How Will You Age?

How will you age   

So, how will you age?  In the post last week  “How To Age Well”  there were some ideas for you. Ideas to help make sure you age well. 

We  all want to age well.  No one is lining up to get old!  How will you age?

Another part of making sure this aging stuff goes as well is possible is staying busy mentally.  

What to do?

To age well, you need to pay attention to these healthy aging tips for seniors.

Now that you are retired, how are your days going?  Are you enjoying this time in your life?

Healthy aging  

Tips for seniors must include some  mental stimulation during retirement. 

  • Are you reading?  
  • Paying attention to what is going  on in the world?   
  • Helping others?

Don’t allow your retirement time to be just a time of drawing back.  

  • Are you connecting with others?  
  • Or have you avoided helping others?  
  • Not interacting with others?  

This kind of retirement is not a part of healthy aging tips for seniors. 

This will not produce the happiness that you earned and deserve for your retirement years. 

What will you do to ensure that you give yourself a chance to have a great retirement?  

How will you age during retirement?

Social interaction is important to your sense of wellbeing. 

The social part of retirement is often overlooked

This is especially true when you are a single retiree. 

Being at home alone all the time can often allow one to become depressed.  

The lack of social engagement is something each of us must be aware of. 

You need to be watching for opportunities  to interact and socialize.  

It is quite normal for there to be feelings of relief.   When you realize that you no longer have to be socially active.  At least all the time. 

When in the workforce your day consists of one long social encounter.   Of one kind or another.  Knowing that you do not need to be social all day long?   A blessing to some.  

To have time to think

Be able to meditate. 

Or literally do nothing, if that is what you want to do.  However this “do nothing” time can easily become a habit. 

While you do not need to stay in the thick of things socially, you do not need to become  a hermit. 

The desire to live with few social contacts.  Very little interaction can allow you to feel cut off from the busy world around you. 

You, as retired seniors, must be aware of the danger.   Know this is not a part of healthy aging.

How will you age?  How will you age? Will you perch on the sidelines?

You may age in this isolated condition.  But it may not be all the better for you.   

As retired adults, you can decide how much is enough social contact. 

Individuals have different ideas and needs.  Retired people must be alert to the desire to avoid social activities. 

You do not have to attend every social occasion you have access to.  

However, you must not refuse to have any social contact at all. 

Are you an extremely socially inclined retiree?  

You will have as much trouble finding your happy medium social activity spot. 

Just like one who is not inclined to any social contact.  Too much social activity can become a crutch for delaying adjusting to retirement.    

Neither extreme is a good place to be. 

Your sense of wellbeing is much too important a part of the retirement picture.   Do not allow yourself to become a hermit. 

A healthy balance is the desired place to strive for.

How will you age?

Regular church attendance.  Participation in the events that interest you.

Activities that your family members are a part of is a good place to start. 

In our small town, there is a series of Bible study programs for women.  This Bible study starts in mid-September.  This is a non-denominational study.

The women of the community enjoy participating in this group opportunity. Not only to study the Bible more fully but in a more social setting. 

The group is decidedly populated with senior citizens.  This is not a requirement.  Just happens more seniors are able to attend a daytime Bible study. 

I am always amazed by the numbers. 

There may be a group of senior men, I just am unaware of it.

This is a great reoccurring event for the senior women of our community.  Learning through a Bible study with a group.

This offers an opportunity to grow their understanding of the Bible in a social setting with others.  

What is happening where you are?

There are other groups that meet as well. 

  • The people who like to crochet.  
  • A group of crafters. 
  • Artists who enjoy sharing their painting skills.  

Finding a group to meet with and share interests is an invaluable method of maintaining social contact.

Even in Small Town Central Texas

Do you like to read?  Volunteer at the library. 

So many ways to meet and interact with people when you are retired.

Find out what your have available in your community.  Find your retirement interest.  

Decide for yourself, “how will you age?”

Building a business online. 

This was something that I had been interested in.  I just did not know how to start.  

As I was searching one day, I found the Wealthy Affiliate platform.  

There was a complete program.  They had great ratings on the internet.

Naturally, I signed up with a negative mindset.  

This would not be a complete program as the information stated.  Not all in one place.  

However, they would allow me to check it out for free.  

What a wonderful surprise.

Members here are like you and me. 

Some are retired.  

Then there are students.  

As well as those have been working for many years online. 

They are so interesting and so ready to share information to help me with my website. 

Just like the ladies in the crochet group.  They will teach me a “new stitch.” Help me unravel a problem. 

Give me pointers about how to avoid these problems in the future.  Give me suggestions along the wayhow will you age? Which advice will you take

Healthy aging

Learn something new! Go ahead click and look around.  Learn with us.

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