Safe Driving Seniors With Dangerous Habits

  Are you one of the safe driving seniors with dangerous habits?

Are you doing what many safe driving seniors are?  Do you know what you are doing?   The risks you are taking?  Have you even considered the danger of seniors driving while dehydrated? be safe driving senors not Dangerous Senior Adults Driving while Dehyderated

Are you putting yourself more at risk when you do not drink when you drive? 

Here we are referring to drinking more water, not an alcoholic beverage.   

Many safe driving senior adults  delay drinking water. Why?   Because they do not want to have to stop along the way to use the bathroom. 

This can be a problem. 

However, have you considered the problem you are causing yourself when you go too long without drinking enough water? 

Not only do you get the result of dehydrated kidneys and body, there are other complications as well. 

You may become sluggish not as alert as you might normally be.

When your body is not getting what it needs to turn the available energy into useable products for protecting you from disease?    

You may develop an odd virus or bug that you would not end up with if everything was working properly. 

Not drinking enough fluids while we are driving can make medications that you take work differently.  They may become concentrated in your system if not pushed through with fluids, properly.  

Normally safe driving seniors, driving while dehydrated can cause unsafe conditions on the roadway.

Dehydrated body

When you drive moderately dehydrated, you are as likely to have as many infractions in your driving as someone who in the first level  considered too intoxicated  for driving.   

Is the .08  level allowed considered unsafe to drive?  Yes, it is.  So are our safe driving seniors, who are driving dehydrated to delay toilet stops.

Infractions  duplicated in a  recent study. 

There were many similarities.  The percentages  match the ones from being only mildly dehydrated.  

Is this level considered accident prone?   Yes.

The results found that it is more accident likely.  You may not have an accident.  However, be aware, your defense not as good as it should be. 

Trying to pass a driving test in this state may not be successful for senior adults. 

For some seniors who are attempting an all-day driving trip, the results of dehydration will increase by the hour.  This could be leaving you in a most undesirable situation.

Avoid the safe senior drivers, driving in the  dehydrated situation.

Some easy steps you can take to make sure you are being a safe senior driver include: 

Drinking at least 8 ounces of water every hour. 

Taking time to make sure all normal  day routines of eating times, and taking medication are followed.

Plan your driving trip with a map, making sure to schedule enough stops along the way for the toilet.   

Give yourself time to walk around a bit.   Stretch your hands and arms and feet and legs.  Make any phone calls needed at this time, not while driving.

If not taking your water with you, purchase along as needed. 

Water is the better choice for your beverage.  Low calorie, non-alcoholic drinks are a nice treat as well along the way. 

There are so many enhanced waters available now. 

Avoid the high calorie, high sugar beverages as they can add up quickly  in total calories.  


Sugar calories can also induce your system to become more sluggish when driving.  They can cause high blood sugar spikes.  This sets  you up to become more unsafe.

What can you do to avoid being  one of the safe driving seniors driving dehydrated?

It only takes  one careless mistake to make you as a senior adult driver have an accident.  

Can you hear it now? 

The clamor when your adult son calls his adult sister and tells her about your wreck?  safe driving seniors, Not Dangerous Senior adults Driving while dehyderated

I can. 

I can also imagine your effort to retain your independence and the ability to legally drive where you want to go.  

So the choice for me will be, to be aware. 

I was not, always aware . 

Once you know what the stakes are.  Then the effort to address this part of the driving.  

Doing your best to change safe driving seniors and the  driving while dehydrated issues.  Make sure that this situation does not arise.

You do not want a question to place your driving freedom at risk. 

Now that you know what causes the problems, you can do what you need to.   Prevent the side effects of dehydration.

Here are some side effects of dehydration that results in more  studies.  

This is just mild to moderate dehydration.  31% of all mental patients admitted to the hospital in the emergency room over a 6-month result, were dehydrated.  From mild to severe conditions of dehydration.

When driving dehydrated, senior adults are subject to some short-term memory loss.  As well as confusion.  Lack of clearness of where they are and what they are doing.

 Some symptoms of safe driving seniors driving dehydrated have been listed as:  

  • Drifting into other lanes  or straddling lanes  
  • Making abrupt lane changes  
  • A driver increasingly seems nervous when driving  
  • Suddenly braking  without a cause  
  • Driving a noticeable bit slower than the general speed or posted rate  
  • Slowing to a near stop with traffic that is moving  
  • Having difficulty seeing other vehicles, objects and pedestrians  
  • Ignoring or not notice stopping at signs and traffic signals  
  • A driver getting easily confused in traffic 
  • Speeding up abruptly with no reason 
  • Backing up in the street when driver misses a turn or exit  
  • Having difficulty reacting to multiple sights and sounds.  
  • Getting lost or confused easily even in a known or familiar place. 
  • Having trouble flexing their neck to look to the right or left  
  • Not taking the exit, or leaving the signal on while going straight

 Know these symptoms.  

Watch for what you can do  Make sure you are not driving when you should not be.  

You can do a lot to make your retirement life happier.  

Stay a member of the safe driving seniors.   Safe driving seniorsDangerous Seniors Driving While Dehyderated

As in all things, awareness is the first step.


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