The Secret For Retirement Without Worrying About Your Finances!

The Secret For Retirement Without Worrying About Your Finances
How to retire and not so much about finances!

Do you know the secret for retirement without worrying about your finances? 

You have worked all your life.

You have been involved in the work community.  Then there is your actual community where you live. Your church


Helping in any way you can to make the world a better place. Now you are ready for retirement without worrying about finances.

You have been active and busy

Now you are getting ready for retirement soon.  

Oh no, you think.  Not me.  Wait a minute here.  Whoa.  Hold up.

Retirement is for old people.  Or rich people.

You are not old!  And for sure not rich.

How can this be something that you are getting ready to do?

Where is that excitement that is supposed to come with retirement?  Moving into another life where you don’t work?  

Sitting on the front porch in a rocker?  Well, let’s not get carried away here.

What is the matter with you?  You are feeling worried, and maybe a little anxious?  Where is the excitement of retirement?  How can you have a retirement living time without worrying?

Stop!  Think about what is happening right nowThe secret of retirement without worrying about finances

Of course, you can’t get your mind around it.  This is causing mental overload.

So what to do?  

Make a plan  

Get a pencil and paper. Write down the random thoughts that are going through your mind. 

How else have you ever planned and worked on a project?

There is a starting place.  Hopefully, you have the ending place already in your mind.  An idea of how you want to spend your days during retirement.   Is retirement living time without worrying the one for you?

Write it down  

Get yourself another cup of coffee and seriously think about this.

There is power in writing this down.  Make sure you are headed to the desired end.

Do you know exactly how you want your life to be in these years?  

Well, take a number.  You are not alone.  The world is changing.  

The only ones you have seen retire ahead of you lived and developed their ideas in a different time.  They were not you.

No, this is not when your dreams stop growing.  This is when you do a reality check.  

Figure out what you want at this time in your life.  Those who are already in the groove of what they want to do in retirement are fortunate.   They are also few in number.

Most of you are so busy working.  Raising your families.  Helping your families. Trying to stay ahead of the debt collectors.   No thought at all to retirement without worrying about your finances.

You have gotten to this time in life with a warped idea of what retirement is anyway.  Stop and give it some thought.Plan to retire. Stop creating debt Pay down existing debt. Scale down budget

Seriously thinking through, this time.  

Want to be in control of the direction of your life?

This could have happened from day one of your adult life, but it didn’t!

Plans were made.  Sure, you all did.  But there was no action on this plan.

Those day-long workshops that you attended throughout your working years help you.  Yes, help you with the basics of how to plan.   Have you planned retirement without worry? 

The mind mapping is so interesting.  There are sites online where you can learn to use mind mapping for free.

However, they leave out the important part.  The part of Doing.  

Do you have the plan?  

Work the plan

Ready to make a move to get this plan in motion?

Sometimes you will only make plans when you have no choice.  

Those plans will sometimes get some action.  It is that or out and out failure.  

The weeks and months turned into years.  

Years of feeling that you had no control of your life or your future.

It could have been avoided.  You needed a plan.

How much more do you get done when you feel in control?  

When there is a busy weekend coming up, grabbing a pen and paper and writing down the activities to be done? 

Figuring out a time schedule for completing everything.  Getting the chores are done in a timely manner,  all which can happen with a schedule.  A Plan. 

Making a plan.  Writing down a schedule.

Getting started  

Moving on with the day in a most no-nonsense manner is so much more successful than just ambling between jobs.   Make a plan.  You will be surprised how quickly those chores get done.

Funny how the mind can help you, given a chance. Retirement without worrying about finances.  Yes, you can.

Why are you not using this every day in your life?  

How can you even think you can enjoy your retirement without a plan?

There are people whose whole life focus is to help you.  Those of you who do not plan, do you have trouble with your life goals?  

Help is there for you.  You can gain a bit of control of your life.  

This kind of help has increased the quality of life for many.

“Life coaches” make a great deal of money helping people. They have proven track records.

A coach will tell you that a day spent in planning will give you an extra day in the week. That is powerful when your life is so full.  Who could not use an extra day now and again?  

I have found this to be true, with one powerful “but”.  It must be written down.  Just thought about or considered, or dreamed doesn’t work.  The plan needs to be written.  

There is power in the written word.

So are you ready for retirement without worrying about your finances? 

What is this retirement thing that you find looming up in your thoughts and life?

The really weird thing is these feelings of worry and anxiety really will get started when you are about 5 years out from retirement.

There was even a study done in 2014 with the subject matter being called ” Ready, Set, Retire” done by Voya Retirement Research Institute. 

It was found that 60% of the people who were questioned in the study who were at the age to retire in 5 or fewer years were also having these feelings of anxiety and concern!ready set retire are you ready?

That is 6 out of every 10 people who are feeling this way.

So you are not alone  

This is a pretty common feeling.

These concerns occur even if you have been disciplined about saving.  Preparing for this time in your life.  

It is natural to be worried that you might outlive your resources. 

We all have acquaintances to whom this very thing has happened! 

If your family gene pool is like mine, it consists of a long list of ancestors who lived to be OLD. Near 100 years old.  This business of outliving our savings is a real worry.  Retirement without worrying is important.

Then the other side of the coin appears to shake your confidence a bit.

What happens if a serious illness develops?

We all hear and see on the news the reports of Medicare running out of money.  

The supplemental policies sell all their ideas about how Medicare does not cover all illness.  

You might reach the end of what they will pay. 

No wonder we worry.  No one wants to use all their savings for medical care. Then to have to live out the remaining years with few resources.  No control of your fate.

So with the idea of helping those who are nearing retirement age, as well as those who are already there.

Here are some suggestions to help put your mind at ease.  How to get over worrying about these things.  Retirement without worrying about finances.

If you have not planned, it is not too late. You can get to retirement without worrying!

If you are going to have to work during your retirement years, well, get to work.   

Now you know what the future holds.  The next question is how long during retirement do you need to work.  Make these work years better than the past ones.  

Make the adjustments to your lifestyle that are required for your budget and get busy.  

I am sorry that you will need to work during retirement, but facts are facts.

Delaying finding out how much you will need to make when working into retirement age will not change anything.  

The longer you delay taking control, the more your retirement years will suffer.  

Prepare a budget  

  • Look up how much your retirement check should be  
  • Subtract the amounts taken for Medicare
  • Supplemental insurance, that is a subtraction as well

This will show you how much you will have to spend each month.  Simple as that.

This blog is not to offer financial advice.  I am not qualified to give you financial advice for retiring.

I do know how to work at getting the mind to come to terms with where you are.  What is happening to you.the secret of retirement with out worrying about your finances

If you are 5 years away from retirement and haven’t prepared for these years, you need to seriously consider how you are going to supplement your income during retirement.

If it is possible to stay at your job for a few more years, get the groundwork laid. 

You do not want to be forced to make decisions that you are not ready for when you reach the age your employer normally considers retirement age.

Be prepared to continue to carry your workload and more as you reach this time. 

You will not hear this discussed in public, but there will be more expected from you now.  Do you need to pay more attention to your eating and exercise habits?  You may need more energy and stamina.

Staying in your position past when most employees retire will be noticed by your fellow workers. 

If you level with them about your reasons to continue, you may find they are less inclined to make remarks and be more supportive.

You may inspire them to be more aware of their futures.  Realize this can happen to them.

You may have had reasons that the savings did not happen as you would have liked.  Illness, death, an accident.  Your fellow workers will realize that they too are subject to the fates of life that can result in them in a similar situation.  

Just be mentally prepared for some changed attitude of the ones you work with.  They do not know about wanting to retire without worrying.

Pay down personal debt.

During this time, when you are working while retired, you probably are receiving a social security check.  You will need to pay down any personal debt.  This will help ensure that when you do retire you are not handicapped by this extra expense.

Personal debt is a sure budget breaker. The secret of retirement with out worrying about finances

5 years will give you time to find a business that you want to work with during retirement.  

Your employer may not allow continuing to work after you reach retirement age.  

Your physical abilities and endurance often play a factor in how much you can work in retirement.  

You are getting older and your body will tire more easily.

There is have time to learn how to build your own business online.  Building a  business to produce an income.  An income that allows you to continue working many years into your retirement can make a great difference.   

You can start to have some security that will carry you through these years.  This is how I choose to make my retirement years more comfortable.

I waited a bit long to start but it happened  

I did get started.  So can you.  Check out here to see why I choose Wealthy Affiliate as my learning and building platform.

It is easy, you can do it! 

However, it is not quick.  You must learn how to build.  How to grow a business online.

When you have your finances under control.  Your business growing.  You have gained more control of your financial situation.

Yet, you are still concerned about living longer than your money lasts. Becoming really sick.  There are some things you can do to help get these thoughts in perspective.

For most of us, retirement is like all the other parts of life. Remember, life ebbs and flows.  

During these years, there’ll be both positive and negative times.  Some of the years will be good ones, some will be bad ones.  There’ll be happy times and times of sadness.

Most of you will experience highs and lows. You adjust to the days.  

Progress won’t be all wonderful.  It’s usually not all bad either. 

Adapting is important.  There is a survival instinct that developed while you were getting to these years. Retirement without worrying about your finances is your goal.

Now is the time to review your financial plan

Really look at it.  Maybe it is time to review the plan with your financial adviser.  

This should let you know how prepared you are.  If you are not as prepared as you thought,  it is time to make some necessary changes.  

Do you need to downsize your living quarters?  Do you need to adjust the budget to reflect the income? 

Just Do it

Write down the cost of your taxes and insurance on your home or your rent.  

Next the cost of your insurance, Medicare plus the supplemental policies that will be necessary for medications.

Now, what about utilities?  

Do you have any personal debt, credit cards, vehicle payments and insurance?  

What else do you owe?  

This address for an estimate of how much your social security check will be each month (  Copy and paste to have access to the calculator.)  Check it out.

Subtracting what you owe from the estimated amount of income should give you the balance you have for food and fun. 

It’s not rocket science  

You may be closer to paying the bills and eating than you thought.  

Now you know.  Maybe you only need to work part-time.  When you know what you need to do, retirement without worrying can become a reality.

Knowledge is powerful

Do you and your spouse both need to find part-time work or start a small business?  Will you just do nothing and expect the problem to just go away?The secret of retirement with out worrying about your finances

This is your retirement.  Not your parents or brothers or neighbors.

These are your years. 

Decide how you want this time in your life to be.  Talk to your spouse if you have one, Write your plan on paper.   You need to be able to see it.

Spend some time deciding how you want these years to go. 

This is as important for those who have savings, as well as those who do not have any! 

Get on the same page.   All too often you tend to dream one thing when reality tells you that you must take another path.

Know what you are expecting.  Do not buy a boat just because your brother did. 

Make sure you are doing what you want to do.  Living as you have decided best meets your needs.  This is one time you need to do things your way. 

Living someone else’s plan will make you miserable. 

You are not your neighbor, your parents or your brother.

When worry starts to get into your mind, it is time for you to start checking out facts. 

If you are worried about your finances, look back at the suggestions to work through retirement.  Work part-time.  Start your own business.  This can help you to a retirement without worrying. 

Have a plan. 

Get to work with this plan.

If you are afraid you are getting sick, take steps to correct this. 

Check out the healthcare options you have. 

Change your diet.  Start an exercise program. 

There are many resources online, as well as through the community centers, churches, retirement groups that have excellent guidelines for improving your life.  How to make changes in your life.

The library will have references if you are not into online research. It will be worth it.  Retirement without worrying.

The resources are there   Find them  

When you take steps to improve your health you will feel in control.  The concerns about your health are lessened.

Get to know more people

Make friends among those who are facing the same issues you are.   Meet some among the already retired in your community. They are there already.

The people in your workplace are usually younger.  Not interested in a lot of the things you are.

Maybe it is time to enjoy traveling.  Start a class in continuing education. 

Check out some new hobbies. 

When I first started learning how to build a business online, I needed support and encouragement.   There was the network of like-minded people in the Wealthy Affiliate Open Education platform.  

This was a great resource.  The support received there helped so much and the friendships built have increased my life.   

There is a social contact within the group, very much like working in an office with others.

I now visit daily with people who live in the Netherlands, in Scotland, in Australia, Canada, England and many other countries, as well as many states here in the US. 

We share questions, solutions, and ideas for growing our business and learning.  This is such an interesting way of having a business.  Making money online, working from home.

Among the friends and family that I am fortunate to share my life with, most are happy in their retirement.  They have found a way to feel good about this time in their lives.  Most are as busy as they want to be.

Some are grumpy, but they were grumpy before retirement.  Some are happy with the activities they fill their lives with.  I was searching for retirement without worrying.

Some have had to make some real changes in their lifestyles.  However, they seem to have adjusted and have their part-time jobs to help out.  Some have moved to live with their children.  There isn’t just one single solution for the lives you live in retirement.  Each one of you can with planning find the best one for you.

A lifestyle that works for them

Personally, I am grateful to be healthy, have a long life genetic pool in my lifeline, as well as the interest of the online business.

Could we survive without the business and the income from it?  Sure, but I love having an interest, a reason to learn things as well as something I want to be busy doing.

The feeling of accomplishment as I learn something else about what I am doing.  Make the new friends in the network of support that I go to daily.  The income is small yet, but growing as my site matures. 

This is so exciting.  I am so glad to be able to share retirement without worrying about finances.

I have been able to do this with a very minimal investment.    The extra money will ensure that we are able to maintain our lifestyle. 

New skills to share when one of the family gets ready to build their business and start their own stream of income.  My secret dream is to be able to help a loved one build a successful business online!

Whatever you are planning to spend your retirement doing make sure it is your plan, not someone else’s.

Make sure you have a written plan so you know how this time will be for you. You now have the secret of retirement without worrying about finances.The secret of retirement without worrying about finances-




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