Jobs For Retirement Plan

Jobs for retirement plan 


So you are retired?  Now! what?  Are you excited to wake up and get the day started, now that you are retired? What do you do all day?  What does the future hold?  Should you be making your jobs for retirement plan?  

How to find jobs for retirement, your retirement.

Do you have a retirement job plan?

Or are you finding yourself wondering what is next?  For the next 30 years of your life.  Do you need to work during retirement?  Or do you just want to work for a short while?  

Do you find your personal debt payments making it hard to have wiggle room in your budget.  Is that is all that is standing between you and a comfortable retirement?  Maybe a part time job for the first year or so of retirement allow you to take care of this, and move on?  

Get the paper, look online at your area’s job listings, and get to work.  Pay for that vehicle you bought a few months before retirement and get on with things.  We all goof the plan a little.   

Do you have a plan?  A jobs for retirement plan?  To find the job for you?

Where will you work?  What hours?  How long to pay off that personal loan?  Do you need a full-time job?  Think this through.  You need to get it righ.  Live your plan, not someone else’s.!

Do you have your budget in black and white?  

You know the difference between what you receive each month, and  jobs-for-retirement- your expenses?  

You have an idea of what you want to spend your retirement time doing?  You wake each morning excited about your future?    Maybe the link can help.

Do you have your plan for living a life you enjoy?  

Oh, come on!  No plan?  How did you live long enough to retire without a plan?  

Before you go one step further, let’s get this plan done.  The future is a bit brighter when you have a plan.  A plan to work through those clouds on your shoulders.   Or to make the most of the sunshiney days ahead. 

If you need to work, so be it.  Get a plan so you have the best chance of finding the retirement job you need.

The first step is to get a piece of paper and a pen.  

No not your to-do list on the phone.  

This is serious.  Get some paper and a pencil or pen.  This is a plan, so probably there will be revisions.  

You may need a bigger piece of paper.  You need to list how you want to spend your retirement days.  You will probably have 30 years.  How do you want to spend them?  

What would make you excited to get up in the mornings?  

What would make the days good days for you?  

Do you want to travel?  Do you want to pursue a hobby?  Do you just want some peaceful time to work in the yard?  Do you want to read all the books in the public library?  

Learn to do something new?  Get yourself in shape.  Eat healthier?  

Clean the attic- do not write that down.  I am giving you some free advice about working through to a happier you in retirement.  I have learned this the hard way.  Please take this gift I am sharing and apply daily.  You can be happier tomorrow.

Write it down 

You will be amazed at the power of the written word.

What is happening with your days right now?  Is the highlight of your day a clean attic?  Are you a bit lonely?-jobs-for-retirement- Do you miss having a sense of purpose?  Do you wonder what is next?  Are you bored?  

Have you not made your jobs for retirement plan?  What are your options?

Write it down.  

How do you change from what is?  

To what would make you excited for the days? 

What changes need to be made?  Do you just need to eat better?  Exercise more?  Volunteer in your community some?  Sleep regular hours?  Not drink so many cocktails at night in front of the T V?   Not smoke so many cigarettes?  Get up an hour earlier? 

Take better care of your finances?  Cook healthier foods?  

Or do you need to learn something new?  Learn to use some of the available technology that is so much a part of life now?  

Need to downsize your home to reduce expenses, as well as the upkeep and maintenance.  Then just the cleaning?  

Does the place where you live just not work as well as it did before you retired?  While you were comfortable having more help to take care of it?  

Now that you are retired with a fixed income, this does not seem to be something you can do? 

How do you know?  If this is what you need to do, you will need another clean sheet of paper to work out this plan.

Write it down     

So we now have:

  • How you spend your time now    
  • How you want to spend your time  
  • The changes that need to be made  

Let this list just lay on the table next to you overnight.  

Think about this through the day.  Be serious about self-evaluating how to make this time in your life better. You deserve it.  You have earned it.   

Day 2 with making a plan    

Look at your plan.  Think about what you have written.  Do you need to add something to how you want to spend your time?  How you spend it now?  If you need one of the jobs for retirement, how are you searching?Jobs-for-retirement-plan-

So revise.  Add the new items.  

Add what needs to be changed to make the new things happen.  

Again give this some thought through the day.  Some serious thought.  

Day 3 with making a plan    

Repeat the steps taken on day 2.  I am very serious here. This is your next 30 years.  Let’s get as much right with this as we can.  

Has anything new been added to the list?  

Have you figured out yet what is not working in your life?  

Have you some solid ideas about what needs to be changed?  Great.  We are getting somewhere.  No one said this planning would be easy.  You can do it, even if there are difficult moments.  

Unlike those seminars you attended through your working years, this is your life.  Your years.  Remember how you were given 10 minutes to plan the next 30 years of your working life?  The idea was to make the presentation fit the time slot.  Today, you are making the time slot fit your plan.

You can not make these kinds of plans overnight.  

You need time for the ideas to grow in your mind.  You need to find out if you can get excited by these plans.  We are not planning a weight loss guide here.  Now that may be part of the overall plan, but this is deeper than that.  

Now you know why you have avoided making a life plan.  This is not a one day project.  Be fair to yourself. Give yourself a chance to really make a plan.  

A Plan to guide you from the doldrums of retirement.  

To the happy and exciting time, it can be.  You do not have to settle for boring.

Add some “bucket list” kind of ideas to your list.  It is time to not be shy.  Or timid.  

Get those dreams on paper.  

Up to this point, I have not used the word “Dreams”.  If you do not have what it takes to plan your life, there is no way you can plan your dreams.  This is the mistake we see so often.  

The suggestions are given to plan dreams before we learn to make basic plans for our lives.  

Sure dream planning is more exciting than planning your life.  You can abandon reason and let your imagination fly.  However, do you want to settle for unrealized dreams?  You have 30 years to make some of your dreams come true.  

Is it worth planning?  

If you need jobs for retirement, you need a plan to make this happen, with the best results possible is a must. You need to be in control of your life.  

You are not just working because you have too. You are working with a plan.  If the work is not what you can do and enjoy, knowing you  have a plan to exit the place will make it more tolerable.  You will not be here forever.  You have a “jobs for retirement plan.”

You start with baby steps making your life better, one day at a time.jobs for retirement

You make changes one step at a time.  One day at a time.  

Write it down.  Think about it?  Make your plan.



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