Jobs For Retirees Proven To Allow More Happiness

 Jobs for retirees proven to allow more happiness.

 Do you want a job for retirement?  Maybe you should.  Jobs for retirees may help you live longer. 

A jobs for retirees could make you happier.

How can a job for retirees make you live longer?  Proven, jobs for the retirees allow more happiness

How long have you been retired? 

Did you know that the adjustment to retirement would be so difficult?

 Have you checked out the benefits of working in retirement?  

Could be a surprise for you here.

Are you still excited to get up each morning? 

Are you ready for the day? 

Or do you dread the day stretching in front of you? 

The golf game you loved when there was little time to play?  Is it still as much fun? 

Now that you can play all you want to? 

We humans are funny critters. 

You always want what you do not have.  

When you are too busy?  You long for times to sit and read a book. 

Retired, able to read all day, if you choose to do so? 

Yes, you will probably find yourself longing for some of the urgency you felt when too busy. 

You are the beneficiaries of the industrial age.

 A kinder work world you live in.  

You now live in a world where you do not have to work till you drop dead.

You have a properly timed retirement phase.  

You work till you are in your mid 60’s.  

You have  a reasonable assumption of being able to retire. 

Some can retire.  You have planned.  You have saved.  You are ready for this time.

Did not plan?

You may find yourselves needing to work longer to have a comfortable lifestyle.

Some may not need to work to live a comfortable lifestyle.  However, you will need to find a purpose for your life. 

A reason to get up in the mornings.  A reason to  stay engaged in some research.  Helping people to find answers for their lives.

You need a reason to get up in the mornings.  You need to feel you are helping others.  You need to be engaged with other people.  

I was not surprised when I read the words proven: Jobs for retirees allow more happiness.

Found a reason

All this explains why I felt such a fit when I joined the Wealthy Affiliate platform.  

I could learn to make money from home.  It was a secret I had been searching for. 

I now have something that needs doing and that I want to do.

For me, this was important.   I am finding that the more I get to help people, the better I feel.  

Helping others find the answer to their needs.  

Retirement is not a free ticket to be lazy and uninvolved in the world around me.

Retirement is not a free ticket to be lazy and uninvolved in the world around me.

Helping others

Helping those who need  to earn money from home during retirement.  Who knew all the answers were tied up in such a neat little package?  

Who knew that learning something new would help my retirement adjustment?

The education and training needed to build my own business online opened so many doors for me.

The opened door that has benefited me immediately?  

The one that gave me a reason to get up and get busy every morning.  It is not hard work, but it must be done. 

I love the challenge of putting the new skills I have learned to work.  

I loved creating my website.  

No, it is not perfect.  But it is mine.

Who knew that getting busy again would make my days so much more fun?  Bring so many interesting people into my life? 

Who knew that learning a new skill would make all the difference in my retirement mentality! 

I thought I was unique. 

That I was the misfit because I could not adjust to knitting or crocheting. 

Isn’t that what retired people did? 

They really were used up. No longer had the desire to save the world.

What a surprise.  Is this how most of us felt along the retirement path? 

I did not feel all used up. 

We all need to feel that we are contributing to a better world.  To making a difference. 

If I can help someone find a way to make money from home.  That makes me feel so good.

 I feel that there is one less bored to death retiree out there. 

You do not have to be bored! 

The kind of bored that leads to depression, divorce.  Excessive alcohol use. jobs for seniors

You do not have to allow your life to take that turn.

You can help others.  Help find an interest that will spark your creativity as well. 

We can all learn to be happier in retirement.  

Healthier in retirement.

You do not have to build a business for yourself. Maybe you do not need additional income. 

You can build your own charity site.

How good would that make you feel to be able to help your favorite charity?  Most of us did not retire with enough savings to fully support a charity.  

But to be able to build a site.  Contribute to the awareness of the needs around us.

Be able to let others know about this worthy cause that you are aware of.  The things they can do to help support this charity. 

 Jobs for retirees.   There are so many different ways to help others as you help yourself.

You can help with skills you learn when using the Wealthy Affiliate  University “Open University Style”  platform. 

Think about how little the annual fees are to use the site.  

All its education and learning features.  

You spend more than that on gas for the car to take drives when you are bored.  

The $359 a year fee is such a reasonable fee to have access to online education 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  This can also be billed monthly.

 I spent more than that in visits to the bead shop.  To the yarn shops through the year.  And I ended up with unfinished projects because I lost interest.

 So for me, this has been a very economical use of my retirement funds.  

I am saving money by having something I want to do.  Something that does not become outdated.  

Does not require storage space.  

This makes earning money online a double blessing.  Jobs for retirees helps many ways.

Improving finances in retirement is a great result of learning something new.  This is a good solution for many reasons.

Wealthy affiliate a good example of jobs for retirees

Here is how you can check out this tool to help you live longer.  To help you have a happier retirement time. jobs for retirees

The best exercise for the brain is learning something new.  Jobs for retirees is a good way to learn something new.

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