Jobs For Retired People That Are Fun

Jobs for retired people that are fun.  Jobs for retired people that are fun


You have already spent your life working.  So, yes, jobs for retired people that are fun.  Sound good to you?

You probably had different guidelines for getting a job when you were a young adult.

Those days you stayed with a job that maybe was not your first choice. Decisions were made based on salary.  Making any other choice did not enter your mind.

You were convinced that you could work with whatever the circumstances. Back then with the things that weren’t so good with your employment, you just worked through it.  

The job was a good one that paid well.  You could deal with small annoyances, and you did.

“Good” being defined here as being steady, reliable and likely to offer you a paycheck for months and years to come.  Not necessarily one that offered that much personal satisfaction.  

In the years you were preparing for the working world, you weren’t encouraged to find employment that you enjoyed.  You sacrificed for the one that paid the most.

 You were building a career.

 Going to the top.  Retiring with a gold watch.  

At that time in your life, these things are very important.  

Doesn’t matter that you already are having to force yourself to go to work every morning.  You spend the day in a job you don’t feel much joy in.  

Now you tell me that there is no retiring?  Just doing the same old thing from now till you no longer can?  All because you did not plan for retirement?

There has to be a better way.

You just look at things differently when you are young.

You have worked at these jobs. Making the best of things. Learning your way around and how to make more money each and every year.  Trying to make your mark.

You’ll open your retirement savings plan in another few months.  I know, I miss being young too.  However, I don’t want to do that anymore in my mid-60’s.   

When you are young and just entering the workforce, you are just glad to have a job. You need a paycheck.  Dolly Parton and crew are a fun reminder of days gone by. (Click here)

The months became years, the years centuries, and soon here you are a 60 something-year-old with a lifetime of making most all the “right decisions”, but still less than excited about your work life.  

You are growing tired of being expected to be enthusiastic about the company picnic, and you are expected to put in an appearance one more time.  

The days you just “get through” doing what you do.   You’re not feeling appreciated.   Nor do you feel like your contributions are being recognized.

You are getting ready for that wonderful day of retirement when you will be “out of here”  

Then the mailman delivers the payment notice on the loan for the house remodel  

Or there is still a huge balance on the credit card from the illness that wasn’t covered in the company insurance program.  

The car that was a lemon and you dallied too long for the warranties to take care of the issues.  Life has a way of rearing its’ head and reminding you that you’ve not saved enough!  

So here you are, looking at a few more years to work before you’ll be able to retire. 

You are ready for the fun jobs for your retirement.

Be ready for a look at things without the rose-colored glasses that you seem to have when young.   I know, you love those rose colored glasses.  Just put them on, and you’ll never grow old and want to retire.

Retirees’ are looking at this time in your lives differently.  

You’re beginning to realize that you will be living longer.  That life’s not over just because you reached retirement age. In fact, this is a great time in your life.

You’ll need more savings. 

Who knew that things would work out this way?  Are you too old to plan now? Well in truth you would have done better to have planned early, but some planning is better than none.   

Working after you become eligible to receive social security will give you some added income.  You can pay down those debts.  Having debt in retirement can cause a strain on a  limited budget.  You’ll not enjoy your retirement years with a lot of debts following you around.

This is all fine and good

But what are you to do when your employment is taxing your physical abilities?  

The mail delivery person who delivered the notices of the bill coming due this month.  After many years of mail delivery will begin to feel the results of many years on his feet.  It is a good job with good pay.  

However, this is physical work.  It may be too much for the body as time goes by.

Any employee who must spend hours on their feet knows the results after years of such work.  

Teaching soon gets to be to physically challenging.  So many hours in a classroom and on your feet.

Do you sit and drive most of your workday?  As with all repetitive tasks, there are signs of overuse in your body as you age.  Time does take some toll on you. jobs for retired

Are you at a desk, in a chair too many hours a day?  

Things we could do when younger just simply become misery-producing requirements as we age.

What is a person to do?  

The days become longer and more miserable.  

You have one eye on the clock, no longer as productive as you were.  

These are all natural and expected changes in the workforce as you age.  

You’re expected to deal with all of the unpleasant aspects of your work.   Yes, for your working years, but in retirement as well?  Somehow things are just different now.

We have not even approached the subject of that commute  

What else is one to do?  How can you actually change this?  

Is it time for you to build your own business?  Plan retirement employment and have a fun jobs

Then you can actually be your own boss.

You can use your experience and strong work ethics to build and grow your business, work from home.

Yes, there will be some things to learn about this new way of earning a money, but how much fun is it to work on something for me and my family.  

Build something that allows me to create a stream of income 

Something that will make the retirement years more comfortable.  

Maybe take some trips.  

Some things that will make this part of your lives better.  More fun.  

80 years old

We are now seeing all the statistics about the average age that a person lives to, here in the US is 79+.  

That is nearly 80 years old.  Not being ready to die yet, this seems almost a lifetime away.  Then some of the “mature” workers were talking at work about this.   Then I  subtracted 62 from 80!  That equals 18.

Eighteen years to work at something that was not that much fun anymore.  Actually, it was a downright struggle to do.

Oh my goodness  What is one to do  

Well, nowadays you Google it  

Finding retirement suitable work opportunities sure limits the possibilities.

Of course, limited possibilities is the result of allowing someone else to have control of the situation.  When this is what happens they build a job that suits them, not always what you want!  

Why not build what you want and make it suit you?  Check out affiliate marketing!  

Those ads with all the shiny objects

The stuff online and in my email box about programs to get rich quick.  Little effort required   This information was all over the internet.  But you all know that something for nothing.  That is a scam. 

However, I kept hearing about Wealthy Affiliate and their education and training plan.  there might be something legitimate here. Finally, when I decided to check out what was there, you would not believe how excited I got.  

After watching this online stuff for so many years some of the information made sense. 

Think a bit about working for yourself while working from home.  Really sounded good.  Not having a boss  Or a commute.  That sounded like a winning combination to me.Happy retirement is what we all want. A job to allow us to have fun works for this time jobs for retired

Then I came across an article about the diversity of online businesses.  And about doing something you really are passionate about, interested in.  

Now, this is a bit of a question because, after a lifetime of thinking of others, putting what you really want to do on the back burner. to switch to making decisions on what you wanted to do?  Does this part of your mind even work?  Not all at once.  At least not for me.  

How many years have you been making decisions based on family?  Spouses?  All the ones in your life that you put before yourself?  

Wow, this is something that will take some thought  

“If I could do what I really want to every day, what would that be”?  

Man, no clue! At least not the first time that thought came to my mind.  

Then, after re-reading the article about the diversity in online marketing, some ideas began to form.  

Of course, there are so many sites.   We know that.  When you Google in a question or product, they just pop up.  

Do people actually buy from these sites?  Some have lots of information that probably did not get there overnight.  Some I have visited for years

It would be nice to just do all the shopping from the internet rather than having to get out in the traffic, find the stores, search for the particular item you are wanting, waiting for help with check out.

The few purchases that we have made online had gone well.  

We were already buying shirts online.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to find 2 pocket men’s shirts with buttons, not snaps, is?  

Naturally, they come from online.  Last few shirts have been online purchases. That was a good experience.

Maybe some of us are slower to get the idea than others.  

So, long story short

Have you thought about this business you could build online?  Could it allow you to pursue your love of gardening?  

How about the guy who loved to make iron furniture and accessories?  

He shares his interest by selling plans to D I Y plans and instructions online. He is bringing enjoyment to those who want to learn to do things themselves.  A fun way to use his welding experience.  He attended a trade school course to learn how.

He is always trying new patterns.  Making new items.  No need to make the same old thing.  Over and over.  He is teaching and sharing with others.  He”s not worried about trying to build and ship product.  (An update, he has a great new outdoor pizza oven design out. Yes, he did have to learn to Blog.  Was easy he says.)

The lady who loves to crochet rugs?  

Who would have thought there would be a business with these things.  Then she found all the good supply sources online and has a blog. (after she learned to blog using the same learning platform I chose) 

The icing on her cake is that she shares sources, gets paid a commission on what is sold through her blog.  She is always doing a new kind of rug.  New materials.  She has a reason to stay involved in a craft world she loves.

Her readers love her help and suggestions.  They love seeing pictures of what she has made.  She loves sharing.  One of the yarn manufacturers has used her help in designing rug kits for sale online, and she is working with the kits for a very nice commission check. 

This once bored retiree has started holding workshops and meets many new people who are interested in the same things she is. She shares her knowledge of the process and has many followers on her blog who pay monthly fees for the new lessons she posts online. The real joy for her is helping others learn a fun new craft. 

What about the lady who wanted to grow her awareness of her community?  Is this not a fun job for retirees?

She now has a site with some history and pictures.  Her site now hosts local businesses for a monthly fee.  Nice bit of monthly income for just getting acquainted With her new neighborhood.  

The challenge of learning new skills.  What a thrill.  Learning about where she moved for retirement.  There is no better way to get acquainted with the local people who have lived the history.  

She had to learn how to do this  

If others are learning in their retirement years, can you?  Of course, you can. You can, as have most who start out on this journey of learning to build a business during retirement find out so much about yourself and your real interests.

The guy who built a business matching Disabled Vets with Jobs 

When training was required, he helps get the training.  Did he know how to do that? Not till he took some online classes. He wanted to help but needed some help finding a way.  

He is giving others a chance to be and remain independent.  Does that sound exciting to you?

So an online education 

How about that?  How does this work, exactly? 

Can I do this?  May have to put a lot of effort in the project at first, but then the whole thing takes shape.  The training begins to take hold. With a bit of attention, my site can be maintained.  

Others have done it. Grow your own business for happy retirement employment jobs for retired people that are fun

You know- Maybe a site about healthy eating.

Might would make me take better care of myself.  Could use the help for a healthier body if I am going to live to be 80.

Then maybe the 2nd site about places to go with this new found energy

Or a place for retirees who have wanted to learn new hobbies and just never have.  The startup cost for a new site is surely low.

What about a site sharing the history of our little city?  The places to eat?  The —?

Possibilities are unlimited.

Can you see your self?  You could choose to host a site about what you like to learn about, what you’re excited about, what you’re interested in?  

Checking on it several times a week, adding a bit of new research.  Maybe tweaking the design?

Having something to do regularly, but in the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule of time?  

Click here right now for a free membership, see if this is the place for you to get your education and training for finding those jobs for retired people that are fun.  

That is what I did, and if I can learn to do this, so can you. Come join us here with Wealthy Affiliate.  fun jobs for retirement

See what you think about the education  Learn to make money from home online



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