Will You Plan A Better Life For Your Retirement Living

Will You Plan A Better Life For Your Retirement LivingPlan a better life for your retirement living

Will you plan a better life for your retirement living?  You are a member of the generation of retirees that is slated to live longer than retirees before us.

What is your new normal anyway?  You know, your normal day since retirement?  What do you spend your time doing each day?  What time do you get up?  Go to bed?  Clean?  Socialize?

Do you have a budget (plan) to live your retirement years having fun, and enjoying where you are in life?  Or do you just get through the days on the automatic cruise control, with no thought to how or what is happening or why? 

What is your life budget?  Remember, a better word for Budget is Plan.   Do you have a plan for a fun retirement? Are you loving your life?  What happens if you don’t plan (budget)? You might luck out and have a fantastic retirement life.  You will be so happy and content and busy, with your sense of self-growth increasing every day. 

Or will your retirement be a time of increasing your girth, and not bringing anyone happiness?

A plan

Are you just going to quit growing your happiness (click here for a suggested process for planning) because you are retired?  Decide how many more days, weeks and months will be lived less than happy.  Then get started with your plan for a better retirement living life.

You have earned the right to be relaxed and less involved with what is going on in the world now if that is what you choose.  Is this decision bringing you the satisfaction and feelings of a worthwhile life for retirement?  What will you plan for this time in your life?

After spending a while looking at what makes you really deep-down happy and satisfied with your retirement living, you may find you are already living that life.  You just haven’t really been appreciating it! 

Congratulations, your discovery is as important to your happiness in retirement living as making a plan to live a better retirement life.  You’re now aware of the happiness and satisfaction you’re experiencing in your life.  Make time for more of the same.  Enjoy.

How many of your retirement living days will you allow to be less than they can be?  Are you beginning to be bored yet? 

You don’t have to be bored during retirement. If this life of drifting with no direction or plan isn’t doing it for you anymore, have you decided what to do about it?   Is it time to start doing something you really want to do?  Time to plan a better life for your retirement living?

Think about it

You don’t have to continue spending your days doing nothing.  Look around you, who do you see doing just that?  Is that what you want?  What will it take to make your life one of doing nothing as well?  Make a plan, start one step at a time and make it happen for you.

As quickly as life goes by, you will find yourself with little to show for your retirement years.  No fun.  Few good memories.  Do you want some good memories?  Do you regret already some of your early retirement’s wasted days?

What do you want from your retirement living?

Is there something you need to be doing?  Just haven’t been inspired to start it yet?

Grow a healthier lifestyle. 

You can grow a healthier lifestyle just as you would a garden.  Do you know how to do this?  Make a plan. Prepare the ground.  Plant the seed.  Tend, feed and water.  If you have done the steps faithfully you should have results.

You do the same for personal goals, dreams, and ideas.  This is how you grow a new life. You don’t have to wait to improve your life or add some fun ideas to your life.  However, you will need to decide what you want and make a plan.

Do you want to take a trip?  Make a plan.  Decide how you will travel, drive, fly, train?  Hitchhike?

Just want to have a day a week doing something outside of the house?  You have to plan.  Play golf?  Call for tee times.  Make a date with a golfing buddy.  Once the plan is in motion a certain “life of its on” develops.  The week flows and you have a fun time.  Or this didn’t work at all, and you don’t plan another one of those.

A healthier mindset is also planned, prepared, tended, and grown.  Your harvest includes a better outlook on your life. 

There are better ways of doing things.  Find the happier you in your retirement living time. 

Just like this geyser is ready to erupt, your happiness can flow as well when you plan to enjoy your retirement living. 

Why PlanPlan a better life

Find out what you’ll really like for your retirement living. What’s missing from your life right now that needs changing, or just tweaking?   

Think about what you want, and write it down.  Planning will take the guesswork out of the mix, and make you know what you want so you can get started. “Dreams”, when written down can be the foundation of a plan. 

Let’s talk about making your plan.   Decide what you want from this plan.  A happier life?  What do you mean by happier?  Traveling more?  More Hobbies?  Think through what will make you happier? 

Often obscure dreams lose their desirability when viewed in the daylight and not the foggy mist of a dream. Until that dream is written down, it has no shape. 

No definition.  Nothing there you can touch, much less reach or add to your life.  Like those hazy ideas, the ones you have of having everything perfect?  Or the dream of being rich? That won’t happen either until you have written down your goal.  What is rich to you?

Do you spend too much of your time with Dr. appointments?  Would living a healthier lifestyle change how and what you can do? 

What is a reasonable move forward?  What can you do to make you happier?  Will you allow yourself to just do nothing?  That won’t make things better.


What do you need to do to be ready to start this “new life plan?”

What about a different daily schedule?  How would your day flow for reaching this “new better life” if you got up earlier?  Or, maybe later would be better if your desire involves studying the stars at night?

Do you need to get your living space in order?  Have you found that you can’t find anything since retirement.?  You have just gotten sloppy and lazy and need to make some improvements.  

“Clutter is an expression of your retirement, and your freedom” you are thinking.  Does it simplify your life?  Or does the confusion that surrounds the clutter distract you?  Does the confusion with the clutter cause you not to misplace your keys?  Or maybe it’s tax work time, can’t find that bank statement?

I know, you are retired now, you have time to waste searching all the cluttered surfaces of your home for your keys!  Do you really want to spend your retirement living days wasted when a change can make a difference?

Small changes make a great difference in preparing your life for those activities that will make you happier.

Do you have a plan for how you will improve your life and when?  Attention is important when making a plan for your life during your retirement.


This new thing to make you happy will require some of your time and attention to stay in the “growing mode.”

You may need to take some classes online, or through the county agent, or wherever they are teaching and sharing what you want to add to your life.

Action must happen as well.  You will actually need to actively do the tending each day and learn to make them a part of your life. 

Weeding out your bad habits and indifference to get to the mature results you were planning takes time and action.  A plan allows you to decide, and change directions if that is what you want to do.  You don’t have to be stuck with a few habits that take away your happiness.

Tending your new habit to improve your life usually takes a longer period and might be where you grow lax.  When you are starting your plan, you may not see results immediately.  These “results”  you thought you were planting. 

A happy, fun, and exciting retirement life isn’t immediate.

How will tending your goals and seeing the desired improvements in your life start taking root and maturing make you feel?

Take control

Make your retirement living more fun and enjoyable.   

Just as planting a garden and being too lazy to weed makes gathering the harvest more difficult and time-consuming.  So will- taking care of new desirable habits require your time and energy to tend and control.

Are you indifferent to the tending of your new habits?  The ones that you’re implementing to reach your new goals for retirement living?  Those goals won’t be as easy to harvest either.  It is time for you to start the retirement living you dreamed of.  The guidelines for planning found here will get you started, Click Here to Get Your Free Guideline Now

People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures.”         (F. M. Alexander)

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