Absolute Best Retirement Communities

Absolute best retirement communities

How is your retirement time treating you?  Do you wonder if you have made the best decisions for this time in your life?   I was doing some research about how retirees are living their lives.  Comparing some of the suggested lifestyle changes that research is proving to be beneficial, what is not. The absolute best retirement communities showed up for me.    

“Retirement community”  has a tendency to make us stop and think.  absolutely best retirement communities

We are not that old  

We do not want or need a “retirement community.”  Please, relax and give the idea another look.  

There are niche retirement communities springing up all over the country. So many more retirees now reaching retirement age.  Many are not settling for being old. 

We may be aging, but we are not old. 

It seems that most people retire at about 65.   Of course, we know that the newer data is showing that many are  rethinking this.  Delaying.  Retiring a bit later now.  

We are making changes in how people can retire.  As well as where.  

Being able to retire where you choose is for those who have prepared.  Saved for this time in their lives.  It is a different and more exciting retirement from the standard ideas of retirement.  

Hang in here with me.  I would like to share with you how I found my spot.!  

Retirement is is a time of change.

Anyhow for the first 10 years or so, a retired individual will find themselves relaxing, doing some of the things that they planned for retirement. 

Traveling a bit, slowing down in general.  Getting reacquainted with their spouses.  Having more time for family.

If both you and your spouse are retired, things go along pretty well.   Especially if there have been some retirement plans made.  Some savings put aside.

However, if only one of you is retired and the other is still working, this adjustment is sometimes not as easy.

The retired spouse feels a bit left out of the mainstream of what is going on. 

They soon reach the limit of what they find interesting to do.

The routine to keep the spouse who is not retired  on a schedule for working can make some of the days quite long.  Finding something that the retired spouse wants to do is not always as easy as one would think.

This is one of the contributing factors to a retiree getting sick.  You are not having to hold a job so it is easier to lay on the couch when you do not feel well.

When you are not working it is easier to excuse yourself from exercising today on schedule.  You find yourself home alone all day, so you have junk food for lunch.  Not the healthy choices, easier to make when having lunch with co-workers.

You visit the Doctor more, you have the time to do so now.  Your doctor wants you to feel better so he will suggest “trying” a medication that might help.

You find yourself having adverse reactions which will bring about another prescription for something else to control the first one.

All this stuff is a part of the adjustment to retirement.

This is a tricky time when you are susceptible.   When you have not gotten your retirement mindset.  you need to allow yourselves to search for a better plan for your day.

This is when you are apt to become a victim to depression.  It is easy to find yourself having too many cocktails in the evenings.  Drinking too much wine with a snacking lunch.  One that lasts all afternoon.

You just do not know what to do with yourself.  Nothing is quite as much fun.  You do not have the social contacts that you had. 

Everyone is kind and considerate. 

But, they are busy.

That is what you want as well.  To be busy.  Honey-do jobs get tiresome.  The gutters are clean already.  You have cleaned the garage.  The housework that did keep you busy over the weekend, that is done.  Laundry caught up.

You have had lunch with your other retired friends, but they are having their own issues.  

They do not know what to do with themselves either.  Golf is fun, but not with people who are not happy.

Does this sound familiar?

It is unfortunate, but a true accounting of the first years of retirement for some.

Remember the research I mentioned?  The very act of retiring is life changing.

You have to take charge of this time in your life.  You may need to downsize.

Where to move?

What kind of retirement community are you interested in?

You now have lots of choices.

Retired actors and actresses can move to the Retiring Artist community in Hollywood, California.

Golfers can usually find a community on a golf course.  For golfers, this is the absolute best retirement community.

Fishermen can move to a lake or river community that allows easy access to fishing.  You will be living near people who love fishing as well.    The supplies you need to fish will be readily available.

You love the beach and walking by the ocean?  You can move there.  The retirement communities have popped up to help those who are interested in a big change for retirement?absolutely best retirement communities

Move to the Nashville, Tennessee area where there is a retirement community for those who have worked in the country music field in one form or another.  They also include those who just love the music.

You love the theater and performing arts, but never had time to participate?  There are retirement communities for you as well.   

A retired Doctor?  A retired investment industry employee?  It is important to retire near people who have some of the same interests you do.  Someone to talk to about your work years.  About the interests, you still have in that field.

Interests that probably are not as important to a retiring high school coach.  Just as you would get tired of some of his conversations, he will find yours more difficult to follow.  

Is this really important?

This fact was brought home to me when our parents needed to enter assisted living.  They no longer felt they could safely take care of each other. 

They were both having some health issues and made the decision to move to an assisted living location in Abilene, Texas where we were living and working at the time.

The facility lived up to its’ promises.  Mom loved not needing to cook any longer.  Having help with the housekeeping!  They both liked having someone near in case of an accident.  Just someone to call on when needed.

Dad always felt the need to take care of Mom.  I am sure he had always had this protective attitude towards her, I just began to notice it more as they got older.

One of the things that Dad kept mentioning that he missed the most after moving from their home?  

Not having someone to talk farming with.

He appreciated being asked about his livelihood.  Having someone listen as he was explaining something about farming/   

He missed the conversation that you have with someone who has experienced farming as you have.

Starting out as a young man with a team of horses.  He talked proudly of when he could afford his own team.   The different phases of farming that had come and gone through his lifetime.

The sad truth was that there were few left in our hometown who remembered either.  He had outlived the majority of his peers.  He was 97 when he passed on.

Most of the men in this assisted living center were retired educators, bankers.  No farmers.

There were some women who lived there and were widowed farm wives.  They had lived through some of the times he had.   They could talk about some of the farming issues, but as most were 15 to 25 years younger than him, their experiences were different.

And a woman’s view.  Dad was of the opinion that one did not talk a lot to widow women.  That might seem a bit forward.  He was, after all, a married man.

Of course, his hearing was about gone at that point, so it was difficult for him to grow accustomed to different pitches in others speech.

Would he have been happier in a place where the guys could have planned an occasional  drive through the farming country?

Checking on the crops as they grew and matured, were harvested? 

Who knows.  

I just know that we did not consider that when deciding where they should move.   

There is so much information coming to light with the research that is being done.  More options for those of retirement age.  The importance of options for a happy retirement.

Do you want to learn to play a musical instrument?  There are retirement communities that make this possible.  To spend your retirement years learning about the stars?    Collecting vintage vehicles?

There are retirement communities for that.

Are you going to give up and learn to use the available technology?Absolutely best retirement community

Become a gardener?

So many ways to have a busy active retirement.  A bit of time Googling active retirement communities will make you know.

You are the one in control.  

You can enjoy your retirement.  Live your life your way.

Our choice was to move to a small town where housing was more affordable.  A community where we felt safe.

Where we could still move about in our vehicle and not get run over.

Where we could be only an hour and a half from a couple of the kids.  Where we could visit and be a part of their lives.  Easy for them to get here to share time with us.

Medical care is available with medical centers not far away.

We have space for a garden.

A yard we need to get out and take care of.

An easy to manage home.  One that is not too big for us.

So the missing factor? 

Great internet connection.  I am sure this will change someday.  I  did not know that I wanted the internet access.  

Or to build a business.  Retirement has given me time to think about this and get started.

Am I able to have the online business?   I am.   I will have to wait for the “great” internet connection part. 

I did not have to move to a retirement community to have access to training and education for building this.  

I have met so many people online who are interested in building an online business as well.  I have many new friends who share my interests.  It truly is a comfort.    

Maybe you can live right where you are in retirement.  Not everyone needs to move as did.
absolutely best retirement communities

Wealthy Affiliate can make you able to build a business.  

To work from home with.  As a hobby,  because you enjoy the challenge of learning new skills.  

Or because you find yourself needing additional income.  We do live in a great technology age.  

Take me to my information now!  This link can build a new business.  If an online business is not your interest?

You can research new locations.  Might be a move will be the thing for you to have your happy retirement.  Do not allow your retirement time to be just an “existence.”  One that is not what you want it to be.

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