Is your Perceived Reality For Retirement Living Based On Fact?

Is Your Perceived Reality For Retirement Living Based On Fact?

Did you retire with a plan?  A plan for the next 30 years of your life?  Is your Is Your Perceived Reality For Retirement Living Based On Facts?perceived reality for retirement based on fact?

How is life really going?  Are you living the retirement you had dreamed of? Or are you finding that your reality is falling short of what you had dreamed?

Are you bored? 

Have you become bored with retirement as it really is?  Until retirement actually happens, we usually have a concept of exactly what life is like in retirement.  

Are you finding your days happening as you hoped?  

Usually, when you plan retirement and have a financial plan, you will have a time of doing some special things that were delayed until you were retired.  If you really did not plan, thinking that being happy in retirement would just happen, did it?  

Even if you did plan, usually the plans are for the big things, not the little events that make up everyday life.  

Take control

Just as you could control some aspects of your work world, you can control some aspects of your retirement life.  The years will pass anyway.  Why not have them pass more as you had planned.  

You made a plan and that did not work out too well?  Sorry to hear that, but what can you do to make some corrections along the way?  You are only as locked in your present world as you think you are.  

What is boxing you in?

Have you found yourself in the “no plan box?”  More retirees are finding themselves falling short of their savings goals, what can you do?    

For starters, you can choose to keep focused on what you did not do. Continue bemoaning the fact that the dreams did not work out.  You can redesign your box. May have to change your plan for retirement, but you can do that. After all, you are not helpless.

Figure out how you can redesign your box. Revamp your plan for retirement, but you can do that.  Don’t allow your mind to tell you that you can’t.  This makes it appear that you are incapable of making better plans.  This is simply not accurate.  Few of us are really “helpless.”

Or you can choose to focus on the things you do have.  

What is working for you in your retirement life?  

Do you enjoy not having to go to work?  Ok, that is a good and happy thing.

Are mornings that let you have a slower paced start to the day the guaranteed for a retiree?  Not unless you lay the foundation for this kind of start to your day. 

Not having to stay on the run all the time.   Taking care of the house, job, yard and all the many other daily chore routines of life could change for you.

How have you protected yourself

However, you will have to make the moves to ensure the kind of morning you want.  You can allow life to just take over in retirement, pulling and pushing you every way, without what you want to be included.  

Many recent retirees without plans soon find that their family will have the time filled before you realize it.  

All of a sudden you hear the request, “Since you are retired now and have nothing to do, could you repaint my garage?”  Or  “The kids’ sitter is bailing out on me at the last minute, can you help since you are retired?”  

Sure you want to help, but not assume the full-time responsibility.  

What seems like the land of opportunity for you, will be the door to taking advantage of you.  

You must take control of your life

Do you have your guard up to preserve your hard earned retirement?  Both time and money.  

You must be aware of your part in this result.  You can not control your retirement if you are not willing to make some limits.  Other retirees find themselves becoming the bank resource for a child or sibling who is unstable financial ground.  

This is one of the little things that can undermine your finances for retirement. What becomes a loan of $50 till payday becomes help with the kids’ dental costs, paying for a basketball camp for a loved grandchild.  

There are not bad things, in the singular.  However when asked for help or being made to feel obligated to help can become a way of life for retirees.  

Are you finding yourself the family Santa Claus

Make sure you go in with open eyes.  When visiting with retirees, I hear both of these events in people’s lives.  The family often does not realize that everyone has needs.  There will always be times when tight money makes us all have to revamp things a bit, but one event soon becomes two times.  

It becomes too easy for our loved ones to lean on us for help.  

Just be aware. A friend found herself back working part time to help wth a “special trip” one summer, for her granddaughter.  

If providing something for a loved one undermines your financial security to do so, a better choice would be to work a while to accomplish a specific thing.  

Loaning your retirement nest egg must not happen.

Have you given your credit card to someone for their own use?  That someone has every intention of paying you back next payday.  However, that is usually delayed as well.  Just know that credit card debt to cover medical bills is the #1 reason for bankruptcy among retirees.  

Just know that credit card debt is the #1 reason for bankruptcy among retirees.  About 50% of the credit card debt was for medical costs.

If you find yourself in this position, please consult a financial advisor immediately.  A $60 a month credit card payment may not seem like much of a threat when you were working.  When you are on a fixed income, this can mean destruction.  

Caution. Retirement living based on fact  

You have little control of your life when you loose financial control. Should you be one if the financially prepared retirees, congratulations. However, just haveing prepared your finances, you may not have prepared your daily life and activities for retirement.  

You do not go to work every day.  

So how do you spend your days?  Are you doing fun and interesting things along the way?  

Retirement and a slower pace of life will get boring if you do not have interests to pursue or hobbies that will make you feel a sense of purpose at the end of the day.  

As retirees, you tend to keep yourselves in boxes.  Is this activity something retirees should do?  Does it matter?  If you enjoy an activity that other retirees avoid, that is O K for you.  

All retirees are not spending their retirement rocking on the front porch. Some pursue a 2nd career.  Some have books to write.  Step out of the box you have built for yourself.  

What will this retirement freedom mean for you

It is O K for you to get a degree or another one.  Maybe the magic of aquatic farming gets you up and moving in the mornings.  Spending some retirement time doing what is interesting for you, not what your parents did.  

You do not have to travel all the time unless you want to.  But if you find you are you a closet R V Enthusiast?

Now may be the time to check this out.  Learning to ski, on water or land? The choices are amazing.  Have an exciting and happy life in retirement, if that is your dream.  

Why are you living so frugallyretirement living based on fact

Did you spend your working years living a very frugal life?  

If so you will probably find yourself living the same way in retirement, even though there is no need.  Being careful is the box you built around yourself to protect your pride.  

Not wanting others to notice that your financial mismanagement was causing this need for caution, what did you do?  You hid behind the eccentric ways of frugal living at home to have money to splash around in public.  

You may need to budget

There have been repeated stories of the lengths people will go to to keep that box lid secure.  You have these weird habits because you can not handle a budget not because you do not have enough money.

There are a number of places you can go for help to learn to manage money. It is O K to admit that you do not really know how to do that.  Admit that you have a money management problem and get help.  

Plan your day to be important to you.

Make your retirement secure by stepping out of the box.  Ask for help, get on the right track and enjoy your golden years.  If living frugally is by choice, do not make excuses.  It is no one’s business but yours. Choose to continue your lifestyle.  

If living frugally is by choice, do not make excuses.  It is no one’s business but yours. Choose to continue your lifestyle that suits you.  

Do you enjoy knowing you are in control of your finances?  Great.  Just know why you are doing what you are doing.  Being able to recognize the real reason you live as you do will put you a step closer towards freeing you to enjoy retirement.  

Make sure your perceived retirement life and your actual retirement life are retirement living based on factbased on fact.  

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