Power Of Positive Thinking Techniques For Your Retirement Years

Power Of Positive Thinking Techniques

Have you taken the time to think through this power of positive thinking techniques for your retirement years?Power of Positive thinking techniques for your retirement

Your retirement years?  It is important to use the tools you have at your disposal to make the most out of your retirement. 

No one else is responsible for how successful your retirement life is.  Or is not.  You may have some well-wishers along the way.  You may have those that share some encouragement.

Retirement time

However, in the end, if you want a great retirement life, you have to step up to the plate and make this time the best it can be.

Sometimes it is not just about the money you have saved.  The fantastic investments you have put away.  Sometimes the success or failure is based on how you handle the little things.

The fact that your social life has changed.  Have you allowed yourself to become socially isolated?  What are you doing about that? Have you planned some new activities to produce the social contact you once got from work?

Then we add the fact that you are bored without the challenge of work related issues in your life.  This is one reason that having an arsenal of positive thinking techniques ready to be used can make life better.

It is easy to be happy and content when things are going well, but what about that day everything falls apart?  

What is your defense

Having a thought like “It’s not the load, but the way you carry it that makes the difference.” (Lou Holtz)   This is a simple way of helping yourself.

A good positive quote can help you work through the day.  

This is a better way to start to solve the problems.  Better than to allow a more negative pattern to start.  How many days have you lost to negative thinking?

Are you tired of the negative holding this much power over you?  This is such a no-win situation.  Every day is not going to be perfect.  

However,  you can take a giant step to improving the whole thing by thinking more positively.  When something unplanned or unwanted happens, which path will you choose?  

Our life habits

Have you allowed yourself to create some negative habits?  Like self-talk that is full of statements that are put downs?     

Are you saying bad things about yourself?  

If you allow these negative thoughts to pop out of your mouth, they can become very self-damaging.  How often has a minor bump or spill overflowed into a major force in the day?

Was it because you allow yourself to feel “unlucky” or “picked” on.  As a normal rule, you are hardest on yourself.  Much harsher than others would be. A mind that is full of negative thoughts that rise to the top of your awareness will make things worse, not better. 

If you are not careful, a minor event can ruin a whole day or even week.  Get on top of this habit by having some positive thoughts in your mind.  Fill your mind with them.

When there is an event and you catch your mind popping out all these negative thoughts, you can turn it around with a positive thought.  You are in control of your mind, even if you did not know it.  

Do not allow the negative to thrive in your head.  With the research results, modern technology has made available for evaluation, we know that negative thinking produces the negative living.

Minor changesPower Of Positive Thinking Techniques

“Falling is how you grow.  Staying down is how you die.”  (Brian Vaszily).  Remembering this simple fact will put in control of your retirement happiness. 

The power of positive thinking books often will share with you, the reader the ability to improve their life. 

Have you made the most of these powerful reading materials?   Do you know how to use one of the “Power Of Positive Thinking’s” most powerful secrets? Not allowing those negative thoughts to take root.  

The power of a vision board.

The vision board comes to mind when thinking along this line of helping oneself.  Have you ever prepared one for yourself?  

When I was younger, and first stumbled on the powerful line of thought, I knew it was powerful.  This positive thinking was definitely the right approach to life.  However, my actions were not always positive.

Like most young people, I had no patience.  There was the desire for short time periods. Yes, I made a vision board.  A good supply of many positive thinking quotes was right on the tip of my tongue.  

What didn’t I have?  Was the realization of the truth and accuracy of one of Mom’s most repeated sayings, “Rome was not built in a day.”  I tried to change my whole world in one big swoop.  

I had not recognized the accumulative power of many small changed habits.  I set myself up for failure by taking on too much at one time.

How many of this type of remarks can you remember from growing up?   Even from those days of sadly growing older? 

All the wisdom Mom tried to share just was not allowed to take root.  What did I realize while reading in the Power Of Positive Thinking?  It became apparent that this was a better path.

All said, the more positive your thinking, the more positive your outcome.

The Power of Positive Thinking, Peale

So naturally, to me, when I was younger, that meant “the more you think about the better results, you will sooner see those better results.”  This happens if everything you think is positive. What about when the negative slips in, which will happen as you learn.

I am glad to say, this is partially true.  The more is more.  By and large, the results for me was a more positive thinking way of life.  However, the part about Rome not being built in a day, well that took longer. There were just too many things to change to get it done in one day or week. 

There were just too many things to change to get it done in one day or week. 

This is where it dawned on me that a vision board is an individual thing.  All these people you see online who are suggesting using a vision board think differently from me. 

Some may be able to fill this “dream board” with dozens of pictures.  Then visualizing themselves living the life depicted in the pictures.  Others of us get too derailed with all the how’s and why’s, and never get to the actual doing. 

Sadly being one of those, I was retired before I realized I could make things happen for myself. 

By then, I had shaped a career or two along the way.  I did not know my own inner strength.  

Now that some time has been taken to study the results of actions, I realize I can do things.  Maybe not as fast as others can, but I can do things.  “It is a dead end street to wait around for someone to tell you that you are O K.” (M. Pitt)

Doing things 1 at a timePower Of Positive Thinking Techniques

That is when the simple approach to “image boards” became a better one for me. Where are you on your retirement journey?

I can see my life better, one stage at a time.  What about you?  Would less be more?  When you read the “How To” guides, do you feel overwhelmed?  Take it slower.  Just because you do not feel comfortable with the all or nothing approach, do not just sit still.  

Would accomplishing one thing at a time be a better route?  Do you get confused with the right move for you when faced with so many decisions? 

Getting in control of one facet of my retirement life at a time has brought so much more result.  There is more accomplishment, less frustration. 

Have you learned to accept a lesser life than what you really want?  You can reverse this for yourself.  Flood your mind and life with positive thoughts.  Decide to work on one thing at a time. 

You will be surprised at how different the results are.  When we get too carried away with trying to do everything there is not enough energy to last long enough to accomplish much.  

I can make sure the habit of making the bed before the 2nd cup of coffee each day.  Now, I do not find my bed unmade is I decide a nap would be good.  It is all fresh and smooth, ready to have a quick nap.

Do you need to get a healthier diet?  What about starting with breakfast? Clean up your diet one step at a time.  You now have time to do it.  Don’t attempt to change too much at one time.  Work on breakfast for a month.

Then work on lunchtime

You will make more actual progress, but taking one step at a time.  The long term goal is a healthy diet.  Take a step at a time.  Work on lunch time for a month.  You will soon have a full day of healthy eating.  Folks, this stuff is doable, it just needs an effort from you.  

Folks, this stuff is doable, it just needs an effort from you.  A sensible approach. 

The same is true of exercise.  

If you attempt a whole new life every hour of every day of your life?  

This is a strong and helpful tool to improve your retirement years. Now for getting started.  

Read a positive thinking book

The positive thinking books need to be by your chairside.  You can pick up one and read and think a bit about how to make your life better. 

Your vision board?  A short amount of time seeing yourself in a happier frame of mind with a plan for living your retirement years is a good visual for your vision board.  

What are your dreams for this time in your life?

 Do you want to write a book?  Own your on business online? 

Do you want a healthier body?  We are going to have days go by anyhow, why not try adding a power of positive thinking technique to make your body healthier?  One task, one chore, one positive thought at a time?

Have you taken the time to think through this power of positive thinking techniques for retirement?  Your retirement?  

It is important to use the tools you have at your disposal to make the most power of positive thinking techiquesout of your retirement.  






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