Retirement Bucket List

Retirement Bucket List

Do You have your  retirement bucket list of ideas?  You do have a bucket list for retirement, don’t you?  Well, what are you waiting for?

Ok, let’s start with the basics.  Do you know what a bucket list is?  Google says this:  “A number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplishments during their lifetime.”Retirement bucket list

Having a retirement bucket list is a way to have some excitement in your life.  

Have a plan for doing something that is a bit out of your usual comfort zone.  

We all need something to look forward to.  You are never too old to dream.  Having a dream.  A goal to pull you forward. To work towards. 

Some retirees feel that when they quit work, they can begin to live. 

They can do all the things that they wanted to do.  Things they could not take part in due to work.  

If you have planned your retirement you may have the funds to do any of the retirement bucket list ideas that you had.  If you have planned a retirement-savings, you have found the power of a plan.

You may be able to take a 3-month cruise.  

You may get to spend a month at a time in some exotic location.  

Spend the winters skiing, the summers on tropical islands.  Or maybe some cool mountain area.

You may be able to take the time to explore interests that you have developed in your life.  

You should travel and enjoy as long as your funds can afford.  

However, in the here and now of the real world.   We usually find a limited opportunity.  Limited time to be able to live the bucket list lifestyle. 

Most of the time, money limits living this way for very long.  

However, you can plan and look forward to some realistic bucket list type of activities.    Did you  plan?  Save?  

Can you pay your bills and live your life with a little comfort?  

You can plan to have some of the excitement of the bucket list planning. 

Your list may not include signing up for a trip to the moon.  

However, you might travel by train to the west coast.  Go up to the Canadian border.    

Have you called Amtrack and gotten a price?   The  schedule?  That bucket list will not plan itself.  

You will have to help   

The importance of goals   

Making things happen for yourself is apparent.  

Amtrack will not call and see if you are interested.  

The Photography class will not hold the enrollment deadline just for you. 

Taking a cruise will not happen if you do not decide what you want to do. 

Maybe you have an existing relationship with a travel agency.   They will remind you of what is coming up.   You expressed interest in the activity.  

However, you will probably need a sheet of paper and a pencil to get this started.  Retirement bucket list

How to plan your bucket list

You can create some short-term goals, some mid-term goals as well as some long-term goals.  

Let’s start with the long-term goals. 

You will need a sheet of paper and a pencil.  Don’t skimp on this  (Use a big sheet}

Take 10 minutes and write down what you would like to do, now that you are retired.  If money were no object.  

 10 minutes watch the clock.

You are retired now!  Let your imaginations run free.  You do remember how to do that?

Now spend 10 minutes, and a new sheet of paper. 

List activities that you might afford if you worked at it. 

We are going to call those mid-term goals.  

Now let’s get another sheet and  take 10 minutes. 

List things you would enjoy.  Things that you can afford.   But just have not taken time for since you retired.

Lay the 3 lists aside and go about your day.

Day 2 of planning retirement bucket list

Take  the lists out and look at them.  Do you want to add something on one of the lists?  Cross one off?  Now is the time to do that.  

Lay the lists aside.

Day 3 of working on the retirement bucket list

Look at lists and revise if needed.  By now you have erased or crossed off and added too here and there.

Day 4 and planning the retirement bucket list.

Revisit the lists.  Getting any new ideas?  Refining  the initial list?  There are so many options.

Day 5 of revising the retirement bucket list

This is the day to begin to select the item that should be top of the bucket list.   

Which item has a time limit?  Limited access?  Which one is so far out of reach that you know you will never be able to do it?  

Again you will need clean sheets of paper.  

Put the one item that is the most important to you on top of the lists.

Now start listing the ones from the long term list in the order of importance to you.  Not someone else, but to you. 

Take out the mid-list and list in importance on another sheet.  

Then the short term ones that you could do today, if you would, or tomorrow.

Take a few minutes and review this list.  

This is your new goal sheet.  

This is the list to be planning your days from.  The days for retirement.  

Will you be able to get the preparations going for the top item on your list?  What needs to happen to do this?  

Do you need to update your passport?  Will you need to do some clothes shopping?  

Will you need to be very thrifty for the next few weeks to be able to finance this?  Or even for months? 

 It will be worth it to get to do that top item.    Will you need to get some responsibilities shifted?  Line up someone to feed the bird?  Get a part time job?

Make your plan, and get things started  

You may need to cut some corners for the next several weeks to afford this top entry on your bucket list.   The sooner you start, the sooner you get to accomplish and experience this goal.  

When you know the reward, the sacrifice along the way is not as hard.

Make sure this goal has all the parts of the plan in place.  

Make sure details are attended to.  

This is your bucket list.  You do not want issues because the planning was not complete.    

Now move on to the midterm goals and do the same thing. 

Arrange in order of importance.  

Make your plan.  If you need to wait till the other list is complete, that is O K.  

This extra time will give you time to see the places you did not plan.  Get this sheet of goals going.  

Then you have the short term goals.   

You might go ahead and actually accomplish one or more of these.  Have some variety in your life while working towards the top lists.  

You will be surprised at the difference a piece of paper and a pencil make when planning your goals.  

Writing the lists.  Writing out the plan.  Thinking through the process.

There is some serious Mojo here.  

I do not understand the power at work here. 

 I just know it works while I sleep.  I think it will for you if you will follow the steps.  

Get your plan working.  It does not matter if others do not understand how this works, just give it a try.

Here are some of the top listings on bucket lists from a recent survey:

  • Sight-seeing   
  • Getting a 2nd home abroad
  • Cruises
  • Visit the great wall of China
  • R V across the US, east to west, north to southretirement bucket list 3
  • Spend time with Grandchildren
  • Learn Photography
  • Take classes of all sorts- education, history, how to
  • Spend a month in Alaska
  • Take yoga classes
  • Tour Hollywood
  • Take technology classes
  • Write a novel
  • Write a cookbook
  • Have a garden
  • Study and research history of your state
  • Go on a safari
  • Move to the beach for a month
  • Volunteer
  • Buy a sport’s car
  • Learn to ride a Harley
  • Learn to play a musical instrument  
  • Read all the works of your favorite authors  
  • Join a retirement drama group
  • With so many options, you can start to work, getting your bucket list going.  

The momentum of the bucket list is a fun way to spend some of your retirement time.  It can happen for you.

Think money is too tight to be able to afford to dream?  

What about working part time?  

Working in retirement for a special retirement bucket list dream?  This makes working so much easier to do.  

You may not enjoy working to keep a roof over your head.  However to take a special trip.  That is different.

Do not allow these special opportunities to escape.  

If money is really tight, you can still plan and have a special bucket list of goals as well.  

Maybe your budget will only allow a bus ride across town to a special event.  Or a special place to tour through. 

Plan the trip  

Research what is there.  The history of the place or event.  What time do you need to be there?  Pack your peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Get the sunscreen.  

Prepare so that there is nothing to mar the day.  

You are prepared for YOUR Day  

The day you experience some retirement bucket list accomplishments.

If you are like most of us, we do not take the time to enjoy the special things right under our noses.  Things that people come from miles away to enjoy.  

Who knows, something like this might could happen next week.  Or next month.  You do not know till you plan.

It is your life

You can live the retirement years with your glass half empty, or half full.  

Chose the life plan that works for you.

When we have our 4-year-old grandson to visit we have found that it takes very little.   

We can make a trip to a neighborhood park a real treat.  We talk about it.  We talk about what we want to do when we get there.  

We may pack a snack.  He enjoys putting ice in his water jug.  Yes. we could just go to the park.  Or we can plan, think about and get excited about the event.  Have a real special treat.  The choice is yours.

Your life can be fun as well. 

You just need to learn to enjoy it. 

Sometimes you have lived your whole life without learning.  Learning what?  

How to enjoy the good things that you have.  

You are so concentrated on what you do not have.   

This is a choice.  

One you make.  

You can choose to live differently.  

You can have the best time of your life when you are retired.   Please show me what Sami’s list had on it! retirement bucket list

Allow yourself to be present in your days.  

Allow yourself to live with happiness.

Smile for no reason.  

Blaze new trails for yourself.   

And please, get going on your plan for your retirement bucket list.  

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  1. Terry,
    Thanks for commenting.
    Retirement is a scary time of life when you stop and think about it.
    Especially when entered without proper planning!
    I am sure I am not the only one who got this far along and discovered so many adjustments to make!
    Part of the blessing of having a site is that I get to record the strange events I find in my life? This allows me to Be able to work out better solutions!
    Being able to deal with the whole question so much more to my benefit!
    What a win-win situation!
    Good luck with the business you have created for yourself. Helping people is so rewarding!
    Finding a supportive network is so valuable!

  2. Hi Sami!
    Before I kick the bucket, it would sure be nice to kick around in some of the beautiful travel destinations you bring to mind. The thing I really like is that you can build your retirement income, and get way closer to realizing the dream, by joining The Wealthy Affiliate, as I have!
    Speaking of a ‘destination’, this internet marketing education resource is by far the safest, most secure, and pressure-free spot to learn…and it’s FREE!:)
    And learning new skills, as you point out, will make the glass half-full for us, for sure!:)

    Thanks for your great information and inspiration,
    All the BEST:)

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