It soon became apparent that for me this was way too big a leap.  

I would need to work on a smaller scale and continue to write for my blog.

There is just so much to learn.  

However someday I do want to write a book.  This is one of the reasons we can plan with a pencil.  To make the adjustments along the way.

 The first step of a plan is to decide what the goal is.  What end result do you want?

There are some unscrupulous people out there who are there to take your money. Not help you with your writing education.  

  • Know what you are looking forAll you need is your laptop to access the online classesto learn how to write online and get paid!sionally
  • Write down some information when checking the different sites. Know the differences in they offer.
  • Organize your search.  You could  be searching forever.  There are so many choices.

So here I was looking at these sites that offer help for writers. Ones that help to learn the craft of writing. 

You are the best judge of the site being what you need.

I wanted the site to be free. Have a network community for support.  And to offer a wide range writing experiences. 

  • We are not all ready to tackle  a novel, at least not right at first.  
  • Some  want to write short stories. 
  • Some may just need to get started with the information.  You can make some decisions after you find out something a bit more. 

One site that appealed to me was  Silver Pen Writers.com.  As a retired senior, I related to the word Silver.

Their statement of being an online writing community.  One that encourages and fosters creative writing careers.  They do this by providing peer review workshops.   With discussion forums.

 This sounded like a good way to get one’s feet wet in this industry.

Having support groups to help you learn.

To help make your ideas and thoughts go from the raw material in your mind to a finished product.  That sounds like what I have grown accustomed to  in my Wealthy Affiliate Community.

There is no way to put a value on this kind of constructive guidance and help.  How to write online and get paid! That is the end result you want!

With the Silver Pen writers, you have access to a forum to help you with your questions.  Help make sense of where you want to go with your writing career.  This help is suited for all writers, young and old.

Your writing is yours.  It is not sold here.  You have to be a member of the site to be able to see and offer opinions and suggestions.  Abusive behavior, harsh criticism  is not tolerated.  The support group is warm and supportive. 

Of course as “creators” when our creation is reviewed, you sometimes become sensitive. 

However, I have found that the suggestions given are helpful and aimed at making me a better website owner and creator.  I am sure the help offered here at SilverPen.com is equally helpful.

Membership is free  

This is  a good thing.  

Getting into the habit of checking in every morning before beginning your writing can help you make better use of what they offer, and how to use their resources.  You will get suggestions from others who are also learning to write  You will have shared experiences and questions.  Learning from peers is also a benefit.

A member of this group of writers who make up Silverpen.com had an article that I clicked on and read. 

His name is Scott Gamboe, and the click led me to his site, Write Well, Write To Sell.com.  His site had some beginner courses, and the menu was easy to navigate.  The information there seemed to be for helping a budding writer.

There is always another way to do things

There will be other people ready to share what works for them.  They share what has helped in earning an income writing online and getting paid.  Always pay attention.   Look a site over.   Get a feel for it.  Use the information to learn.  Add to the information you already have to grow your writing skill. 

I truly feel that sometimes it is better to invest a bit of money in your online education.  This can give you a formal place to start, and a guideline for how to grow this skill.  A plan that will pull you forward and increase your knowledge and skill level.  Some structure is a good thing for learning.

However, if the site will not allow some investigation before demanding your credit card number, click back out.  Move on.  You should have a chance to use some of a site’s programs without having to invest anything beyond your time.

Most free online forms of education are designed for someone who has some knowledge of the subject being taught.   With this in mind, you may have to go through the course more than one time.  That is O K as well.

When a teacher is teaching, sometimes they presume we are coming from the same education / experience level they are from.  That is often not true.  Don’t become discouraged that you need to reread information more than once!.

Watch new members as they work to learn to write.

It will be  obvious that some come into the inline learning site with more skill than others.  Everyone has different skill sets.  They are not all starting with the same know-how in every phase of the learning to write business. 

You must find out what you want to plant before you can figure out how to plant,   There is much to learn, and you learn one step at a time.

After you visit a few sites, you will begin to form an opinion of what you want to learn.  You will figure out how to navigate the sites.  Find what they offer in the way of instruction for a beginner. 

You will need a to have a spiral notebook, or some sort of note taking capability. 

Make a note of the site address.  Look up the “about us page”.  See what you think.  Note your opinion about the owners on your notes.  Then look at education opportunities.  What is available?  What can you access for free.?  I usually add the date as well for reference.

After a few site reviews, you will have some idea of what is a good spot for you to start your study.   Now it is time to get to work learning how to write online and get paid.Do you have a novel in you just waiting to get out? Do you want to fine the writer in you? Learn to write for money for free online

Do not delay a decision to start.  Just because there are so many places to choose from.  That is not a good idea.  You just need to choose a place to start, and get to work.  You can change if you feel you need to.

How to write online and get paid! 

You can second guess yourself from now on, and be no closer to your writing career goals. 

As your skill level increases.  You will also grow your understanding of the language surrounding this vocation.  You will find that the doors keep opening for your educational choices. 

  • Get on with it!   
  • Make your decision!  
  • Get started! 
  • You may want to enroll in a plan that allows access to an online community, for the experiences  they can share.
  • You may want to be able to do some of the basics in the free level of membership. Make sure what that is being taught for learning and training works for you.
  • You may want to have a structured plan to  work through the programs offered.
  • You may want to enroll in a site that charges a small subscription fee.   Some had a monthly charge of as little as $ 5, to as much as $ 50 a month. 

You should look at the cost realizing that you are investing in your future.  You will be learning a skill that will be yours forever.  You will learn to look at life differently when you are looking with a writer’s eyes!

I also reviewed  The Write Life.com as well as The Writers Digest.com.  Both sites offered good resources.

Alive Nutures.com has some great features, as does Study.com. 

On Study.com there are some free writing classes offered by colleges across the US and the UK as well.  This site offers online classes that are for credit.  However, there are 9 Universities that offer online access to the  learning to write, for free.  (There are more, of course, I just had to stop somewhere) 



Sami signature how to write online and get paid

As stated earlier, there is an overwhelming amount of information. Find a plan suggestion that fits you.  Then get started.

To help you use the skill you have created you nay want to blog.   You will need a site to blog from.  Here is a free one where I work. You can enroll when you are ready.  Till then it is free!




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