Retirement Advice: Live With Intention During Retirement

Retirement Advice:  Live With Intention During Retirement

Will you use this retirement advice? Live with intention during retirement? Retirement advice live with intention

Do you know the full power you have over your retirement?  First, think about this retirement idea.  Where did your retirement ideas come from?  Was it a long time off out in the future? Then snuck up on you one night?  

Too many of us think we are preparing for this time in our lives.  But you won’t get there for a while.  You think you only need to plan for finances, not daily life.

We won’t need to plan

The daily life will take care of itself.  After we no longer have to work. 

Well, guess what?  This is true.  Retirement days will develop on their own if you do not exert control.  You will find yourself spending the day doing what others want you too.    

You could find yourself doing nothing.  

Sitting like a blob in front of the T V.  Day after day. 

Sure you want to enjoy life.  Do what you want to.  And you have earned the right to do nothing.   If that is what you really want to.  One word of

One word of warning.  You will not have as happy a retirement time if you do this.  

At least take control of your life and live it, doing nothing on purpose. 

Do nothing intentionally. 

So many retirees just drift through this wonderful time in their lives.  Not ever really doing anything they want to do.  Trying to make others happy by doing what they want to. 

Have you considered for yourself what you want? 

How so you want to spend your days in retirement? 

Did you ever look yourself in the mirror and say I want to do nothing in retirement?  

I want to do nothing all day long every day. 

This is how I am going to live my next 20 years doing nothing. 

Living this way because I intend to do so.  Waited all my working years to sit and do nothing.

For the next 20 or 30 years.

That choice is up to you

You can do that. 

I do not think you would be reading this if that is what you wanted.  By reading this you are telling me you will be reading because you do want to live your retirement life doing what you want to do. 

Sometimes you do not know what you want to do during retirement. 

When you have worked so long and so hard and now you can’t or don’t have to do that anymore.

What do you do? 

So what is this stuff of “living life with intent?” 

How do you do it? 

First the definition of living your life with intent:

Where in this small town in Texas does one search for some help with figuring out how to live life with intent? So what about the guy who runs the rock shop here in town? 

He seems to spend a respectable bit of time sitting out front of his store reading, visiting with whoever stops and chats. Retoreemt advice liv intentionaly during retirement

He seems to be enjoying his life in general.  I suppose he might be retirement age.  His main purpose with the shop is to attract those who are interested in rocks.  That makes people who have the same interest he does stop by on purpose. 

He keeps up with what is happening with the part of the world around this part of the world that is involved in learning about rocks.  And where the action for this science is. 

The scientific study of rocks: Petrology.  

When adding in the study of the minerals or ores that make up the rocks, you get Geology. (according to Google.com) 

So as a portion of the study of Geology there are a number of people who are interested in the different aspects of this science.  There are a couple of areas to pan for gold along the Llano River, that runs through our little town.

He sells some basic equipment for gold panning.  I am sure there are supplies for other ways of checking out the natural resources in our area, as well as samples of different ores and deposits. 

His knowledge keeps growing.  So this man has a very interesting way to do what he likes to do.  He is living his life by intent.

What is your intent? 

Often when you get to the end of the day you might have your chores checked off.  Yes, that makes you feel good but sometimes it is an empty feeling.  All the chores did not lead to what is important to your purpose.  Of course, you can’t live every moment of

All the chores did not lead to what is important to your purpose.  Of course, you can’t live every moment of

Of course, you can’t live every moment of every day with an intentional purpose.  You can plan to have more time in the on purpose zone with attention to what you want. 

You can plan to have more time in the “on purpose zone” with attention to what you want.  No, we can’t all have a purpose driven life every waking moment of your day.  There is support work that must happen to allow you to have more time that is purpose driven.

So how do I move to a purpose led life?

Is your purpose is to ride motorcycles?  You have a life that is full of all kinds of activities that do not leave time to plan, ride and maintain the cycles?  

This may not be realistic.   

Having all your friends from an avid group of tennis players will ensure solitary rides. 

You will need to “purposely” add friends who are interested in motorcycles as well. 

Like to fly model planes?  Friends who also enjoy this sport will add to the pleasure you will get from having time to do this.

This can be done

You can take control, and make choices that will enable you to have more time to grow your interests and develop your knowledge.  In

In retirement time you can easily get mired down in helping others.  This is a wonderful thing.   If it is what brings you pleasure. 

Makes you feel good about who and what you are.  

Live your life with intention and purpose.  Then along the way, sure you will have time to do what the wife or husband wants to do. 

Retirement is a sizable chunk of time in your lifetime. 

Those of you who are blessed by a longer life can life it more fully. 

Take control.  Give some thought to what is important to you. 

Figure out how to pay attention to this need for a purpose.

There are few parts of your life that cannot be better. 

Your past is one of them. So spending your retirement time thinking about what you could have done.  What you wish you had done. Even what you should have done.  That is past.  

This is now  

Think about it.  Make a list of what is important to you.  Get started working towards you “Happier Retirement” 

This is something you must do for yourself.  You cannot have a happy time in retirement if you are not paying attention to what is important to the others that are affected. 

Your spouse may be accustomed to planning your life for you.  

A disruption will be uncomfortable for both of you.  At least for a while. 

As you figure out how both of you can be happy with retirement.   Live your life with more purpose. 

Anything that has become a comfortable life will be a bit difficult to change.  However, the purpose in your day and your mental attitude makes it worthwhile.

It is time to plan

Get out your pencil and paper.  Get your list going of what your purpose is.  The things that will bring more meaning to your days.

It is your retirement time.  What will you do with it? 

I thought I knew what I wanted to do with my retirement years. 

Once the biggies were done, there were some long boring days. 

Now what. 

I finally gave up signed up for an online course to learn to build an online business.  Now I had a purpose.  I had something I wanted to do every morning. 

New things to learn.  Meet new people.  This was my purpose. The rest of my life fills in around this main interest. 

I am a very happy retired senior citizen.Retirement advice get started on your plan. A home office for me 

I do not have to settle for being content. 

What can you do to make your retirement life better?  

You may have a “rock store” in your future.  My store is full of ideas to help seniors citizens to a better life in retirement.  What would you have in your store?

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