Mental Health Care For Seniors 5 Ways To Improve Your Mental Health

Mental health Care for Seniors:

5 Ways To Improve Your Mental Health.

Do you wonder about the state of your mental health?  How this affects senior adults arose from a personal question.  I began to research “Mental health care for seniors: 5 Ways to improve your mental health” when a sister-in-law shared her diagnosis.   

Here is a summary of what I found. Mental health care for seniors!

Mental health Issues

The most frightening thing to me is that is is not always predictable. 

As you and your spouse become more venerable as you age, be observant of both of you. Pay attention to the small signs that all is not right.  An unexpected outburst, an unusual crying zag. 

Being aware can result in a more stable retirement time. 


Your health care costs will be less if you are in good health.

Having some basic guidelines will help you to know how to proceed. Help you know what you can do yourself. 

It’s not that difficult. This is what you should be doing anyhow.  

Having fun during retirement is important.  You will find it hard if you’re are having health problems, mental or physical.

It really is the little things.

What can we do on a daily basis to help maintain a good mental state of mind?  

The research supports good health in general as the first step for prevention.   

To remind yourself of the basics, you should run a “maintenance check”.  

5 Guidelines to enable you to help yourself.  

You want to stay in good mental health.  Do not create issues caused by neglect.  Especially mental health issues.  

Your body is changing during this time of retirement.  You like to think you are staying the same but face it, my friend.  You are not.  Fortunately, having fun still happens in retirement.

So, what are these things you can do for yourself?  To help you have a chance for great mental health? 

# 1  Exercise

Your overall health will affect your ability to have fun during your retirement. Having fun can have a positive effect as you enter the senior adult time in your life.  

Without exercise, you will not have as fulfilling a retirement time. 

Most retired senior citizens find themselves and their lifestyles below.

  • Slowed down a good bit
  • Usually retired (not working for a salary)
  • Figured out how to live on what income you have
  • Not a work schedule to push you on when you don’t feel 100%
  • Spend longer with coffee and the paper or TV news 
  • Sleep later if you choose
  • Delay any chore that you do not feel up to tackling that day.

Soon a whole week has gone by.  Excuses from the day you did not feel well still controlling your days.

When you were working, you got up on days you were not 100%, went to work anyway. 

The momentum of the day carried you through.  You usually felt back to the 100% mark in a day or so.

This does not happen when you are retired. The small issues grow bigger. (you know the one that says “well you are retired, you do not have to do that today”) 

It is harder to get up and about.  Doing what you do.  Taking that morning walk over in the park.  Maybe around the neighborhood.

Spending time in the yard.  Getting those things done that you normally enjoy doing.  The things that have you out and moving about.  Getting some healthy exercise worked in through your days.  This should be a priority. 

Sitting in front of the TV

Your body was designed to stay in motion.  Like any other well-designed machine you need to move. 

Staying active will make the other efforts keeping yourself healthy payoff.  

Being older is sometimes not so much fun. Being older and in poor health?  We are talking a whole other level of making life harder.  

Then you will not find retirement as much fun.

Find some exercise that you can do.  

  • Walking
  • Working out in a gym
  • Use your home gym
  • Doing some stretching

Give yourself a chance to have a healthy body.  This will enable you to retain your strength and vitality.

Be aware of mental health care for seniors! These 5 ways to improve your mental health are very generalized.  They are meant to be building blocks.

Any changes in your exercises should be done gradually.  With the advice of people who know how to help you. Help build your strength and stamina. 

Unfortunately, as senior adults, the likelihood of some rehab time is just the way it is.  

Staying with a recommended exercise routine will benefit your overall health. 

Make sure that you do not allow yourself to develop more issues.  

Complete exercise recommended for your treatment. 

# 2 Nutrition / Diet

A well-balanced diet is necessary for good health for children.  Especially when young and their bodies growing.  Their minds developing.  The same is true for senior adults.  

A good diet will work for you, hand in hand with the exercise to make you ready for the years ahead.

Having a body that is well nourished.  Getting vegetables and fruits.  Limiting sugars and fats.  

This will help as your body is starting to age.

You have been in your body a good while at this point.  

Sometimes you have not taken very good care of yourself.  

You pushed your limits with the numbers of hours you worked.  The junk food you fed yourself.  

Telling yourself you would do better tomorrow.  The tomorrow that never came.

The years of not giving much attention to what you ate and drank.  Too much coffee and soda.  Too much fast food.  

Yes, this will make it difficult to be healthy for senior adults!  

You need to be healthy to have fun.  Mental health care for seniors 5 ways to improve your mental health

Cholesterol levels should be kept in check.  

You should be getting your vitamins and minerals.  

You want to be surprising everyone with your strength.  As well as your energy as you become senior adults.  

Keeping a healthy weight is important.

You can do a lot in this effort for good mental health.  Be mindful of the food you eat 

Leftover pizza may be acceptable for breakfast as a college student.  It is hardly the best choice as a senior adult.  

Certainly not for those who want to have fun during retirement. 

At this point in your lives, you tend to be stuck in your habits.  

If your subconscious is telling you that the “Honey Bun” might be replaced with a bowl of oatmeal.  Maybe it is time to listen to that wee small voice.

Make that switch.

I am not suggesting completely giving up everything. But moderation is the key.  

Just make small changes in your diet at a time.  

Maybe trimming the size of your servings.  Moderate changes to help your overall health.  

You are probably not eating as much at this time in your life.  When the activity levels slow down, appetites should as well.  

Use your daily calorie count well.  Fresh green leafy vegetables, fresh fruit.

Mr. B and I have learned to split an entree when we eat out.  

Most restaurants in our part of the world serve such large servings.  

We both found we were eating at the uncomfortable stage.  We decided to start splitting the meal.  An extra dinner salad or soup makes plenty of food for both of us.  

We are not working every day, burning up those calories.

Once we got over the idea of doing things differently, we have enjoyed meals out more.  

We no longer feel the need to “clean our plate”  as when we were younger and need more calories.

The trend in cooking today with all the roasted vegetables is a good change for your bodies.  

You get freshly cooked vegetables. Not as much salt or preservatives that have been present in foods so long. A welcome change.  A healthy change.

Have you tried the grilled watermelon slices?  When summer comes, that is first on my list.  Pineapple has already won me over to the blessings of fresh grilled fruit!  

Better diet

A delicious way to care for my mental health.

A healthy diet.  Combined with exercise will give your body the foundation to carry you through this aging process.

# 3 Social contact with family and friends / Staying connectedMental health care for seniors

Having contact with friends and family often gets little attention. This is very important to your complete health picture.

This plays a really important part of a healthy mental state.

The connection to your families gives that continuity to self-worth.  This makes your mental health, and your self-image stronger.  

Spend time connecting with your children and grandchildren

 Contact with your children and grandchildren?  Yes.  This is a booster for all the “feel good about yourself centers” of the brain.  

Your siblings also offer these strong benefits.  Friends enhance your feel good about yourself centers as well.  

Importance of social contact

Make efforts to stay engaged with the ties you have socially.  Make time in your schedule for some conversations and activities.  

Do not allow yourself to get in the habit of staying home alone all the time. Call.  Email.  Talk face-to-face.

Group activities are good for this as well.  Volunteer activities work here.    

# 4 Brain Exercise is important in mental health care for seniors.

Research is piling up with the results of the power of education for the brain. The importance of your mental health.

The findings are showing that you must stay engaged.  

Using your brain. 

This helps keep the full functions you have.  Strengthening the brain through the exercise of learning something new.  

This is a good way to help yourself during these senior adult years.

Taking a course of study. In the classroom or online.  A good way to teach yourself to continue to use your brain.  

You often go on automatic control the last of your working years.  

Just trying to get through each day.  The brain will get a bit sluggish.

The repeated engagement of the brain in the learning process?  This will help you learn to learn again.  

We need the continual engagement to build this muscle, your brain.

Continuing to study and learn will pay many benefits.  Learning something you want to know how to do.  This will be almost like playing a game.

The social interaction that results in a learning format also has many benefits for the student. 

Even online classes allow people to get acquainted

With an online chat-room, there is interaction among students.  This makes the social aspect helpful for the senior adult student.  

My online classmates are all in the class because they want to learn.  

We are learning about building a business online here. Check us out  

With a like-minded group, there are many question and answer sessions to build that connection.

Learning to actively engage in conversations with others.  

Interact with them through the learning situation.  Questions and problems allow class members a pleasant way to interact with others.      

You are becoming socially aware of manners.  Learning to speak coherently about a new subject.  A subject with many interesting aspects to explore together.  

You learn to be dependent on each other.  To work through the problems with our journey in this learning experience.    

This is different from learning in a traditional classroom.  However, it fits what I want in my life right now. I do not want to drive to a campus location for class times.  

I like the freedom to study on my schedule.  

Work in the yard during the cooler part of the day, study when it is too hot to be out.  This link will take you to the site where I have been working and learning.

This works for me. This is fun.  It also helps my mental health.  

# 5 Rest

The importance of rest is simply stated.  Get enough rest.

When trying to adjust to a retirement lifestyle, rest is sometimes overlooked.  

During these changes that you are seeing in your daily life, sleep patterns change.

  • You worry if you have enough money saved
  • Wonder if you should be watching more carefully what you are spending
  • May sit up later watching TV at night
  • You slip into the habit of taking extra long naps in the daytime

Any number of things can change how you rest.  

This, in turn, makes your system all out of whack.  You end up feeling tired and run down.

  • Find you are not interested in activities that once were your favorites
  • Just do not have the energy for your walk around the park
  • Don’t want to get out and meet people, do anything that is social
  • May grow short-tempered and ill-humored
  • Becoming the grouchy old lady living in the house on the corner  
  • You are not having fun

All because you do not get enough rest.  

Efforts should be made to have a healthy sleep pattern.  

With enough hours of sleep time to make you rested.  Ready for the day.  

Your energy levels will rise with enough sleep. Your life will be much more enjoyable.  

When you feel “re-energized.”  More ready for fun activities.  As well as more excited about your day. 

A quick observation:  When a retiree sleeps all morning and roams late into the night, they find themselves out of sink with the world. 

Ready to do things when fellow retirees are gearing down and ready to stay home. If you get your days and nights mixed, you will find yourself with more time by yourself, which is not normally a good thing.

All of these building blocks are important to your overall health.  

If something happens to any one of them, you’re in a more risky position.

Take a moment.  Take stock and see where you are with your mental health.

Do your maintenance checkup. Do what you can to help yourself.

Make a plan for you

Mental health care for seniors  5 ways to improve your mental health.

  • Exercise,
  • Nutrition / diet  
  • Social contact
  • Brain exercise  
  • Rest

Does one of your building blocks feel Sami signature Mental health care for seniorsweak? 

Make a plan to get to work strengthening the weak parts.  To learn to make money from home online.

It is your retirement time. Don’t cheat yourself.


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