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MAKE MONEY! WORK AT HOME ONLINE!Do you want to make money? Work at home online?

Now that you are retired, do you want to make money? Work at home online?  Sound like the answer to your dream?  Do you think this the answer for you?  Actually, it is easier than you think.

You wouldn’t have that long commute to work, wouldn’t be reminded of the days when you spent so much time just getting to work. 

It is not too late

When you’re ready for a long drive, go somewhere for fun, not work.  How about traffic congestion?  We all know dealing with public transportation just to get to work can put the damper on most anyone.  No wonder retirement seems such a blessing.

Anyone of these factors is enough to make you pull the covers over your head when someone mentions working during retirement.  For sure commuting makes one consider resigning from the workforce. So what can you do?  Consider another way.

Are you ready to take some actions that will make you able work, and earn some money? To change commuting for staying home?  Earning a full-time salary?  So does how do you make money, work from home online sound better?

Just a word of honesty here, you can’t build this business to produce income overnight.  Especially if you want it to last.  You will want to build a full-time supporting income stream. Learning how to build a business takes time.

If you have money to invest in this business it may move faster, but still, it takes a while to get off the ground and to the point where there is actually a lifetime income.

There is a lot to learn.

Yes, there is work to do.  Don’t think for one minute that a business is done without effort. 

This work can easily be done. The work is easy. Not difficult like digging ditches.  Work that you love and find interesting and engaging does not seem so hard.

You will love what you are doing.  Consider this, you are learning to build a site online. Learning to communicate by writing.  

WHAT IS that you hear, that voice in your inner ear asking: 

  • How much does this training cost?
  • Will I be doing any of that sleazy selling?  
  • What about my computer knowledge and skills?  

Will you just continue to worry?

You don’t have to spend your whole retirement worrying about needing to spend some of your savings to just exist.  You can earn more, make life more fun during retirement living.

MOST ALL of us have been there.  You just want to be able to do a few things during your retirement.   

The desire for change s to be strong. Strong enough to make you take action.

For me, this took about 10 years.  10 wasted years!   I just wouldn’t commit to education and training.

Did you know that you can learn and build your business at the same time?  You didn’t know that you can do this from home?  Train and learn and build on your schedule.   

Still not convinced that there is a real future for you in internet marketing, are you?  Fortunately, there is a simple solution for this.  Just click this link right now for a free start to the learning platform I chose. Check it out for free.  

Some people are just slow to see the light! (Like me)

I did not realize I could make money at home!  

Are you one of those?  

Consider this, I had moved to a small town in the Texas hill country.  Continuing to drive back and forth to Abilene, which I had been doing, or Dallas for the work week.  

Be gone all week, come in on the weekend.  

Now in all honesty here, my employer had enabled me to work from home a good bit of the work year.  

Computer technology does allow more freedom in work locations.

THAT HAD WORKED for a little over a year.  I liked what I was doing and delayed retirement for a few years.  But after a while, I knew.

There had to be a better way.  

A way to stay home all the time.  

The weeks of being away from home.  Add all the commuting miles.  This just wasn’t working for me as I got older.  Sitting and driving for hours on end, they were hard on arthritic joints, on a weary mind and body.

Driving before daylight and after dark at night?   Not what I am comfortable doing anymore.

WHAT IS your Why?

Need another income?  Salary not enough to have any extras?  Not stretching quite far enough?

Do you just want to work parttime, not full time?

Just need to supplement your income a little?

With the nature of online businesses, you will soon be able to produce a supplemental income.

As you are growing your business, you will see personal growth.  This the growth that comes with the education and training.  As you learnIs now the time to start your business online? work at home online to turn this desire to have your own business into real income.  

You will understand the opportunities that are out there, how you can successfully enter this business world.

WANT TO own your own business and be your own boss?   Work at home online! 

I would like to introduce you to The Wealthy Affiliate Open Education Project.

You will soon find yourself on solid ground before you realize it.  This income you need for a better retirement life a reality.   

The world of affiliate marketing is growing.

More people are learning to shop online. All around you, consumers are growing more comfortable with shopping from home. They appreciate the ease and convenience of online shopping.   The opportunities are growing rapidly.  

How many people did you know who bought something online 5 years ago?  How many this year?  Remember shopping from the Sears and Roebuck catalog or Montgomery Wards?  Speigal?  They were actually filling a market that was needed in their time.  

The online world is changing and there is room for you  

I watch as my grown children think nothing of sitting down and ordering online.  

They purchase items as simple as office supplies to gifts for members of the family.

Party supplies for birthday parties.  People are busy.  This is an efficient way of getting what you need to make your family’s lives better.  Everything is available online.

Then we get to the real live people.

Those who have chosen to make their lives to be more like they want.  They have done this by being successful with online marketing efforts.  

Making a most comfortable living, supporting their families.   All from the comfort of the home, online with their computers.  

If they can do it, why can’t you?

You will have given yourself the added benefit of a more secure financial future.   You will have gained an education in how to work in the online market.

These are amazing skills in this day and time, and difficult to find all in one place.  

Usually, you must go with one training plan to learn to build sites.   Then there is another to manage a business and move to another to learn to market.  Follow me so far?

What if there is a place with all this under one roof?  With lots of support?  What about continual, updated training and education?  You will learn shortcuts?

This training and education available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?   

You are led step by step and given examples of how to do everything.

There is a format to answer all your questions and allow networking with experienced and skilled marketers who have been in this business for 10 or more years.

Jobs for Retirement

It is one thing to be young and working at one of the entry-level jobs’   As a seasoned employee, that is usually too physically taxing.

If you are at or near retirement age, finding even a part-time job may not be very easy.

There are jobs out there.  But if you find yourself tiring quickly. or if you have any problems with your back, feet, or legs.  A lot of part-time work choices may not be for you.

Look around at the help wanted in windows wherever you go. Do you see what you want to be doing in retirement?

Is your dream job an online store?  How can you know what you want to do? 

The whys of wanting to change your life are many.

We all have our God-given dreams and the desire for the realization of those dreams.

Are you willing to step out and start your online business?work at home online

Do you want to write a book?  Find out how to do this?  There are online publishers who help new authors.

Want to learn about your possibilities?

THE PRACTICAL side of  WHY you might prefer Making Money Working at Home Online is personal.  It is for all of you. You just need to find your dream.

Do you need to help your parents?  

The rewards are there for all who are willing to take the step forward.  Get started, and work at it.

The more hours you can put in, the quicker it will build.  If you already have some skills that are transferable to the internet world, you can make progress faster.

If you are just starting in the online world, it may take a bit longer, but can easily be done.

The real limits are the ones you put on yourself.   

It is not your fault that your energy levels are lower, this is only natural.  Yes, it is taking longer to rest nowadays.

There are many reasons that it is harder to get up and started each day.  

The budget tells you that you need some part-time income for these years in your life.  

This is true for so many of us these days.  We also need some reason to keep using our minds.

You wanted to have some time with family.  Working a full schedule leaves little time for your family.   If you take a part-time job, you get the less desirable hours  Still resulting in less time with the family.

Having your own business is a way to have an income.  You can then tailor the hours to fit your schedule.  It will allow you to work when you want to.  Take off with family when you want.

Needed at home for a time? 

An unexpected illness.  Your spouse and their illness.  You need to able help an aging relative with managing things for a while after having a change in their lives.  

There are so many reasons that we are needed at home.  Having your own business will allow you to work around this.  And still, produce the income you need.

Remember, it doesn’t happen overnight.  You have to build and nurture an online business, just as you would a brick and mortar building based business.  work at home onlind

Your health may not have allowed you to continue a full schedule. You could work, if allowed to work as your health schedule allowed, a more flexible schedule.

Those things do make a difference.

An online business allows one to work around a number of physical issues. You decide when you are going to work.  

Next, come training and education.

Once you learn how to build a business online you will wonder why you waited so long. 

Is this for you? Or will you be standing on your feet all day may make you miserable but wait till you are 65 then 70.

If you start now you will have your business built, and grown to a real income stream before you get old enough for the standing all day to be an issue.

YES, THE LIST goes on and on.

Maybe you thought that because you live in a “little town” you are too remote for a business online.  The internet is full of success stories from small town businesses.

This is actually a benefit.  You aren’t distracted by so many opportunities to work at dead-end jobs.  Jobs that allow you to just get by.

You can do so much better than that

You start out at the very beginning with the basic business, work at it, and go on to build a strong internet presence and income.  I did not know how many different ways I could earn money online.

Those get rich schemes stumbling blocks

There are folks who built their business online a day at a time.  They aren’t driving fancy cars.  Not yet.  They are closer to being able to do that than I was.  I was spending all my time wondering how I could afford “the Dream World scams” that are touted by some online characters.  

Oh my, those shiny objects.  So much time wasted.

These are some of the time wasters I would like to help you from home online

THIS IS NOT A GET RICH QUICK scam. You have to see to believe how the future can improve for you.  Make money. Work at home online. This is a real opportunity.

Invest in you.

You will learn to build from the ground up. Learn to build a business that will support you and your loved ones.  You will learn to market your business.  You will learn from the online business owners who are practicing what they are preaching.

WHAT is your WHY?

Get started, delaying longer won’t bring any of your dreams to reality.  

Now is the time to get started. One step at a time.  Your unique skill and interests will make your business come to life.

This will not happen overnight but will happen.  As long as you take action.  Apply sound business ideas and skills that you will have through education and training.  

A plan 

Work your plan.  It is possible.  

When you decide they would like to own a business and work online to make money from home, the biggest stumbling blocks are:  

  • Lack of knowledge and skills  
  • Absence of patience  
  • No confidence in yourself

Check out the education designed for online entrepreneurs here.  work at home online

So click here right now

















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