What Will Make You A Safer Senior Driver

Safer senior driver?
safer senior driver

What makes you a safer senior driver is something I had not spent much time thinking about. (This link will give you some guidelines)

Had you? How can you keep your right to take the fun drives you would like to?

Did you think you would always be able to drive yourself where ever you wanted to go?  I did.  I did not consider older adult driving an issue.

Safer senior driving? 

Who would ever make it to senior citizen status?  Well, I have!

Of course, I went through the time when my folks quit driving and sold their car.  However, I was quite busy at the time, and really it was just something else that they took care of themselves.

Moving from a small farm/ranch town to a larger more populated area restricted driving some.  In my mind, it was because they were unfamiliar with the new city.  Not because they weren’t safe with their driving.

They no longer were as interested in going period.  They had quit going very much at all at that point.  Mom was 88, Dad 92. 

The grocery store was only around the corner from where they moved.  They could make the trip when they wanted to. 

Dad had already decided Mom should not be driving, he  had been driving them everywhere for several years. 

They were reasonable people and knew they had limitations so did not push the envelope on the issue.  Safer senior drivers took care of itself.  

My independence

I really was not aware of this driving thing and its’ importance to independence.  

I had been driving since I was 14.  Was it time to give this some thought?

Safer senior driver?  

Am I a senior adult?  Of course, I am.  

I an independent, positive thinking, productive senior adult retiree who is minding her own  business.  

Trying to help others be as happy in retirement as I am.  

Of course, I am a responsible driver.  A safe driver.

I had been trying to improve my health by eating better.  Drinking more water.  Eating more vegetables. 

Exercise had become something I looked forward to. 

I was going into this aging thing with all the help I could add. 

I wanted to be independent.  

Driving?  Well, it had been ignored.   We have already given up driving at night.  That was a natural, I told myself.  A safer senior driver?

Yes, there are times I have been shopping with my daughters and I just spend the night at their house rather than drive back home.

In the dark.  Keeps me off the roads at night. 

In my part of the world, there are lots of deer, so driving at night is often a risky thing.  It had not been an issue for me.  I knew I did not see as well as I did at one time. 

I really did not have many times when being home at night was not my first choice.   Anyhow, this has not been a chore for me. 

How about you?  Do you find yourself out after it gets really dark?   

I know, you are Not going to let anyone tell you when you can’t drive anymore. Me either.

So what can you do today?safer senior driver

Do you want your retirement time to involve driving for fun?  How can you delay causing your family concern for you on the road? 

What can you do to best prepare for this time when you should consider some changes? 

One major thing is awareness.  Knowing that the limitations that come along as you age should be step 1. 

AARP offers some ideas about some safer senior driver classes.  They sometimes have classes around the country to make people able to know what their tendencies are. How safe they are.

There are adaptions that can be done to a vehicle to help make you a safer senior driver. 

Often it is nothing more than adding a wider review mirror.  Having a wider mirror and learning to use the add-on is important.  It will become habit after a while. 

You must start somewhere. 

This site can help you some of the limitations that aging and health issues cause.  

In the years since I got my license at 14, vehicles have changed.  The roads are no longer unpaved farm to market roads.  Driving laws and regulations have changed.  

Maybe this is something that does apply to me, this safer senior drivers thing.  

How long since you were 14?  I thought so.  This may apply to you as well.

The Texas State driving education will be helpful to give you an idea of where to start.    

You can delay the driving restrictions by being proactive. 

You can help make your kids and those who care about you feel more comfortable with your driving. 

As you are living longer, this can make the quality of your life better for you.  

Age is not as important as your health

 But it is important.  You are in control. 

What will you do to make your senior years happier?  More fun? 

Put you in control of how you spend your days?  Experts agreed that it is more your health that controls your safety when driving.

Your health, not your age, controls your safety when driving.


Do you have arthritis, diabetes or dementia?

You can delay the driving restrictions by being proactive. 

Do what you can to prevent the limiting of this ability to drive. 

This will affect your independence.  This will make you a better and safer driver. 

So are you going to allow the loss of this independence before you have too?  

Will you make the decision to actively become a safer senior driver advocate?  

Help your family feel better about your safety while driving?  It is an important move you can make.  

Few things will affect your independence like losing the ability to get where you want to go.  

There are many sides to this retirement and aging process  that make a difference.  

You have only yourself to blame if you have to give up driving, without trying to retain your ability.  

Without trying to improve your skills and understanding.  Making yourself a safer senior driver.safer senior driver

I am all about prevention.  

What about you?




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