Positive Quotes As Your Self Defense Weapon

Positive Quotes As Your Self-Defense Weapon

What are you talking about?  What do I need to defend myself from?  HavePositive quotes as your self defense weapon you ever found yourself wallowing in self-pity?  A positive quote as your self-defense weapon?  Who needs that?

What, You do not think positive thinking works?  You have got to be kidding.

This is your lucky day.  Take this to heart.  Absorb this quote.  It is a scary thing you will see happen in your life.

 “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”  

I am not sure of the origin.  By the time I found it it was being attributed to “A Chinese Proverb.”  I do know, this has proven true for me so often I no longer have any doubts.  I do not care where it came from.

Have you ever really given positive thinking a chance to work for you?  This is no longer regarded as the “Pollyanna” approach to life.  There is now scientific proof that there is a reason for strengthening your mind.  

There is a need to have good material stored for use when needed.

It is an acquired skill.  You can “think yourself sick.”  The really scary part is it is a bit more difficult to think yourself well again.  

The power behind this is amazing.  

If complications have already developed.  If the issue you have thought about has actually become a health issue.  One that needs attention. 

This is just one of the reasons you have to be careful of the mind talk you allow to roam free in your mind. 

The habits you have developed in your younger years will become more pronounced as you are now retired. 

There will be more room in your mind for the mind talk or the self-talk we all have.  Unfortunately, most retirees never did have time to work on their self-talk.

Don’t make things harder on yourself.

The working world I lived in regarded this “positive self-talk” as mumbo-jumbo.  Useless gibberish.  In the year of 2017, this has been proved by scientific study.

Science has measured results will give the true analysis.  Reveals the true benefits of a “Positive Mindset.”  This is something that you can grow for yourself.  In your own life.  

Overcoming the negative picture in your mindPositive quotes as your self defense weapon

Even now there is a tendency to not be serious about checking out the benefits for yourself.  Give yourself a chance to see the benefits of positive thinking.

I think that part of the reason is the way so many MLM businesses were the first to really jump on the bandwagon.  And sing the praises of the power of positive thinking. 

Not understanding what was going on, we associated the whole concept as so much hot air.  We saw a smoke and mirrors approach and were not convinced of the value of this mindset. 

Yes, it was misused by many.  However, there were those who really understood what was being taught and continued to grow their ability to put this to work in their own lives. 

There are many people who are learning to improve their lives by applying the ideas and lifestyle improvements to their lives.  

Seeing results

The positive effect of “changing” how you think can be used deliberately on purpose.

Yes, Positive Thinking is free. You do not pay cash for it.  

This is a strange set of skills for some of you.  Others seem to be born with the ability to harness this power.

If you think that you will not be able to control how you think, you will not be able too.  Try all you want.  You will never develop to the skill level needed to feel confident in your ability. 

It is not a “spell” that you conjure up  

However, it will seem almost magical to those who are unaware of how hard you worked on these skills in the beginning. 

What is your mind talk telling you now?  Is it saying “What a bunch of garbage.” 

Or are the voices inside your head saying a different thing?Positive qoutes as your self defense weapon secrets 

Maybe they are interested in finding out a little more.  Even if you never accept the idea that you can improve your life by changing your thoughts, just remain curious.  

Don’t cheat yourself

In a world where the facts can be shown to line up whatever way you want them too, stay open to the idea.  Let yourself read.  Think about it and read some more. 

There are some things that I rejected as not true or real.  On further study and reading, I understood more. 

This did not mean I had to “buy” the idea.  Or try to make use of it in my life.  However, more often I will admit that I abandoned the new ideas.

Abanded wanting to improve my self-talk.  Left it behind before really thinking through what I was learning.  Never got to the point of putting them into practice.

Then one day I was a retired senior citizen

Naturally, with my reading, this idea and concept of life popped up more often.  By now I could readily admit that mind-talk was powerful stuff.

If I could see a benefit to me, a retired senior citizen, I would then make the decision to work with the idea or not.

Now let’s talk about habits

The difficult part for me?  Making it a habit. 

A habit is life’s way of automation. 

Kind of like driving.  We all had our issues at first.  However, after a few years, our reflexes become automatic.  You can now drive without having to remember to stop at the corner with the stop sign. 

Your automatic self will notice the stop sign and automatically come to a stop. (hopefully)  This happened because you have done it so often before. 

Before you thought about it, made the conscious decision to watch for corners and stop signs.

Take all the appropriate actions. 

As with all habits, there has to be repetition.

You will not be ready to automatically silence the negative mind talk until you actually practice a number of times. 

This is where the affirmations and positive quotes will serve you well. 

When you have some good positive thoughts sitting in reserve in your mind it is easier to slide one of them in when needed. 

I did not have any to start with.   When I first began to be aware of the strong effect that much of my self-talk had on me.

Are you aware of your mind-talk

Here is an example of how negative mind talk was working against me. (please excuse the use of my own, it is all I know for a fact) 

I am trying to present a very honest hands-on report of this power of this new way of thinking. 

Anyhow, I have a routine to handle the household chores.  We are retired, remember.  This is pretty light duty compared to what other times in my life have been. 

Every 6-8 days I like to take up all the throw rugs and shake them.  

Clean the floors. 

Sometimes this is really needing doing, according to the weather and how much company we have had.  

I would get up on the day this chore list happened to fall, and have a real pity party.  I would think about how bad I did not want to do this.  How much energy it takes.  What hard work it is.  How no one appreciated my efforts. 

You know all the self-pity thoughts.

Identify what is happening

Was this what I worked all those years for?  Retired to spend all my time cleaning? 

You have had your pity party, you know the way it goes.  I would sometimes develop a headache.  Start feeling much too bad to clean. 

Finally one day it dawned on me what I was doing.  I already was working on a mind talk concept in another part of my life.  I already knew that I needed to be armed with the affirmations to slide in place when I caught what was going on.

You have to start exercising your positive mindset.  

I started remembering how happy we were when we found our house one day in the real estate listings.

Our first time through the house, we were really impressed with the house.  However, it was priced above our high limit.  We just could not see the $30,000 more being an option. 

The owners could not see themselves accepting less. 

So another year went by and the house was still on the market when we got really serious about this retirement move. 

Another walk through.  Good news.  The price had been dropped a bit. 

But still out of our range.  Our counter offer met with another lower selling price.  We were able to stretch a bit to the new price and the rest is history.

This time it worked

I fell in love with the place.  Loved opening the window blinds each morning and being able to see outside from all rooms in the house.  

Enjoyed the grey-white tile that went throughout.  The clean lines. Uncluttered and neat.   Just the right size for downsizing in retirement. 

As I went over this in my mind, all of a sudden I no longer dreaded the cleaning. The joy in having our own retirement home. 

I regained the pleasure in seeing it clean and shining again.  Suddenly there was pleasure in fluffing the rugs, dusting. 

Making our home a treasure to care for.

I had weapons to fight with nowPositive quotes as your self defense weapon inproves your chances

When I find the old mind talk sneaking in, I have a great picture in my mind to smother out that negative stuff. 

This picture makes me feel good.  Makes me smile even now as I am typing this description about it. 

Keeping house has regained its source of pleasure and pride.  I love having an orderly home.  I love knowing I did it.  So for me, a source that produces joy and happiness has been restored.

I just needed to remind myself

Since then I have used this method of improving other parts of my personal world that were not so good. 

I let doubts filter in occasionally about learning how to use the marketing tools to grow my website.  There are many questions that come up that make me doubt my ability. 

However, I have improved and learned.  A senior citizen can learn new skills. As a retired individual, I can keep improving.  Keep growing my market reach. 

I am not retarded, but a proud retired senior citizen living in a wonderful time.  One who is improving her retirement life every day.  No longer do I have to settle for a boring life during retirement. 

Continuing to learn and grow. 

Continue meeting and interacting with marketers worldwide.  Those voices in my mind are no longer telling me I am too old to learn. 

Now, I hear instead, the positive statements reminding me I can.  The proof is I have. This success will continue.  How will you spend your retirement days?Positive quotes as your self defense weapon of choice

What are your voices in your mind telling you? 





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