Need More Energy?

Need More Energy?

Do you need more energy?  On a daily basis?  Or even hourly if you are like I am. 

This energy thing seems like a magic bullet. Need more energy

One that is not available to all.

Energy is like mist

Energy can not be seen.  You don’t wake up with a gauge that registers full, or empty.  

If you did, you would realize you were using your allotted amount. Make sure to do what was needed to resupply this precious stuff on a daily basis.  

After retirement will you accept the fact that your energy level is less?  Did you just now realize that you were running low on energy reserves? 

As a young adult were you able to go from  early to late with all the energy needed for the day?  Able to do more longer?  As you age,you began to have less of this magic energy.

Then you reached the age of 50.

In the days when you are in your 50’s, you are able to push through.  By the time you reach your 60’s you were aware that the energy thing was becoming an issue. 

Usually, all this is such a natural event.  Getting older. Families raised. Fewer responsibilities.  You are not even aware of what is happening. 

Yes, it is folly to think you will feel 20 when you are 65. 

The mere word “retirement” sounds like an excuse for needing less energy. Retirement means you are not working.  You will not need that much energy to retirement.  


That is not a good way to approach these years of your life. 

Retirement can be such a wonderful time in your life. 

That time when you find out who you are.  Enjoy your family.  Quiet time with your spouse that never did happen when you were younger.  Have time for a hobby.  Read a book. Drink that extra cup of coffee. 

Do you use up your energy in an hour? 

Are you doing anything to increase your energy?  Are you searching for that magic pill to make you able to have fun 24/7? 

Where is the energy that let you work all day?  Without a nap?  Then come in and clean the entire house? 


Then add insult to energy with what happens next. 

That can of energy drink that would at one time guarantee a boost?  One that would get you through an occasional loss of get up and go?  

Well, that just makes you nervous, jumpy, and probably hungry now. 

The vitamins with energy boosters?  Do not work.

The coca cola and snickers bar that would ensure a short burst?  Nope, that does not do it either. 

Now, what? You need more energy.

Time to get to basics. 

You know.  A healthy diet.  Exercise.  Enough rest. 

Then making sure you drink enough water. 

The past 20 to 30 years, research is proving that water is as close to magic as you can get. 

Your diet and hormones carry the most responsibility for creating energy.

When you are not drinking enough water, things start to happen.  

The passageway for the hormones isn’t  there.  The needed nourishment must be able to get through your system.  The circulation is not enough to give you what you need to create energy. 

Aging bodies need water more than ever. 

As mature adults, you must provide water for your natural system perform.

Do You find yourself in need of more energy? 

On a daily basis? 

Or even hourly if you are like I am. 

This energy thing seems like a magic bullet.  One that is not available to all.  After retirement did you accept the fact that your energy level was less?  

How will you help yourself?

Are you willing to make some small daily changes to feel more energy?

As an added benefit for myself, there is finally some renewed energy. 

You will begin to wonder if it will ever happen.  Have faith, it will. 

You may not reach preretirement levels, but you will have more energy.

Energy is as scarce as the savings and planning for retirement that you did not do.   You no longer have the outside stimulus to push you as you did while working.  

After 3 months of increased water drinking

I do have a steadier stream of energy.  There is energy left to work on a beading project in the evening. 

To enjoy piddling with some needlework.  There is energy to want some fall changes in the house.  Some small signs of a return of some of the old levels. 

I understood that lack of hormones was another cause of low energy levels. When your body is dehydrated enough for other symptoms to show up?  It made sense that energy was affected as well.  

As the days pass, I expect to see more energy in my life.  As with anything that is natural and a healing process, it is not happening overnight. 

I noticed less mental fog as the first sign things were changing. 

Now I see a more natural urge to do some of the things that I just wished were done before. 

Yes, retirement is an adjustment time that blindsided me.  

What are you prepared to do? 

Spend the retirement years just existing with no purpose, no drive? 

As I developed my new interest of building a business online.  Being able to share information with other retirees.  I was ready for the next level of energy. 

I needed the clear mental focus to really dig in and find out what this stuff is all about.  That is when the need for more physical energy was apparent. 

When first considering my life symptoms and wondering if dehydration is an issue for me?  The answer is a common sense, no brainer.  

So drink more water? 

There would not be any bad side effects. 

I should be able to ignore the signals of thirst that I was now becoming aware of.  I had lived a lifetime of not paying attention. 

What about you?  Are you willing to make a few changes in your life to get more energy? 

A lasting even flow of energy?  May never be the levels of a 20-year old. Need more energy

However, I am living proof of a better situation.  With no medical intervention. No strange chemicals in my body to make this journey of retirement harder.  

How sweet it that?  For sure not as sweet as the little one pictured here, but great to me.  Water will not hurt me.  Water is natural.  We need water anyhow.  

If the improvements don’t happen, I have not been swallowing pills that are chemical mixtures to just trick my mind into thinking I feel better.  

I actually am teaching my body what it is to have enough water to function correctly.  In a year I will not have to make the choice to “try” another drug as this one is building up in my system.  

As I continue to use the natural healing of water I know that I will find myself having an even better energy level.  

More energy as we age?  

One that is trustworthy and always available?  

This sounds like a winning combination to me.  

How do you plan to spend this next year?  

Will you make the small daily changes to have more energy?  Better health.  

There is so much more to enjoy in retirement.  We do not have to spend our days in front of the T-V.  

You do not have to just “wish” you had more energy.  Will you help yourself?Need more energy






Goes without Saying

Important medical disclaimer.

I am not a Doctor, Lawyer, or Investment advisor.

I am simply a fellow traveler on this road through retirement.

Here,  I share what I have found  through actual practice or through a stumbling effort to improve myself. 

Your results, should you adopt one of my suggestions will probably be 100 times better as you are probably a much stronger person than I am. 

This retirement stuff is hard!  Retirement would be a challenge even if it did not involve the aging process.

We have to work together to make the best of it!  Lifetime habits, good and bad, accompany us on this journey we are on. We sometimes are not aware of how we hinder ourselves. My intent is to call attention to what I have found along the way that either teaches, warns, helps, or hinders me.  

I hope you can learn, laugh, think about, and pick up a suggestion that will make things better for you.  Sharing is how we do it.  Do you have a suggestion that  you can share?  Please leave your comment.

4 thoughts on “Need More Energy?

  1. Nemira,

    Thank you for you for stopping by and reading my blog. I have found water fascinating for a number of reasons, one being that I can tell the difference in my energy levels when I consume enough water, When I do not, I do not feel as energetic. Don’t get as much done.

    I am fortunate to live where our water is a good quality of water. I just drink tap or facet water. I do like it cold so ice or refrigerated. The main issue I have is getting enough down.

    I usually buy a qt. of good quality water when I am out for the day. Then recycle several saved bottles. Having the 32 oz. container makes me aware when I am consuming at an O K rate through the day and is easier to track for me. If it is a day I am having trouble getting enough water down, I may drop a sliver of line or lemon in to flavor a little. So for me, plain water. I do like bottled water on occasion as well, but shy from the expense with tap water available as I work from home.

    I am sure arguments could be made for all the “allowed” contaminants in our pubic water system, but at this point, from the study I have done about water quality, I am still with the tap version.

    I hope this answered your question,


  2. Hello here. It is interesting to read that usage of water adds more energy to us. Of course the water is vital for us. I read that plum differs from prune with the amount of water. Who wants to look as the prune. They are tasty but plums are more appealing because they are smooth and even.
    Do you have recommendations for water from where to get it?
    Which is better: distilled or filtered water?
    Thanks for sharing your experience about benefits of water.
    All the best, be healthy and wealthy, Nemira.

  3. Kev,

    Sometimes I fall real short of the needed amount. Spent too many years working bisunesses where I was the only one on staff all day! So limited water or anything intake. We really need to be better to our bodies. Yes we do slow down, but running and getting exercise helps.

    Here’s to a happy retirement with energy for all. Thanks for commenting


  4. Hi Sami,

    Great post. I am 58 and to be honest I am full of energy most days. I still run 3 times a week. I live near the beach so swim a lot. Very active. After a day of work it is nice to sit in front of the TV for a while and just vege out haha!

    Water is such a key for energy and so many people neglect it. A good friend of mine Don Tolman says we should drink 1 litre for every 22kg we weigh. So if your 88 kg you should drink 4 litres.

    I am 100 kg and struggle to drink 5 litres but I do drink a lot of healthy fresh juices too.

    Thanks for the post 🙂 Kev

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