Get Surprise Benefits Drinking Water While Aging

We all want to age.  Not be old.  This makes it important to take care of the basics. Why not get the surprise benefits Surprising benefits drinking water when agingdrinking water while aging? 

The Get Surprise Benefits Drinking Water While Aging.

When you are old, you are no longer interested in new things.  You are not interested in learning new things.  You are content to stay in your rut.  Do things as you always have.   

You have just lost the interest in challenges.  You did not intend to lose interest, but it is just too much trouble to learn something new.  Do something different.

Sometimes, as we age, we go through a time when we are not interested in anything different.  We just drift through the days on automatic.  Just letting one day slide into the next. 

This is what happens when you find yourself old. 

I have a suggestion for you if you find yourself already in this stage of your life.  Drink water.  Give yourself the benefit of drinking more water.

I know, you get a drink when you are thirsty.  Have you considered that you have ignored your body’s cry for water to the point that you do not recognize the need? 

This was a particular problem for my Mom.  The Drs. repeatedly told her the importance of more water for her body than what she was getting.  When she was asked the question of “Do you drink water, Mrs. Williams?”   She always answered,  “why yes, I get a drink when I get thirsty.” 

Problem being, she had ignored her body’s requests for water far too long. 

She did not realize what she was doing to her body. When she would not drink water because she was the only one in the office. She would have to lock the door to use the restroom.  Might miss a customer who came by to make a payment.  

Is this a common problem?

Did you find yourself in a similar situation before retirement? Do you find yourself not allowing  time to  have a bowel movement before starting your day? 

You normally have a couple of cups of coffee. Then you start the day. 

When you have a trip a trip planned, you skip the time to allow your body to do what it needs to.  You do not drink that extra cup of coffee.  You do not want to have to stop along the way to use the bathroom. 

You make the decision to limit the water and or liquids for one reason or another. 

I know because we all have done that. 

For short periods, this is not a bad thing. 

However, when you arrive at your destination, do you on purpose give yourself the chance to drink water? 

Extra water to make up for the hours of limited access, or no access? 

This is something you as a senior adult must do. 

You should be consuming  an amount equal to 1/3 of the body weight in ounces of water.  So for a 150-pound woman, you should be having about 50 ounces every day. Get the surprise benefits drinking water while aging. 

Pay attention: get the surprise benefits drinking water while aging.

2 quarts at 32 ounces each is 64 ounces.  This makes it easier to judge your consumption.  Gives you an idea of what is good for you as an individual.  Men need at least this much as well.   

This is not an unreal amount for you. This is when you are get surprise benefits drinking water while agingnot sick, not exercising and sweating.  Staying up later.  This is for normal days.  You may be surprised when you actually measure your intake of water. 

When you are extra busy, working a bit harder.  Doing anything that involves more activity. 

Your natural tendency is just the opposite. 

You tend to neglect to drink the water you normally would.  

At these times, you will need more than about 1/3 of your body weight in ounces.  Your body needs to rid itself of the toxins that are produced in your system when you are doing more.  

The flushing away of the stuff your body does not need helps you feel better. 

Your skin will be healthier. 

Your energy levels so much better. 

When you are young, you tend to be able to work, to move, regardless. 

As you began to age, you will find it is more difficult when you become dehydrated. 

Scientific research is proving how important it is to stay hydrated. 

How much better your mind works.  How much better the physical strength is with frequent hydration.

Your body needs to rid itself of the toxins that are produced in your system when you are doing more.  The flushing away of the stuff your body does not need helps you feel better.  

Your skin will be healthier.  

Your energy levels so much better.   

As you began to age, you will find it is more difficult, especially when you become dehydrated.  Are you getting the idea that you might get surprise benefits drinking water while aging?

How much better your mind works. 

How much better the physical strength is with adequate amounts of water. 

The training staff on a football team will immediately start squirting fluids into the mouths of team players when there is a timeout, or the player comes to the sidelines.

The performance is that greatly affected.  Your energy and ability are equally affected.

You must drink water for energy. 

Water is what carries the necessary nutrients through your system so you will have energy.  Otherwise, there is not enough energy for the physical activity needed. 

Learning new things will not appeal to you.  You will not have the energy needed to get your normal activities done.  You will find yourself being old!

Water is among the first defense weapons for staying healthy, active and energetic in retirement.

How to get back into the habit of drinking enough water.

I will admit that after reading about the diet that suggested drinking 16 ounces of water, 30 minutes before meals would result in a slow steady weight loss, I tried it.  

I found that this was a bit much water for me at one time with the present water drinking habits I had.  That is when I decided I had better research.

Find a better way to get  accustomed to drinking more water.

So here are the suggestions that worked for me.

Day 1 and 2.

Measure the amount you actually drink for 2 days.  ( Not actually long enough, but better than nothing for a starting spot.)

Know that you, as a senior citizen need to make sure that your body can handle more water. That your kidneys will be able to process the added amount and eliminate it. 

Day 3 and 4

Add 16 ounces to your total. Watch your ankles.  As this is where the fluid accumulates on your body, make sure that you are not retaining fluids. 

You may need to increase in smaller amounts if your system seems to not adjust and the kidneys are not able to process the amount.

You can also monitor your body’s ability to handle the extra by using the weight scales.  In the morning on first getting up, weigh yourself. 

If you notice a weight gain after 2 days, you may need to add only 8 ounces more each day to give yourself the ability to keep processing the water.  

You are teaching your body a valuable skill.  

You are giving it the hydration it needs to keep you healthy.  You are increasing your kidneys’ ability to process the added water.

This is important.  You will just have to increase more slowly.  If you already have malfunctions in your kidney processing, you will have to monitor more closely. 

Use your common sense.  You may need to record your actual water consumption for a week.  That will let you see how much you actually drink each day.  

You would not hesitate to work with a new medicine the Dr. recommended to improve your arthritis pain. 

It might take more, if, after 2 weeks or so, you were not experiencing relief.  Often that pain is a symptom that you are dehydrated.  

Live Dehydrated

Why not give yourself a chance to see if this can help you?

The medications taken for pain relief may not be needed if consuming an adequate amount of water.  Is this the fix for your symptoms? Another reason to get surprise benefits drinking water while aging.

How do you know this won’t make you feel better? 

It is a free thing that you can do for yourself. Surprise benefits for drinking water while aging

Why not see how this works for you.

It is a natural cure. 

It may take a while as you are getting your body adjusted to the amount. 

However, it will not just mask the pain.  You will not  have unwanted side effects of another prescription drug.  Nor will you have the added costs of the medication. 

Besides the added energy,  healthy body, and renewed zest for life, you have not affected your health insurance nor your bank account.  If those are not benefits I do not know what are!  

So the surprise benefits of drinking water while aging?  

More energy.  Sleep Better.  Healthy body.  Loose weight.  Help chronic pain.  Help allergies.  No drugs.  Free.  Now, my friend, those are real benefits!  

Will you help yourself get surprise benefits drinking water while aging?










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