Retirees Are You Too Old To Have A Future?

Retirees Are you too old to have a future?  

Well, are you?  As a Retiree Are you too old to have a future?  Retirees Are you too old. Lady on park bench

Your future is set in stone.  Well, it will be if you are not active in guiding its direction.  

New to being retired?  Have you found a routine for your days that you enjoy?   

One that you had dreamed of while you were still working?  

Your future

Is it working out as you had planned?  

If you did, you probably planned for this time of retirement.   You knew what you would spend you days doing.  Have you found your plan had a few Uh-Ohs?  A few events hat were not included in the plan?  

Your actions today will determine your future.  If you sit back and allow someone else to plan your days, they may not contain the time for what is important to you.  

Time is passing

Next year you will be a year older, but the retirement ideas will still be a dream.  No closer to reality than they were this year.  

Or you can make a plan and get to work on your retirement dreams.  Remember those dreams that you once had about this time in your life?  

For the time when you were not working every day?  Those dreams can become real when you plan.  

Plan for what is important to you.  

So- You have your future set in stone?  

Or is the plan still forming?  

If you did nothing to plan for the days during this time here is a news flash. Your future is happening right now.  You are living your future.  

Is it what you wanted?  If not, what needs to happen?  How can you make your future happen?

What is next?

You are not too old to take hold of your life.   It is not too late to figure out how you want to spend this time.  

Make a plan that allows you to have some of the time to do what is important for your future.  Otherwise, someone else will assume control of your days.

Maybe they will be happy, but will you? Surely there is a compromise that can be reached that will work for everyone.

What will your plan hold?Retirees are you too old for a future Positive quote

Those dreams can become real when you plan.  

Plan for what is important to you.  

So- You have your future set in stone?  Or is the plan still forming?  

If you did nothing to plan for the days during this time your future is happening right now. You are living your future.  

What does your future look like?

Is it what you wanted?  What needs to happen to make the real dreams come true?  

What is needed for this?  How can you make it happen?  

But you don’t want to be busy?  You want to do nothing.  It is OK if that is what you choose. 

I could offer a guide to more successful days that are more fulfilling for you. But then it would be “Sami’s wish list” being fulfilled.  Works for me, but what about for you? 

Are you new at this retirement stuff? Not accustomed to having days that are free of scheduled work responsibilities.  

A truth about retirement time

The time will soon acquire a design of it’s on.  Unless you guide the time a bit, you will find yourself bound into a routine that was not your choice.  It will not bring you the pleasure and joy that could be there. 

Sure we all have chores that have to be attended to.  Daily maintained chores to keep the household running smoothly.

It is not fun or pleasant to spend your days in an untidy home where the grass needs cutting, the floors need attention.  The laundry piled up.  No groceries in the kitchen. 

There will be some chores.  Develop a plan to keep this stuff going.  You want to be about the processes of living in this wonderful retirement time you are in.

I have never learned to make things happen by “twitching” my nose.

After years of keeping house and building a career and life, I know there are some things that have to be attended to. 

It is up to you to build a life that is full of clutter if that is what you want.  To go for clutter free if that is your choice. 

There are many things that you do as you live your life.  You either learn early to be in control of your home, or it will control you. 

That is a decision that you make either consciously or accidently.  The good news is that you can change this on purpose.  It may take a bit of time, but it can be done. 

Often a well- meaning spouse will cater to you, or you to them. The end result is a clutter filled living space.  You may prefer a streamlined clean look. 

Most of us find ourselves with something in the middle of these two places.

Is it time for a change

You will be doing what you did last week, last month, and last year.  Why?  Because your future is created from your past. 

Did you make a life plan?  Did you act on this plan?  If you did, you are seeing a life decided by your past actions. retirees are you too old The first step positive quote

That is why it is so important to take control of your future and start directing it right now to how you want it to go. 

If you are happy with how your days are going right now, good for you.  You have probably made some moves to improve your life. 

What have you done to go to the next level of good life?  The next level of being happy with your retirement?

If a boring not fun plan for your days is what you find yourself living, it probably happened before you were aware that you could change things. 

Now you know that you can make changes.  What steps will you take to make time in your life for both helping out with life’s’ maintenance as well as having time for those things you really want to do?

What is your plan

Most of you need to make a concrete plan for how you want to spend your retirement time. 

This is how the other, unfun stuff happened to start with.  You did not fill your time, and soon someone filled it for you. 

It is as simple as that. 

How do you prepare a plan for what you want to do? 

First of all, define what you want to do.  Until you know why you are wanting to have time, you will need a plan for how to use it. 

Otherwise, the whole thing will remain a “wish.” 

The What do you want to do? You have to figure that out.  

Once you have a plan for what you want to do, then the where and how seem to take care of themselves. 

How to decide what you want to do? 

Few of you will actually know what you want to clear your time for, exactly. 

You may think you would like time in the shop part of the garage to “build something.” 

You will need to decide exactly what you want to build.  Otherwise, you may do all the work to arrange your time and area to “build something.”  Then nothing happens.  

You will need to decide what you want to build to get it done. If you don’t have a plan, you will just sit in the shop and not get a project done.  You will have an idea, just not a real idea, or plan.

Importance of a plan

I am not a shop or woodworker, but I have a craft area that houses a sewing machine and supplies to do things.  If I do not have a “plan”  I might as well go to the back deck and set out there. 

I will not get anything done.  Trtirees are you too old Positive quote Mark Hansen When you know clearly

A plan that is something I really want to do is the starting point of the project for me. 

Here you will find a very generic guide to help you make a plan. 

I know it will be useful in getting started to becoming in control of your life. 

Making your life into something you have dreamed about is easier to do than you think.  A plan lets you see the whole picture.  

Are you ready to plan

What has to change to be able to “work” the plan?  There must be action.

 If you want to travel, you need a map.  Some ideas where you want to go.  

What will you do when you get there?  How will you pay for this travel?  When will you go? How will you go?  Who will go with you?  

What will you take with you?  

You need a plan.  

A plan will allow you to look at your life and correct the parts that are not going well.

Planning requires some thought, as well as some time.  

What else are you doing?  Why not get this done?  Make a few small changes to make your retirement dreams come true?  

Is the money not there to make your dreams come true?  

What about creating an online business to help this out?

 Check out this learning center and see what you think.  You can enroll for free.  Then decide if this is your interest, or not.  

I love being a member here, and the continual updates to keep me aware of the changes in the marketplace.  This may make your days more fun too.  

If this is not for you, find something to hold your interest and make your life more fun.  

Retirement lasts a long time.  

How will you spend your golden years?  Check out this suggestion for your golden years.  These retirees may be older than you but they have a plan!Signature for Retirees, are you too old

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