Retirement Dreams Or Retirement Concerns For Baby Boomers


Retirement Dreams or Retirement concerns for Baby Boomers.

What did you start retirement with?  Some retirement dreams or retirement concerns for baby boomers?  Must admit that I did.  Had some of both.  However, retirement dreams can become retirement concerns quickly.Retirement Dreams of Retirement Concers For Baby Boomers

For some reason, my thoughts were that when a person reached retirement age all the questions of life would suddenly have an answer.  

I knew that retirement time was unchartered territory for many of you. However, for some reason, I also thought there would not be so many unanswered questions.  

Questions about what to do when you got up in the morning.  You would just automatically know with this new wisdom of retirement.  

Yes, it was a daydream.  Did you really think you would not still be a work in progress?

You would be retired, so just the fact that you no longer had to go to work would be enough, wouldn’t it?  It obviously has not been that long since I believed in fairy tales.  How about you?  Are you a masterpiece yet?


Well, in the harsh light of the actual reality for a year or two of retirement this was nice. But, so far cleaning house was the thing I found had to be repeated too often.  Everything else was done in between household chores and helping with the yard. 

Great to have the time to actually do these chores, but boring after a while.  Sorting and weeding out clutter?  Is good to get done, but you reach a limit of how long you can hang in there with these things.

The real blessing

Getting to spend time with the family?  Now that was a bonus.  That was the real treat of the retirement time.  Better than not going to work.  Still the most fun and desirable. 

However, as with most families, they live at a faster pace than I can keep up with comfortably.  I soon need some time to rest. 

Besides they are young and raising families.  They have lives to lead.  Work to attend.  Things they like to do.  So, finding an interest became very important for me.  

Google time

Online, most retirement sites I found were for investing for retirement, which is important.  It was just not that time in my life. 

The ever-present desire to have an online business led me in the urge to search for a way to make this happen.  

Found it

Slow for sure but having something new to learn. 

Rediscovering how to study. 

Yes, this project has changed all that for me.  The days are no longer never-ending and boring.  There is not a need to try to find something I want to do to fill the time.  My purpose is strong.  Always pushing me to get the work done. 

It is not hard work.  I do enjoy doing it.  

However, still, everywhere I go I see other senior citizens who are just trudging through the grocery store.  Eating out.  Heads down, not happy.  Not living full lives that make them happy.  The time hangs heavy on their hands. 

When I visit with any of them, few seem excited about their days.  What they are doing.  Where they are going.  How they are spending their time.  

The neighborhood

I would like you to meet our next door neighbors, Peggy and Roy. This couple is such a good example of people living their retirement lives full of energy with activities they enjoy. 

They are very active in their church. 

There is a small business they enjoy.  Redoing furniture for resale in a  Market Place Event one weekend a month.  Peggy has a small business set up with sales in e-bay.  Roy likes antique tools and keeps some listed for sale on e-bay himself that were purchased at yard sales. 

They are busy scouring the countryside for items to work with in both these interests.  They are involved and stay busy.

 Have you misplaced your dreams?  Those dreams you had for retirement?

The other side of the streetretirement dreams or retirement concerns for baby boomers

The lady who lives on down the street is not so fortunate.  Her name is Beth.   Her husband passed away earlier in life than they had planned for.  She had just barely retired. 

They had not developed a hobby or interest beyond working.  She has been widowed for 10 years now and when asked about how she is, will quickly assure you she is fine. 

Then under her breath to herself will add “for an old lady who is used up and tired and bored.”  

Nothing to do. 

No reason to get busy each day living a full life.  Beth just sits on the front porch and watches when the crew comes to care for her yard. 

She does not get involved in doing anything.  Will not cook for herself as “cooking for one is so difficult.” 

Beth does not keep herself groomed as “there is no one to see her or who cares.” 

Her son has quit dropping by when he can to take her to lunch. Beth is never dressed.  

May still be in her robe mid afternoon. Getting ready to do anything is not on her list. She needs to have a warning that something is coming up.  

Life sneaks up on you

Being ready to get out? In this part of the world, dress codes are very relaxed.  Running a brush through her hair, a fresh shirt, and she can go anywhere around here.  

Beth has chosen to let her life be so meaningless. She has plenty of savings. Could have chosen to find another way to live her life when she was widowed. 

Beth chose to be sad and unhappy.  How did she make this choice?  By not doing anything. However, when asked about her life now she will assure you that she had few choices about what to do after retirement. 

She did not know how to go about making a life that would be enjoyable.  A life that would help her make the most of her retirement years, even though there was a change in direction.

Is this how you are living your life?

Do you know people who are in this same situation? 

Are you living a full life or an unfulfilling one? 

You can make the choice to live your life full of purpose.  No, you don’t have to be bored in retirement. 

There may have to be a different direction, but you can do it.  

What next

How? By planning.  

Yes, there is a time of grieving.  Even when you do not lose a spouse, you are leaving one time in your life.  Moving to another.  

Much like when the last kid left home, things change. It may be a good change, but a change none the less.  

There are a few regrets.  A few things you would like to do over, differently. Then you move on.  There is a time to evaluate and consider what direction you might want to go.  

Choosing not to planRetirement dreams or retirement concerns for baby boomers

Beth has chosen to let her life be so meaningless. She has plenty of savings. The choice was made to not find another way to live her life when she was widowed. 

Not realizing she was choosing to be sad and unhappy. 

Beth just drifted into spending her days in the recliner.  In front of the T V. Soon it was her whole life.  

Planning can make dreams reality.  

There are other choices out there

She would benefit from some time with a personal life coach.  Someone who could help her move into a life she would enjoy.  A life that would help her make the most of her retirement years.

Do you know people who are in this same situation?  Are you living a full life or the unfulfilling one?  You can make the choice to live your life full of purpose. 

You do not have to be bored in retirement.  

How? By planning. You have a choice. 

Would an online business work for you?  There were no guarantees. 

However, this Positive Statement seemed to keep coming to mind, ” Don’t worry about failing, Worry about missing the Success.” 

This holds so true of the guide for retirement time for me now.  There was also the well-known statement “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”  This certainly describes what happened for me. 

I discovered a site to learn and build. 

The rest is history.  I have met so many people online who are helping and explaining what is happening as I have learned.  They are definitely there when this student needs them. 

What is your retirement dream?  Will an online business help you get to where you want to be?  Will you find your purpose in building an online business?  

Just make a choice.retirement dreams or retirement concerns for baby boomers

However, you chose to live your retirement years, live as you choose.  Do not allow your mindset to take you to the point that you will settle for a life that is not fulfilling.

Do you want your life to be a long walk in the park?  Plan.

A life that will not make you eager to get up and get on with the day. 

We are living in a time of longer life spans.  What will you do with your extra years?  Will retirement concerns for baby boomers or retirement dreams be the way you go?

What will you choose

Does your dream lead you to volunteer in your community? 

Help others in whatever way you can? 

Do you dream of traveling? 

Dream of learning to play a musical instrument?

Learn to cook in a different way?  You can do this.

What will you way be?

Find that dream life of your golden years.  Have a wonderful life in retirement. 

However, seldom does such a life just jump on you.  You usually will need to stake a claim to it. 

Maybe you need to plan how to make it happen.  Actually, make your life so wonderful during retirement. 

Enjoy these years you have earned.  The years you are entitled to after a lifetime of working

Then you must get on about planning. 

Have you made your plan? 

After 2 years of retirement.  In this time I rested, got good and bored, and decided enough is enough. 

Of course, I chose to build an online business.  Had the desire to have an online business for years before retirement.  

Do you want to have an online business?  I had the desire for years before being able to pursue this desire. 

Yes, I could have decided the learning curve was too steep.  The needed information too hard for this retired brain. 

However, knowing how boring retirement dreams or retirement concerns for baby boomersthe days could be. 

Having the comparison of the two sets of retirees.  This was enough to make me see what happens when one decides to not take action.  

How are you going to live your retirement?  You do have a choice.  Will you live your retirement dreams?  Or will you live your life with retirement concerns?

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