Retirement Jobs Wanted For The Unknown In Your Future!

Retirement jobs wanted for your future?  

A job for retirement that will help take care of the unknown in your future?   How will that happen?  Are you looking for retirement jobs for your future?retirement jobs for your furture

Hate to admit that I am a full-fledged member of the “I am not prepared for retirement” group.  I have been trying to determine some of the steps one could take at this late date.  maybe do a bit of catch up.

Would you like to move forward without the feelings of venerability that many feel?  In conversations or articles, it seems that there are always the questions asked about how to keep up with health care costs.  These questions are always rear their ugly heads in information about retirement and financial security.  How to take care of rising healthcare costs. 

The venerability that comes from a lack of financial planning for retirement.  

No, I’m not ready.  Have little planning.  Last minute efforts at best.  What about you?  Did you plan?  Are you ready for retirement or are you still wondering where the extra money you need each month is going to come from?

Now I am realizing how important it is to have fun as well?  Like this is supposed to just happen.  No budget for everyday expenses.  Forget the fun stuff.

Are you also just trying to get a handle on the steps to take?  Make the best of where you find yourself at this point?  

Knowledge is the best defense  

Experience has made this a true statement as well.  

As a result, have there been many hours spent looking through all sorts of ideas and suggestions?

There is so much help for this time in your life.  Lots of information about how to make this time in life easier. 

Did you think this retirement living thing just came, like Santa Claus?  You would automatically know what to do.  

You would just wake up one morning full of retirement wisdom.  What a false sense of security I had.  It doesn’t work that way.  Waking up retired one day is a frightening thing to happen to you.

Money Isn’t The Key To Happiness.

Not having enough money, is the major concern of all your working years.  This is also a concern for those who are retiring.  As well as already retired people.  

Even those who have prepared.  Make these people believe that money will ease some of their pains.  Yes, some savings and planning will make things easier.   There are still adjustments to make.

There are many interpretations of not having enough money.  

Not being able to pay for food and shelter for you and your spouse.  Or the basics you all need to be able to live a reasonable life.  Being able to stay current with electricity bills.  Having money for the other utilities.  

Maintaining a vehicle, when you live in a small town in the Texas Hill Country.  No one wants to be too broke to do these things for themselves.  

For some not being able to maintain our “lifestyle” is being broke.  

Having to rely on money from your children.  That is living broke. 

All because you did not plan for retirement/

For me, this situation was brought to my attention again this morning. 

True story

I Love to walk down by the river, prefer in the early morning.  

Never living close to a river before, it fascinates me. Nothing about growing up on a farm on the plains of Texas prepared me for this. 

Being able to walk along the river is such an unexpected blessing.  There is an ever-changing number of local residents who also walk there in the park along the river as well.  

This by chance has helped me to meet other members of this new community.  

Today, an encounter with one of my new favorites left me a bit anxious for her.  

She was very upset because her husband of many years is not well.  He is 89-years-old. He has a health condition that makes his balance not good.  

Of course, this affects their life.  His condition is supposed to be beyond treatment, and will only get worse.

Outliving your savings

She then shared another fact about her feelings of unease.  

Due to their age, they have of course been retired many years.

They are running out of money.  

Knowing that insurance rates are going up each year for them.  

Having so many health issues, they can’t be without insurance.  Already they are frightened of their health future.

Their plan was set up in the years of high-interest rates. The plan was to have interest money to supplement their retirement income.  

Of course, we all know how low interest has been for many years now.  Their savings nest egg has slowly been used up for daily living expenses.  

They have no money left 

Their retirement income isn’t sufficient for inflation rates.  

She and her husband moved to our little town in the Texas Hill Country to be nearer their daughter.retirement jobs for your future l

So, taking advise to make their money last longer,  moved to an area where the cost of living is less. They lived modestly.  Didn’t go into debt.

Saved their money.  Why was it not enough? 

There was genuine fear in her voice and eyes as we visited.  

These were God fearing, hard working, contributing members of our society  

Expecting to live out their retirement years, able to take care of themselves.  

Then 25 years down the road, what happened?  After they are older and have poor health?  Finding a retirement job for your future isn’t practical for them.

Why had their plan failed? 

How can one prepare for the unknown future when things like interest rates are beyond your control?

Of course, I am sure that a good financial planner would have advised moving some resources into other investments, not having all the savings in interest-bearing accounts. However, this is not a sure thing either.

Unfortunately, some of her concern stayed with me  

This made me know that real people are now finding themselves in trouble.  

How unsettling would this be?  To be married so long and then one day you find your spouse, an 89-year-old, whose health is failing.

The Dr. says he has offered all the help the medical field has. How can they plan at this late date?  

What can they do to make sure they are able to finish their years with a bit of dignity and independence?  

Of course, they can sell their home.  But how long will that last?  How long will their lives last?  Longer than that would support?  

Wow! What an eyeopener for me  

This will make me more aware of where my spending priorities are.  

Aware of what we’re buying that is not in our best interest?   

The tides that guide finances won’t turn in time to help this new found friend.  Even if the interest rates increase a bit, there is no money left to draw interest from.  

As a believer in the fact that everything happens for a reason, one has to believe that there is a take away in this story.  

There has to be a lesson for me, or it would not have happened.  She wouldn’t have shared her fears with me.  Our friendship is too new for her to feel comfortable talking about private issues like her finances.

So the one lesson that rings true to me?  Is to continue working with the online businesses and continue to grow them, to make sure there is a healthy stream of income to supplement our retirement savings. 

This should make us able to feel that we are making some effort to be ready.  That we are preparing for this time in our lives even though the planning came late.  Retirement jobs for your future

What is your take away from this event that has been shared with you?  

Are you as prepared as you thought you were?

Are you wondering if you too need an online business?

Do you need to supplement your retirement savings?  

Do you see yourself working in retirement?  

Have you considered retirement jobs for your future?

Looking for a part time job?  Or do you see yourself starting your online business?  

A business that allows you to spend your days doing something you love?  

Are you interested in helping people learn to have well-behaved pets?  

Sharing your love of the old wild west and the novels of this time?  

Teaching others to quilt?  

Helping the world learn about bee-keeping?  

A successful business can be built. It happens every day.

Finding one that fits you can be as easy as researching interests.  Through this interest, you can find the passion to build your own website.  Share this information online.  As the worlds largest marketplace continues to grow, the opportunities grow as well.


Sharing your interests with the world can be most rewarding.  Can this interest also help you earn income that will make you more comfortable during retirement?.  

  • Help you have money to buy Christmas and birthday gifts, without feeling the pinch. 
  • Make you able to pay for increased health care costs that happen every year with the increased insurance premiums?
  • Enjoy retirement, not be wondering if the financial ax is about to drop?
  • To live the last years of your life with dignity and purpose?

If you have no plan and are in or near retirement time, do you want one?  

  • Fund a better retirement time for you and your loved ones.  
  • Have businesses that produce incomes.  
  • Even more than one business 
  • Help your family to a sounder financial future.  
  • Teach them to have successful businesses as well? 

There is still time to build your business online  

There is an opportunity for you, here at Wealthy Affiliate.  Getting started is so reasonable.  

Come on in with a free membership. See how this training operates.   

No idea for a business? That’s alright.  When there is so much wide open world out there, there are many ideas that you can check out.

As you study and learn with the free websites, you will begin to see what you are interested in.  The things that get you excited!  

Check out the network.  Meet some wonderful people.  

Some of them are getting ready for retirement.  Others have already retired.  

Then there are young, people supporting their families online.  

There is a secret to learning to work online.  However, it can be learned.   

Please don’t misunderstand me.  This is work. It is not hard work, but there is work to be done.  You will have a reason to get up and get started every morning.  

Meet some of the people who have taken the first step and learned how to make money online. 

Many are making the move

They have residual income that allows them to travel.  

Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate way to make money online.  

You can have your own store online, an eBay store online.  Amazon as well. 

The opportunities are endless.  You can learn how these things are done.  

It is not too late. 

You can have retirement jobs for your future. Your future is bright with promise.

Join these members who have residual income that allows them to travel.  Do things they want to.

Here is where you can see hat I am talking about!   Don’t let money worries steal the joy of your retirement years.  Help retirement jobs for your futureyourself to a better future.  

Get started now.  



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