Revamp Your Retirement Living

Revamp Your Retirement Living

Ready to revamp your retirement living plan? Revamp Your Retirement Living

Are you just not quite ready to retire yet? 

Did you have a rude awaking when thinking about retirement time and budgets? 

Unexpected debt in your later life? 

Early retirement forced on you due to changes beyond your control? 

Your Why

Why will you be working after you reach retirement age? 

The numbers are increasing for the retirees who are deciding to continue working after their normal retirement age.  You will find yourself in good company should you remain in the workplace after reaching retirement age. 

Seems we’ve let our view become stunted about our working life,  explains Lisa Taylor, president of Challenge Factory and the Centre for Career Innovation in Toronto. This retirement age we have been using was set at 65 in the 1930s! Life expectancy was only 62 at that time, she explained.

No Savings

Many people find themselves ‘underfunded’ for living a life with any kind of quality as they are looking forward to retirement for themselves.

Many workplaces value the contributions an older employee brings which usually includes better work habits, along with a wealth of know-how and skills. 

Often the jobs that require the employee to be physically fit with heavy lifting, or other forms of labor aren’t suitable for an older employee.  At least in a full-time capacity. So, if you really need or want to work past your retirement age, a reduced workload may be a better choice.


There are many work situations where there will be the advantage of some adaptions to a different schedule as an option.  However, overall there is a shortage of quality employment for a mature employee. 

If you need, or just want to remain in the wage earner mode a while longer think about what you do.  Is there some single part of the daily workload that would allow you to justify your being there? Can it be separated from the other parts of the day and performed more efficiently? 

How can your boss or company or just your supervisor benefit from allowing you to tailor your work to suit you in retirement?  The more you can help that person or business, the more willing they will be to work with what you can do.

Check out what your present employment offers is the suggestion from most experienced office managers.  If you have been a great employee, of course, it is to the benefit of the business to keep you and your abilities employed.  Ask around and see what is available.

Get seriousRevamp your retirement living

Needing a paycheck for a while longer is different from building a business online. 

The building of a business, even an online one takes some time and isn’t suited for someone who needs income from a paycheck, immediately, every week. 

Building a business online is easy, but not a get rich quick venture.  It is fun and exciting.  However,  this does not fill an immediate paycheck need. 

If you find yourself able to have some time before you must have a paycheck, join me here at Wealthy Affiliate.  You can learn to build your online business from home. 

It is the real deal, not a shiny-bright flying object.  You learn to really build a business on this platform.  click here now

Know that regardless of why you choose to remain in the workforce, time will eventually catch up with you and a reduction of the workload will be important.

How can you enjoy your life of extended employment and make sure this will be to your benefit? 

Have a plan. 

Know why you are working longer. 

Wanting to continue working because you love your working life?  If this is possible for you at your present location, how fortunate you are.  Continue to do so by all means.

Working is often a way of life. You identify with the work life and you are performing important work. You can continue to earn a paycheck.

You will also need a plan.  Even though you have savings and retirement plans, you may choose to extend your work life a bit longer.  Go ahead and do so, just do this with a plan.  You will be living a bit longer than people did in the past.  You will have time for leisure times later on in life.

Suddenly Rich

One of the things that people do when they continue working is to think they can splurge on their spending. And you can now probably have a bit of leeway for controlled spending.

This is why a plan is so important.  Know what extra debt you want to make.  Debt that has to be repaid when your income is limited can have an unexpected effect on your quality of retirement.

If you have taken your social security benefits early, you are already set at that level.  If not, delaying your benefits will increase the size of your monthly check. If you are working, paying social security employment taxes, you will be adding to your check in retirement. So, how do you know where you are in all this? 

Your Plan

If you are just delaying retirement time because you want to, a plan can help enhance your retirement living quality.  There is a difference in the attitude of someone who is working because they want to as opposed to those who are working because they need to. 

Just be careful and don’t get careless with your finances.  Nor do you want to make mistakes with your purchases.

Having more spendable money after many years of being careful seems a good time to reward one’s self.  However, that same reason can easily become a stupid mistake if you don’t plan.

You can do it

Explore your options and find the solution for you in your retirement life.  One that meets your life goals, and allows you some freedom in your retirement life.

Make your plan If you are entering this time in your life with no idea of how you want to live your retirement living time. 

It is easier than you think to get things going your way.  Even when you think you have very little control over how your day goes.  This simple plan can act as a guideline to help you work through the process of getting a plan going for yourself. 

One that is for you, by you. Click this link The Plan for an easy and free guideline for your new life.  For the retirement time, you have been working for.   

Revamp your retirement living

This is the same guideline that made me aware of how much control I actually have over my life.  Click this underlined link and  Get yours now


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