Jobs! Seniors Retirees Free Education!

 Jobs! Seniors Retirees Free education!  How does it really work?

The promise of learning for free sounds good.  We all like the sound of free.  Jobs!  Seniors  Retirees  Free Education!   How does free education really work?  Is there really free education?Jobs Seniors Retirees Free Education build your business online and work from home

Is it really free?

How does free education  trip you up?  

Are you like me?  Thinking now that you are retired, you can afford to spend all your time looking for and trying out the free education site?

This is fine if you just want information.  What if you actually want to use it?

You know that you can read all the information.  Take a bit here and there.  Add this to that.   Read more and find out how to do this.  Do That. 

Then you will know exactly what you need to know to build a business online.  You know it will happen.

Let me tell you, I looked for 10 years.  Read this and that.  Had pages and pages of notes.But so many holes in the plan.

I just saw the words “Jobs! Seniors Retirees  Free Education!”  Now, what?

I did not know what I needed to know  

I did not know that I needed to be “Google Friendly.’  Did not know how to make search engines work for me.  Did not know I needed to know.  

Chasing Jobs Seniors Retirees  Free Education

After spending a morning reading.  Taking notes.  And seriously studying and paying attention to what you are reading.  I still did not have a plan.  Did not know how to put what I had learned in action.  

Free information is rarely complete.  Not often up tp date.  It was new 18 months ago.  That is old for the internet.

I still do not have a clear guide.  Still do not know how to add the particular phase of working online to my business.  I had been reading  and researching for several hours.  

Yes, it was a “free’ lesson.  One of the internet gurus had snuck it in my email box.  It was all bright and shiny. Wrapped with promises of big money results.  With almost no effort on my part.  

It would only cost $1999.00.  All I had to do was enter my credit card information.  No, I could not preview the product before I bought it.  

Sight unseen I would need to plunk down $1999.00.  Yes, there was a money-back guarantee. But I did not trust that getting my money back was that easy.  

What if I did not like the product.  

If it was that good, why would it not speak for itself?  Stand on its’ own 2 feet.  

Fast Money.  Easy Money.  

Those words pulled me in.  Persuaded me to squander several hours.  Time I could have spent in a better way.

 I do want to make money online.  That is my reason to have an online business.   I want to make money online.  I see the headlines, Jobs!  Seniors.  Retirees.  How free education works.

I know, it is the stuff all fools dream of.  Jobs! Seniors Retirees Free Education!

I still confess to being taken in by different articles that I run across. Articles that promise something for nothing.  Now I read the ones about how to add to your sites residual income.

The work on a website is not hard in a physical ditch digging kind of way.  It is mental.

However, the reason for having a business online keeps things in prespective.  We are all here to help others.  When you forget this, you will struggle for nothing.  

The help that I want to offer?  

Providing some alternatives to just being bored during retirement.  Help you have a happier retirement.

I have little formal education to share with you.  I do have many years of living with mistakes. Having the setbacks in life that are caused by bad decisions. 

I was late in learning to really plan my way out of those days.

Of allowing myself to think with the “too poor, too tired and too far in debt” mentality. 

Now add too old to the list.  Many monkeys along my road.

With this kind of thinking, you buy lotto tickets as your retirement planning base.   

Hoping to win money to add to your savings to help last through your lifetime. 

You do not want to outlive your savings.   Become dependent on your family for financial support.  You know you will need help as time passes.  You do not want to be a financial drain as well.

You keep thinking that free training and ideas will get you to where you want to be. 

However, that will probably not happen.  You will need to have the mastery of the skills.  

You can get an idea of what is available for you.  However, you will probably find you are still in the same place next year at this time.  (Remember I mentioned 10 years.

 It finally dawned on me last year that I would not be able to get what I needed for free. 

It is as simple as that.  

I was not willing to pay for an education and training.   I would not be able to make the change to working at home online.  

I would probably have to try to find whatever kind of employment I could find to supplement the retirement income. 

I had already spent over 10 years looking at what was out there for free. 

There is no more time to waste.  I needed results.

Now I need more results.

Then I find myself looking at all the training for adding another aspect to my online business.  It is time to ramp up the earnings.

I look at what is available free, spend way too much time reviewing different “Free” material about training.

I have plans to increase my revenue. Jobs Seniors Retirees Free Education online to build your business

Still, the free offers catch my eye.  I know full well that they will all end up at the same place. Nowhere.   At least until I surrender my credit card information.  Why do we feel scammed when asked to pay for online education?  

Yes, old habits die hard.  

Another 2 hours wasted that I could have used actually learning from a well-structured program. 

One that will help me get to where I want to be in the internet marketing world.  With a training to help me know how to use the education and training I have. 

It is here right under my nose.  Here at Wealthy Affiliate.  Talk about can’t see the forest for the trees.   The training is here.  I am already paying for it.  

The owners of this training platform know what we need to be successful.   To make money online.  

Work from home.  They are working every day themselves.  Doing the very things they are teaching.  They have made it easy.  

Guess this is what made it difficult to see.  This value that I have at my fingertips.  I was still seeing “Jobs!  Seniors  Reirees Free education!”

How hard it is to break old bad habits.  

Are you going to live your retirement years cashing bright shiny objects? 

Will you never know the business you have deep in your being? 

The one you know you can make successful if you had a chance?  Not enjoying the fruits of your labor?

Are you just drifting through these retirement years without a cause?  Just existing from year to year and not knowing when one starts and one ends?

 It does not have to be that way.  

You can take control of your retirement years.

You can enjoy building your business from the comfort of your home. 

There is something most satisfying about a monthly earnings statement in your inbox. 

You do not have to settle for being broke and bored 

You can change that. 

Is it free?  No, it is not.  But the cost is so reasonable that you will not notice the fee. 

You probably spend as much now trying to entertain yourself.  You as a member of the mature generation know that anything worth having will not be free. 

You will not be able to have something for nothing.   

However, you do know that as retirees on a fixed budget.  You must make sure your money is well spent.  You must get value for your dollars spent.  

You have checked out those Jobs!  Seniors Retirees.  You now know that free education is not a complete education.

 So do you have an online business in your dreams? 

Let me recommend a trial run with Wealthy Affiliate Online University. Jobs Seniors Retirees Free Online Education

The intro is Free.  You do not need your credit card for this introduction to what you will get if you enroll.  

You will have access to the entire program with all the perks. Continual updates.  

The support of other working successful internet marketers.  7 days to give the whole program a good going over.

You can have access to the entry level and the free hosting forever.

Do  you come to the business with your skills all set?  You can earn money online if you already know how to do everything.  Yes for free.

At the end of 7 days, you will have the option to enroll for the next month for $21.

I had no skill set.  This month gives you a chance to check out what is there and make your decision about continuing the education.   If you do not like it, you do not continue.  You are done.

You will be able to see what you have to work with.  What you will be able to do.  Most of us have a site up by that time.  You have a free site to work with, actually 2 free sites.

There is so much here to help you find what you have been looking for all this time. 

  • You are taught what to do. 
  • Why you should do it.
  • Given the tools to make it happen. 
  • You are in the driver’s seat.

The next month is only $49.  Or $359 a year if paid in an annual payment.

As I have stated in other blogs, I can easily spend the $50 a month at the yarn shop or the bead shop.  Just trying to find something to do to keep from being bored. 

The $359 is not much more than I paid for the set of shelves to store all the crafting supplies on. 

I do not know why I allowed the idea of “Free” to stop me, but I did. 

Don’t let this happen to you.  Do not waste time searching for the next free thing.  They all look alike.  Incomplete.

Take control of your retirement days and enjoy your life.  Have fun.  Life is indeed too short to be bored.  Get a line of residual income started to help when you begin to run out of money as you age.  

This can help relieve the anxiety that goes with worrying about out living your income.

Learn from my mistakes.  I can now have a stream of income to supplement the lack of retirement planning.  The saving I did not do. 

There is a satisfaction I had not realized.  The satisfaction  in being able to build a business.  For adding to the funding for our retirement years. 

Now, it is time for me to step up my act and make sure you do not wait as I did. Jobs Seniors Retirees Free education online

Does the idea of having a business online make your heart beat faster?  

Having earnings statements in your mailbox not exciting to you? 

What are you excited about?  Show me what Sami is excited about!

What makes you excited to get up in the mornings? 

What brings new skills and interesting people to your life? 

  • Do you want to learn to play a musical instrument?  
  • Do you  want to write a book? 
  • Learn to work with wood?
  • Become a Master Gardner?  
  • Learn to cook Italian food?
  • Become a storm chaser?

Don’t waste any more time thinking you do not want to pay for  lessons.

Lessons to teach you what you need to know.    

We need to get over the learn by doing attitude we have always had. 

The world has changed. 

Technology has the world at our fingertips.  

We can learn to do things quickly and efficiently.   If you do not know how to properly use the skill just learned, you are no better off.  

Teaching how and why added to when gives you a base to work from.  You have your questions answered. Jobs Seniors Retirees Free education 

Doing something and doing it well is an important part of making the activity enjoyable.  

The better you are at the activity, the more you will allow yourself to engage and enjoy.

Don’t you think you have earned the time for something You want to do?

So that you can  have an activity that keeps your mind growing.  Gives you feelings of accomplishment.

You are not through with learning new things till you die.  Until then,  then you will need to keep your mind in a good place.  Your body more able to move.  Jobs!  Seniors  Retirees.  Can this be your new motto?  

You can be jobs seniors retirees free educationexcited about being alive.  Show me another interesting blog!

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