Making Adjustments To Your Retirement Living

Making Adjustments To Your Retirement Living.

When making adjustments to your retirement living is necessary, you will Making adjustments to your retirementmake the plan then. No need for a plan now, it is not needed.  No, you may not need your plan right now, but you need the adjustment attitude.  

I know, you have planned your finances.  

Or you haven’t. You planned to work forever. You are still in your prime. Things happen every day to people just like you.

You can still be happy in retirement, even if you have one of these “things” happen in your life.   Sometimes the “thing” changes your whole retirement living direction, sometimes it is merely a bump in the road, a delay if you will. 

 It will be in the form of an accident, your or your spouse has a fall.  It may be the rapid decline in health of a parent.  A grown child needing a place to bring their family for a while.  

Changes are guaranteed somewhere along the retirement trail. How the change affects you as a retired senior citizen is up to you.  Your attitude and how well you adjust to the change that has occurred.

Your mindset  

You are in control of your mindset, as well as your attitude.  At times these may be the only things you are in control of.  And there will be times when you will wonder about that.  

The truth of the matter is regardless of how well you planned your retirement you can’t prepare for everything.  Most people are able to make some adjustments and move on.  

However, a large number of retirees find themselves faced with major changes.   A major change that will alter your game plan from the start.  The ability to adjust to change will give you the opportunity to make the most of the retirement for yourself. Could you adjustment

Could you adapt

Making these adjustments to your retirement living is a sometimes difficult Making adjustments to your retirement livingfact to face.  Often harder for some than others. This temporary snag or a more permanent one is what you have to deal with.  If you can adapt, you can make this change easier.  

Do you have a plan for dealing with these changes? You can not know what the future holds, but knowing some of how to work through these changes will help.  There are many resources.  You are not alone.  There is help out there.  

Give your self some time.

Don’t feel that you have to make all the changes overnight.  The important thing is to remember that an adjustment is an ongoing event.  The word here is adjusting, a work in progress.  

You do not adjust immediately to changes, and if you get too frustrated and depressed because of the changes, you will make yourself ill.   Expect to feel some disappointment. Allow yourself to grieve about having lost your original dream.  

It happens, and it is O K to admit it. However trying to live on as you had planned, when that is no longer feasible? A way to put yourself into on a steep slope on a slippery path to major depression.  Trying to live as though nothing has changed is futile.  

Who are you trying to fool?  

This approach makes the adjustment much harder.  How many times do you hear the remark, “I really planned to travel after retirement, but (whatever changed the retirement picture for them) so I can’t really enjoy retirement? I am stuck here with this.   

Adjustment is made, either willingly or because there is no choice.   No, you may not be able to have your retirement living to be what you had planned. There are often small tweaks that can make your retirement living worthwhile and as enjoyable as possible.

Do not expect your adjustment to always be easy, or instantaneous.   Allow yourself time.  Admit to yourself as well as friends and family that you are disappointed in the changes that did not live up to be what you expected.  It is O K and completely normal to have difficulty changing plans.  But you can do it.

Changed plans

Sometimes this adjustment in your retirement living plan is because the plan as you planned it, just did not work out.  For whatever reason.  You planned to travel across the country in an R V for the next 10 years, but after 6 months, you decided enough was enough.  It just is not fun.  Driving iss more trouble and more tiring than mentally imagined.  

You miss friends and family.  Limited space is not working as planned. What seemed spacious become just too tight!  Whatever the reason, it is O K to change your mind.  

Your life as a volunteer leaves you less time than you like?  It is O K to make an adjustment to your volunteering during retirement living.  Regardless of the reason.  Don’t get so bogged down with pride that you can not make an adjustment.  

That will not make your retirement living very happy.  You are allowed to make adjustment along the way.  

Your retirement living

This is your first retirement after all.  You can’t expect to get everything perfect right away.  What you are not encouraged to do is spend all your retirement years miserable and not make some changes.  

When retirement living throughs you a curve, remember- take care of yourself.  Make the adjustment that is necessary.  Learn to live without what is not working for you.  Make your plan and get started with that other direction. 

All of a sudden your parents have health issues, yes we all think we will live forever.  The truth is you don’t.  

If you find yourself the caregiver as the result of these surprises along the way, you will be joining a large number of caregivers.  There are over 15 million unpaid caregivers in the US alone.  

See friends.

It is important to take a few minutes to have a quick conversation with friends.  You may think this break is not an important part of being able to take care of others.  Isolating yourself from others is not a good way to take the best care of loved ones.  You still need the social contact and time to connect with others, not in your household.

Ask for help

When you have had your plan brought to an abrupt stop you must give yourself a moment or two.

Taking care of yourself is so very important.  You must stay well to help the one you are trying to help. Now is when you will need a support group.  They are there. Maybe getting help with your adjustment will help someone else.  

Often there is an unsuspecting friend or family who is struggling to adjust to their own personal changes.  Being wise enough to realize that reaching out is not a sign of weakness, but of strength.  Proof of your concern for the loved one you are helping.  

Keep up with your hobbies

Stay with your hobbies, to give your mind a reprieve through your week. When you are retired, days soon run one into the other.   A hobby morning or afternoon can restore so much balance to your life.  This is another anchor for your attitude and making adjustments to your retirement living.  

Retirement is made or lost with adjustments you make to your attitude as well as the adjustments to your retirement living plan.


Get rid of the attitude that is holding you back.  Accept the fact that you are adjusting to changes in your retirement living.  Wrap your mind around the facts as they are.  Now, what can you do to change what can be changed?Adjustments to your retirement living



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