Retirement Living Adjustments For Happiness

Retirement Living Adjustments For Happiness  Retirement living adjustments

What retirement living adjustments for happiness have you made?

When I ask others this question, all sorts of answers are offered.  They vary from “I did not make any,” to “Ask me again please when I am happy.”  

Where are you with your retirement living adjustments?  Have you neglected to make a few changes that could make you happier?

Or are your answers in similar to the others I have received?  

So many of us.  So many answers to the same questions.  One thing I did find in common with how I was feeling was a lack of excitement.  There seemed to be few with real burning desires to do something to make them feel differently about their retirement life.  Many just seemed resigned to what is happening with them right now. 

My story

Being a planner by nature,  often resorting to writing down goals, the answer wasn’t apparent to me. I really didn’t “get it.”  I didn’t realize that I controlled my own happiness to a degree.  If life wasn’t fun, and I wasn’t happy, it was up to me to change something!

Having tried all the activities that I have since my retirement, I have finally found my retirement living adjustments activity. The one that makes me happy. Gives me something to do.

Like other retirees I find myself with lots of time to devote to the activity, and so anxious to get to this activity each morning.  Do you have that kind of excitement in your life yet? You easily can as well.  

There are many ways to be happy during retirement.  


While there has to be some sort of balance for true happiness there are also must be some benefit.  First, what does happy mean to you? 

First, what does happy mean to you?  

Is it the feeling of positivity about your daily activities? Is it a feeling of pleasure that includes feeling positive about your daily life?  

How do you feel when you think you feel good, is it proud?  Maybe a feeling of relief or being satisfied?  What about smiling and relaxing?  

You are the one who is the direct benefit of being happy. Your day goes better, and you feel positive about the outcome of your day, whether relaxing or working on a project.

Your mental state is better, your energy levels higher.  Is this how you feel about your retirement living adjustments and where you are in retirement?

If not, why not?

Can it be that you aren’t happy with your retirement living adjustments because you have decided to start something new and you haven’t taken any action?  You are still stuck at the start of a new interest you would like to pursue but have not really made the first move? 

Has your effort kind of fizzled? 

Your “deciding” point spurred you on to get the supplies you needed to start the new interest, and now you find your lack of activity results in feeling guilty because you started something you didn’t finish?  Do you just need to make the first step? 

Is there anything stopping you? Most find that after the excitement of shopping for needed supplies, the excitement wears off.  You will surely find that excitement if you just get started.  Make a decision to do something.  For me, planning is important when starting something new.  Each step of the project comes with its own set of problems or questions.  That is part of the excitement.  

You will find that taking on a new project can become obsessive.  You have to keep some balance in your life.  Without the basics of good health habits, like sleeping regularly, eating a healthy diet and getting exercise, you can’t hope to enjoy any new activity.    

Pay attention to these basics of good health and increase the ability to do well with whatever new activity you choose. 

Results of my new interest

While I’ve had little trouble accommodating my new activity in my daily routine, I find I’ve a bit of trouble making time for the other everyday living chores that go along with my retirement living adjustments.  

Like house cleaning.  Having time for helping in the yard work.  

I find myself less than excited about new projects in my craft room.  In fact, I find myself thinking about figuring out some way to “gift” some of the supplies I find myself with. Most acquired along as I was searching for the one activity for my retirement living adjustments.  

Your adjustment may include adding a dozen activities.  For me, one did the trick.

So, yes some restructuring of daily time schedules in on my list of improvements to make. 

My choice

For me, I discovered online marketing.  As soon as I was introduced to the internet, I fell in love with the idea of having a business online.  Yes, I am older than the gurus you see along the way, old enough to be their grandmother.  

This thought stopped me for a long while.  Quite frankly, lack of technical knowledge also did a good number on my confidence as well.  

Along the way, I found so much useful information.  There are sites that allow you to grow as an internet marketer at your own speed.  Then getting over the idea of paying for admission to a learning and building site.  That was a huge step to overcome.

We no longer had income beyond interest and Social Security income each month.  Savings has been limited through lack of action during our younger working years.  

A big mental hurdle Retirement living adjustments for Happiness 

So overcoming the idea of paying to learn was hard for me.  Don’t fall into this trap.  After all, trying out and supporting any number of craft ideas in the past has not been free!  

Those beautiful fabrics in storage on the shelves. They weren’t free.  All those beautiful beads in boxes there waiting for me, they were not free.  

Going to take lessons, for either of these crafts started out with visits out of town and often costs for accommodations.  

Food that was eaten away from home.  Yes, it was all fun, but my craft area is bludging with supplies not yet used.  The end result is that we are not spending near as much, even adding my boosted up internet service, and new computers along.  My monthly dues are so much less. Building a business online holds a very reasonable start expense. 

So we come to the question:

Is free the answer 

Free might work for some, but for me, a site that allowed me to learn at my pace, and my schedule was a dream come true.  I would have given up in frustration had I not had an orderly and reasonable program to help me learn how.  

It is available for you right now.  You can sign up for no fee, FREE, and try it out for a week. (7 days)   Then it is only $49 a month.  

For so much education. More actual education than I could imagine.  Teaching me what I needed to know.

All important is the training. Knowing how and when to use the education that I now have.

The mental and moral support. Like a child learning to walk, having the support of others makes the difference.  All those little questions answered.  The network of helpful friends added to the confidence I felt.

So quick and so easy.  Is this the answer to your retirement living adjustment for happiness for you?  

Check it out now and see what you think.  Wealthy Affiliate could be the retirement living adjustment for you.  Do something to make your happier retirement living a thing of the present.  See what you can build.  The journey is one of learning about what you really want from this time in your life.  It is yours to live, love and enjoy.

Retirement Living Adjustments for Happiness


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