Senior Citizens Scams

Senior Citizens Scams!

What can you do to help put a light this crime on Senior citizens?  Are you helpless and unable to do anything if youSenior Citizens scams are a victim of senior citizens scams?  This is a crime.  

Where Is my social security check?

What Is your reaction when you read about someone not receiving their monthly social security check all of a sudden? 

Would you be able to survive should something happen to your expected deposit? 

All too often scams are aimed at the most venerable among us.  A social security recipient who lives month to month on their monthly check is usually living on about $800 a month. 

Can you live on $800 for  whole month?.  When that amount is not deposited as expected the person who depends on this is often moved out onto the street with no place to go.

The seriousness of this cannot be overstated.

These are some of our population who are at risk. 

They often have no recourse. There is usually very little family to take care of them, or help them.  They are often the stable income for that home.  Yes, these conditions are extreme.  Sadly, they are rea!l.

 We must educate ourselves and our loved ones to be aware

Hundreds of thousands of cases of scams against seniors are being committed yearly.  You as a senior citizen must realize that you are the major defense to protect yourself from fraud.

You must do what you can to make sure that the  scammers who call and solicit your personal information do not make life harder for you.  Then, they will move on to other senior citizens. 

These scammers and their fraud practices are everywhere.  

You need to pay attention and be responsible.

You must be alert to the ways the scammers use.  The tricks they use to  get you to give them information.

The information to have your social security checks sent elsewhere.  Even if you have your check sent to your bank, this can be redirected. 

If you share your information online or on the phone, you are setting yourself up for a major scam.  Do not do this.

Social security never calls you and asks for this information 

Nor do they ask online.   Not on the phone.  Make sure your loved ones know this. 

If you have parents who are retired, chances are their phone number is in some scammers list. 

How many times have you visited with them about giving information to a phone solicitor or online?  Maybe today is a good time to remind then. 

If you call you Dr.’s office, you will probably be asked for your birth date as identification.   

When you call them.

They will not call and ask you for this information.   You will be asked to identify yourself if you call them.

They will surely not call and ask you for your birthdate or social security information.  They will not ask for bank account numbers.

You will need to remind seniors you know and care about.  The world has become so networked.   Our information is shared.  

One time is not enough to have this discussion.

The friendly phone call your parent receives could well set them up for problems. 

Even for my folks who have been dead a few years now, this was a problem.

My Mom was chatting with someone who said they were with the Medicare insurance and needed to know if they had the correct social security number for her.

She was considering getting her card from her purse and verifying.  She did not live in an age where she needed to rattle this number off as we do now.  Still, she was on a list.  A scammers list.

She thought this was a reasonable request.

She finally became suspicious, as the individual, she was speaking to was so insistent.  How did this scammer get her number?   

I was raised in a different time when we were taught to be polite and respectful on the phone. People did not often call during mealtime.  Nor before 8 A. M. or after 7 P. M. to try and scam you with something.

Hanging up on a caller was a learned skill.

Do your senior parents have this skill?

Those of you who think you are careful should review how you do business.  

Make sure you are using a safe way of sharing this information when you actually need to give it out. 

How would your month go should a scammer get enough information to get your social security check redirected?    Empty your bank account. 

What would you do if you are a victim of senior citizens scams?

All the information sources state that you should contact the Social Security Administration immediately, should you not receive your expected deposit/ 

Do you even check to see if your check has arrived?  Everything is so automatic in this technology age. 

Personally contacting the Social Security Office could be a bit difficult.  Especially for some of you.  Do you live miles away from an office?  You do need to follow through and get the correction started.  

Call the Social Security office

The address and phone number of your nearest local social security office should be in your address book. Yes, I am speaking to myself!.   I do not have this information at my fingertips.  

This is a situation that will be corrected.  I do not like to feel venerable and unprepared.   This is information that should be easily accessed.  You should have this listed in your contact list on the computer.  Had your considered this?

Have you found yourself  affected by one of these senior citizens scams?

If you think you have been scammed, do not be afraid or ashamed.  Talk to someone about this.  It happens. By not speaking up there is less awareness.  

It happens.  By not speaking up there is less awareness.  

You may not want to be the one who reminds your friends and family to be careful, but by sharing your story you are creating awareness.Senior Citizens scams and their victims

You should call your bank if you think or know money has been removed from your account through a scam or fraud. Talk to them.  Let them know what is happening to you.  

You are not alone in experiencing this.  Remember, the F B I states that there are hundreds of thousands of these crimes committed against senior citizens every year.

If you have a trusted lawyer, he/she need to know about this.  If not a lawyer, a trusted friend can help you work through what is next.  You should have the police number for your area.  

This is a crime.

Many financial scams are perpetrated by trusted family members.    It is still  a crime.!  This is one of the reasons so many crimes go unreported.  Because of not wanting to cause embarrassment or “family problems.” 

You must be aware of what is happening within your family. Is some member of the family quietly scamming your parent?  Taking money without justification?  Just because they are old and venerable? 

We must communicate with our families.  Fight aginst senior citizens scams.  

If you have a friend who is without family to help in this situation, please visit with them about how to protect themselves.  How to report this crime.  Let’s stop as much of this as possible.  These scams against seniors.

Here is another resource that seems legitimate and legal to me.  I have added it to my contact information, along with my bank number as well as the police number.  Eldercare Locator, a government-sponsored national resource.  1-800-677-1116.  You can visit:  

Eldercare Locator, a government-sponsored national resource.  1-800-677-1116.  WWW.eldercare.gov     

Have you ended up as a senior citizens scams victim? Do you know someone who could use some help making sure all is well with their financial status?  Can you help?  

Can you help? Senior citizens scams are increasing in number! 

Finances are a private matter!  

However, when a crime is committed that changes things.  Talk to those who need to be reminded, even if the senior citizens scamsdo not realize they need the reminder.




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