Loving Your Imperfect Retirement Living Years

Loving Your Imperfect Retirement Living YearsLoving your imperfect retirement living years

Now in retirement, you have more control over loving your imperfect retirement living years. Share the journey of retirement with Tom and Wanda Arnold.

What if

Your health may not allow you to do what you had planned.  Savings may not be large enough that you can travel or do what you had dreamed of. 

So what did the Arnolds’ correction to original plans involve?

Asking your self a few questions.  What can you control? 

How do you feel about all these possibilities now swimming in your mind? 

There is so much positive information available to help you.  Learn how to take control and get your mind where it needs to be for you for to enjoy a happy and enjoyable imperfect “retirement living years time” for you.

How do your work through disappointment?

This fact was brought home to me by the events in Tom and Wanda Arnold’s life after retirement and some bad news. See if you identify with Tom and Wanda.

They had planned retirement as carefully as they could.  After all, they were determined to live a fun life. Worked hard.  Budgeted through the years?


To be able to go see the most interesting places in the USA that they could get to. 

They planned to camp out in their tent. exploring the milder climates in spring and fall.  Next on the list was to lease an RV.  Roam some of the parks in the far northern US. 

Renting a house in the mountains of northern Colorado for six weeks.  A place in Florida for several weeks. They were going to soak up the feel of these different places before settling down to life in central Texas.

Then life happened

A round of cancer and getting well delayed their plans.  By the time their health allowed the Arnolds’ to be able to plan and carry out any plans, the original plans would not work.  The adjustments and modification were not what they wanted any more. 


Wanda was able to find a house online down on the Gulf for a month that fit into their budget, and they did get to do that. However, they discovered they were not the adventuresome souls they thought they were. 

When they got on the busy highways, Tom found he tired quicker.  Driving the 6 hours to get where they were going was more tiring now in his late 60’s than when in his 40″s. 

While Tom and Wanda did enjoy the change of pace, they soon discovered that the minor inconveniences that had seemed so unimportant?  Now living with these changes were harder than they thought. 

Living the plan

Having company for a long weekend was more trouble than at home.  That was part of what they looked forward to, having company and enjoying being on the beach.

So what happenedLoving your imperfect retirement life

However, they did discover a love for growing a garden. 

This did not fit in with the plan of living the “carefree life” for retirement.  They did not want to have a garden that needed their attention all spring and summer.

In fact, they agreed to help the next do neighbor just to be neighborly. Sure, they were going to be home anyway, why not water the tomato plants that had been set out. 

As they were planning to be gone most of the time, someone else would need to tend it, just like now with the neighbors who had something come up and needed to be gone a few days.

So a garden was not in the plan.

No, a garden did not enter the plan at all  However, after canceling at the last minute the idea to rent an RV and spend a few weeks on the road, they decided to add a garden to the backyard.

A plan change

After all, it was springtime, and they could have one this year since they would be home.  Just some tomatoes and maybe a pepper plant or two.  Just to see how they did. 

They could “putter” with some tomatoes, maybe some green beans, and don’t forget okra.  Tom could remember his grandfather saying that even with a black thumb could grow okra, and it grows a long time into the hot part of the central Texas summer.

Using some of the money that had been budgeted for the weeks of RV travel, they fenced the garden spot.  There are deer in our yards here in central Texas if you live a bit away from the more populated areas of town.   All of a sudden they were rolling out of bed early each morning to check the garden for tomato worms. 

There was a reason to move and squat and tend the plants that were growing.  Tom and Wanda were both surprised to find out how much they loved the garden.

Having company for a long weekend

Appreciating the foods they were growing seemed an extra reward for the happy and busy life they now lived.  They had a purpose now.

When company came to spend time with them, they found that just being quiet in the backyard was wonderful.  Cooking out in a leisurely fashion, not the quick hurry, hurry of the working years.  Coffee on the patio and a lazy morning.  Grandkids were even leaving the TV and coming out with a book to read.

Tom and Wanda actually enjoyed the area around them, where they lived. Sure they still like to go along.  Travel in the fall after the gardening is done. 

Local events, church activities for summer.  All things that while working they had not made time for.  In planning retirement, they had not considered these activities as they were going to be gone. 

Funny how life flows? Loving your imperfect retirement living

Not necessarily. When adjusting and changing their retirement living plans, Tom and Wanda accepted the challenge, knowing that their lives had changed.  They could change with it or fight the changes. 

How are you living your retirement years?  Are you fighting the changes? 

Or are you allowing the changes that need to happen, and making them good changes?

Recovering from an illness is sometimes hard to do.  When you do not give yourself the right to be a different person with different goals and ambitions, recovery is more difficult. 

Is it possible that you are wasting these precious years of your life living a plan that no longer works for you?  One that you really no longer want?  You control such a large portion of your happiness in retirement with your mind.

Take stock of how the days are going. 

What is your degree of commitment to your life and being happ?

How would you rate the days?




If one of the last two, what can you do to make them better? How are many “Power of Positive Living” kinds of books are you reading?

Oh my goodness, you don’t read?  What a blessing you are missing by not spending some time reading and learning.  Reading and being entertained?

The power of reading is another of the good things that can happen in retirement to increase the quality of your life. 


One way to become smarter than those around you is to read. Not the kind of smart you brag about but the kind of smart that makes your life journey more rewarding. You understand more if you read more.

If you find yourself surrounded by negative people, you can read your way out of their negative mindset.  Your library has a selection of positive reading materials that will enable you to have a better life.

Are you growing this time in your life?  Are you too busy with a happy life for depression and sadness to keep you down?  A positive mindset is one of the most necessary parts of a happy retirement life. 

Do you understand how you control your happiness? 

What will you do to ensure your happiness for retirement? 

Reading good positive mind building information?  Or will you stick with the tabloids and the fake news that is not real, or not even news? 

Pay attention to what you read.loving your imperfect retirement living

If you find a good positive book or two does not help you feel better, maybe you need to see your Doctor. 

Or a therapist.  There are people out there who can help you feel better.  Don’t waste this time not loving your imperfect retirement living days.  Learn to accept what you can’t change and get on with your life.  It truly is the only one you have. 

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