Learn English For Free Online

Learn English For Free Online

Learn English For Free Online is one of the fun surprises as you learn to rely more on the internet.   Online learning opportunities come in all sizes and shapes.  As writing about all of the choices that can be found to learn English would take quite some time, the decision was made to focus on 2 different sites that are designed for teaching English.  

“Help to learn English” is one of Google’s most often asked questions.   Apparently, many people are looking for a place for help in speaking English.  

It was surprising how wide the choice of online classes you have to choose from.  learn English online for free

To learn for free online?  

After reviewing about 8 or 9 different sites here is what I found out about 2 of them. For those wanted grammar lessons, there are several choices as well.

The first one that seemed to deliver.  That would make the list to suggest consideration is ABA English For Free. com.  Out of the 660,000,000 results, this was the first entry when searched.          A B A English

The opening page is very straightforward and informational. 

According to the introduction there, the course is based in Barcelona.  

There is an in-house team that is supported by staff members who are located in many different countries and time zones.  This will help in taking this course, staff available at any time.

You have a basic, video course with the free membership.  The comments support the course.  You as a student would be able to stop, start, and review the videos.   This would give time to study and learn the information being presented.

Video learning is a very effective way to learn. 

This seems to be a good place to start.   A good place for learning English.  

There was no mention of other materials needed to complete this course.  So with paper and pen, and the ability to stop and start the course video could learn English. You would need little else.  You will need to make an effort.

A set of earbuds or ear pods would be good.  This would be good when you can’t be in a room apart from others while you are working on the course. Having others moving and talking while you are trying to learn can be distracting.  However, most learn to block out the unwanted distractions when you are working on something important to you. 


There were no time limits on how long this free membership lasted, so would presume it is as long as you need it.  

This is good and bad.  If there is a limited time, you usually work harder with your study of the course. However, if used properly the lack of time limits can surely work to your advantage.

Pay or enrollment level

The next level or pay by the month level of the program has, of course, more classes and more support for the learning, or education.

There the course is a bit more structured.  You will have access to more planned lessons, more videos, the network for exchanging information and questions about the class work.  As well as teacher monitoring of the classwork.

The fee for this is $9.99 when paid by the month, $39.99 for 6 months, and $99.99 for a year.  There is even more of savings for a 2-year membership.

The fees seem very reasonable for learning to speak and understand English, as well as access to the class at your convenience.  Of course, “reasonable” soon disappears when you do not take advantage of the material.

ABA English seems to be a well-designed program, that presents a good opportunity to learn English online.  The convenience of this kind of study platform would fit many learning needs.

It seems that it would be a good idea to sign up for the free version and work with it a while to see if the format works for you.  Then if you want more education than what is available at this level, try the next level for a month or two before committing to a longer period.Free education online to learn English Learn English for free online

The educational opportunity is there.   The free level can be useful to add to existing knowledge.  Help to build a more solid level of correct use and your ability with the English language. 

Your time would be well spent. You should come away with a better understanding of using the English language with small amounts of time spent on the free sites.  

These could easily be accessed with your smartphone.

The 2nd site found offered the lessons in U-Tube short videos. 

This site is called, “Learn English with Emma’.  These are a bit different.  They would also help someone who is beginning to understand and use English.

The free videos do not start at basic English but immediately take you to using the language in the short well-done videos.  

However, if you have a bit of knowledge already, these would help you in using the English on a daily basis. Again it was surprising the amount of information contained in a short 6 or 7-minute video.

The subscriber level of videos would increase knowledge and how to use the language correctly. Here again, depending on how much time you spend with these class videos, you can grow your English base. 

Learn to speak English online for free

When adults are learning a new language, the ability to use the words correctly is important.  This can help build confidence in your ability to learn.

Working with this in mind,  these videos can play an important role in developing your skill level.    Again as with the first site, A B A English.com  check out what is there for free before signing up for one of the commitments.

So, from what I was able to evaluate about both these sites, using the free membership accessibility would give you a great start in an effort to learn English online for free.

Best for you

What is lacking, is structure and accountability.   This is what the paid membership would give you. How important is it to you to learn English?

Do you have the self-discipline to listen as you commute to work every morning?   Would you listen and view the sites every day, spend some time repeating and re-listening?  Is this something that you could do during your lunch hour every day?   

There is a great deal of education here for you, free of charge! 

Check them out and see if they would work for you!  Learn English for free online. Learn to speak English

Are these sites new to you? You will get your answers doe your questions about Learning English for free online.    Check how well you are using what you learn:

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