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What is the Wealthy Affiliate University open Education program?  

Wealthy Affiliate University open education will help you learn to make money from home online.  This program is great for the retired individual who wants to build a business online. 

Each step in the process is explained thoroughly so that you can go right to the computer and start putting what you are learning as you learn. 

The skills taught to start out basic and build.  Adults learn more thoroughly when you are actually doing the skills taught.  You learn by doing, after careful guidance and instruction.  You begin small and grow.  

Wealthy Affiliate University:                                                     

  • The lessons are online, available at whatever time works for you on your schedule
  • Lessons will be supported by actually working on assignments
  • This helps you to put to work as you are learning
  • There are many hours of extra information
  • Videos and training sessions help explain all parts of the lesson
  • Many professional and experienced webmasters will help guide and explain

Web address:              www.Wealthy Affiliate.com

Rankings:                    96   out of  100

Price:                          $000   Basic level (free)

                                  $ 49   monthly for Premium Level  (discount for                                                                                       annual enrollment)

What is offered:            Wealthy Affiliate University is an open online                                                  education program

Owners:                      Kyle and Chris are active in the online community                                          helping and teaching

What you can expect:   To learn online marketing from basic to most                                                advanced, along with how to build a website using                                        Word Press.


  • Free to Join  ~  You will not be asked for a credit card number when you join.  (only if  you choose to enroll with the Premium Level)
  • Free websites + hosting for site  (you can build and host up to 50 sites)
  • Teaching individuals how to build the websitesLearn to make money from home online with your laptop
  • Training to make sure the lessons are fully understood and performed
  • Supportive community in place to help you with questions that arise
  • This community will also offer suggestions and ideas. They share how they have made their business successful. The practices they use to support their families.  How to work from home.

Reader-   with Wealthy Affiliate University there is help from people who do this online marketing every day and are very successful at doing so.  Who better to learn from?  

Owners Carson and Kyle are present in the networked community.

  • They guide and help the members as they are in the learning process. 
  • Carson and Kyle have many active websites themselves where there are shared marketing skills that have been acquired in the past 10 years working experience.
  • These owners have used the processes they suggest
  • Teaching to help you understand how to use them  
  • This is in addition to the members who have years of experience 
  • Individuals will learn how to chose what to market
  • How to market to make money working from home online.

Technical support is both timely and responsive.

All of this is taught in a very easy to understand format. The training is in detail.  

This is not a get rich quick scheme.  It is a process, which takes time.  

Realities of the course

You will not be encouraged to think that you can make money without effort.  

The education is in an organized manner that will transfer to the online marketing world.  

You will not be learning just bits and pieces of information without a cohesive way to use this information to grow your business.  All students will be informed about how, when, and where to apply what you are learning.

  • Wealthy Affiliate University has an excellent reputation for teaching and instruction for building a sustainable business in the online marketing world.
  • You can cancel at any time, there are no contracts.
  • It is 100% online, no phone numbers
  • No prior experience required
  • Word Press, is the most commonly used website building platform. Word press is used to build your site.
  • There is no push to move to the Premium Level of the program until you are ready.
  • You move into Premium level if and when you are ready.

When new tools or services become available, you do not have to purchase immediately if ever.  The experienced members of the network community will usually offer you a suggestion for a reasonable workaround so you have what you need.  If not, you choose to purchase as you are ready.




I have not found anything that makes me question the decision I made to move on to the premium level.

However, I will list what I have personally experienced.  I am trying to present the information you need to see if this is a plan for you.

The name, Wealthy Affiliate University, sounds a bit like something with hype. There is none.  The name came about 10 years ago.

  • I did not know anything about the basics of website construction.
  • I had to go through some of the lessons to find out what I did not know.
  • However, as the classes are online at your individual pace, I could easily go back.  I could review the material until I became more comfortable with it.
  • It is surprising how quickly the layers of education stack one on the other to fill out what you needed to do the assigned task.  


I did not see lots of bells and whistles about the future and not having to work to build the site or research for writing for my site.  You receive reminders that the work is not hard, but must be done.

Sometimes I would have liked a bit of hype that I would soon be rolling in money, taking vacations- something. Instead, I received reassurance that hard work and perseverance js needed for an online business just as they are with brick and mortar stores.

The work ethics of the successful people within the network community is amazing.

I am old school and take lots of notes.  There is the assumption that you can at least email on your computer.  This worked for me, as I could pause and replay or use the method I prefer, pen and pad for notetaking.  

I am not as comfortable with the newer technology that may work for you.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate University for:

  • Anyone wanting to get away from traditional jobs. (8 – 5)
  • Someone  needing to stay at home and care for family
  • Workers who have  lost their jobs due to the economy or downsizing
  • Baby boomers planning ahead for retirement.
  • Retired people wanting a stream of income to add to retirement income
  • Underemployed who need a 2nd job
  • A burned out employee who is wanting to learn a new skill
  • Those needing a new interest or hobby
  • Building many small streams of income, or a large service or retail business

Training / Tools

  • The training and videos are well prepared and presented
  • This is such an ever-changing field that new information is appearing on a continual basis
  • New educational training is provided to help you to grow your knowledge
  • You continually have access to the very latest information and training to put you on the leading edge of this industry
  • This is an international platform that you will be working from
  • The continual support of successful webmasters around the world makes help available    24 /7   
  • A live chat room that can help you quickly resolove issues that just are not clear to you
  • Always someone somewhere logged in to work on their sites
  • Helpful information is just a keyboard away
  • The tech support team is available,  24 /7 and are quick to respond to issues


The cost:

Free education to learn internet marketing at home on your own computer is outlined.

**The monthly premium is $49.  Annual membership is $399 a year

All other fees have remained the same. 

My Personal Opinion Is:

This education opportunity is what I needed.  It has allowed me to move on with my dream of an online business.

The challenge of learning a new skill.  Having the support of a sound basic format and the networking community has been a positive experience.  I am glad to have taken this step.  You will not find a better value anywhere.

Come on, join me with Wealthy Affiliate. Start your online business.  I will be waiting to help you build your business.

check this outLets talk Wealthy Affiliate University





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