Retirement Living Can Require Coping With Change

Retirement Living Can Require Coping With Change

Is retirement living finding your days bursting out through the seams with the feelings of wellbeing and Retirement living cam require coping with changepurpose for your retirement years? 

Do you have tasks that you can hardly wait to get started on?  A reason to get up and get started with your day?

A bit of a memory jolt

I just received an email with the information that a couple of acquaintances from long ago had passed away.  You know how it is?  When you move from a location, the acquaintances you have are usually suspended in a time warp.  They, as you, never age, never change.     

When you see information about them, all of a sudden you are back to the time and place you were then, when you moved.

In my case, it is the summer I was 35 again.

I suddenly become the person I was then.  The deceased people are still the active young people they were at that time.  At least until I read the birthdates and the departed dates. 

Wow.  2 or 3 lifetimes have raced by. 

Also, I remember how it was when I left that community we had lived in for nearly 15 years.  How excited to get on with our lives and start building a new life in this new location. 

How the future is looming ahead for us to explore.  It is no wonder that the time passed so quickly.  There was so much life to live.  So many things to learn.  

My life did not stop when I moved away.  No, I did not stop aging. Being blessed with a longer life span than some,  as they have.  I have been so busy living, that it is hard to realize the years that have past.

The view from my eyes

So this is my story and will be shared from that point of view.  

When we moved, I knew that another chapter of my life was opening. That there would be new people to meet.  New ideas to incorporate into my thinking.  

Now fast forward 35 more years.  Retirement Life

When you think about it, the thinking of adventure and excitement is how you should embrace the retirement phase of your lives.   For so many retirement life is not exciting.

Too many retirees approach this time with a feeling of dread, not excitement. 

You now will have the time to explore another way of life. You have time for new friends along the way.  Make some good decisions and you can have an exciting retirement life.  At least more exciting that just letting life carry you along.


You may find that sometimes you will need to make some adjustments in the way you think about retirement.  Think about this time.  What can you do to make it exciting?  Make it more fun?  That is what retirement is supposed to be.  Those golden years.

A bit of background

For me, the different thinking was easier as we changed locations.  We moved several miles from the busier little city, where we worked and had a business to a definite small town pace.  The general community for the little city was made up of military transferees and educational opportunity related people.  

It was settled as a shipping center for the cattle of years long gone. The train still comes through regularly, but ships containers now, not cattle.  The containers actually are usually just passing through to other places. Seldom does you need a boxcar shipping container to ship the products created in this little city.

With the military base and the 3 Universities that are located there, the resident occupation has changed.

Seldom in the course of the day did I encounter anyone who was a native of the place.

Now a change is made

Now, to a small town with no industry, no major attractions to draw people in except hunting or wildflowers.  Many here are living in the home they grew up in.  They moved back in after their parents passed on.  The homes have been in the family forever. 

The important events of the community were started by their grandparents.  A close knit group that is cautious about new people who do not have to work. Who are retirement age and are past their working years.  

Very honest and genuine people, whom I have slowly gotten to know and appreciate.  

Being the new kid on the blockRetirement living can require coping with change

Yes, this did involve a bit of getting out of our routine.  We soon learned what we wanted to be involved in and what was not going to be our next big interest. 

Being the new people who lived in the house the pro golfer built.  We found ourselves new to everyone. No one already knew what we were like when we were younger.  Who our parents were.  

They do not already have a picture in their mind of what we should be doing, how we should be living our lives. The only similarity was that we were retired.   Some related to that.  

A mixed bag of blessings

This has been such a blessing.  We can have our exposure to community living if we want, or be home when we want.  This allows for some new starts. 

We can now pursue our interests as we want. No one has preconceived ideas of what we should or should not be doing in retirement.    

 We do not feel the loss of employment as we might.   If we drive by an old office site where work no longer.  Where we once moved through the community, active in what was happening. 

Now when we have an occasion to be by an old location, it is out of curious interest.  We appreciate the time and life we had there, but are glad to have our present life to get back to. 

How would I feel if the actual location had not changed?  Of course, I do not know.  So if you just retired, and did not move, just do not go to work, you have a bit of a challenge ahead of you.  

What we are finding is that so many of the local people are not stopping work.

Are you staying put?

You have to figure out what to do with your days, now that you no longer go to work.  Will your neighbors know or care if you don’t get up and get with your yard work before noon?  You will need to make some plans to find a flow of life that you enjoy.  

It is important to have activities you enjoy.  It is important to feel good about your days, what you spend your time on.  There are so many ways to spend these very special days of your life.  Make sure you spend them as you choose.  It takes little effort to take control of my days.  Make them full of what I want to do.

Retirement livingJust get a plan going.   



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