The Importance Of Drinking Enough Water As You Age For Digestion

The importance of drinking enough water

The idea of a “natural healing” lifestyle is  gaining more attention.  What is the importance of drinking enough water as we age for digestion?  Especially for natural healing?  Now we add the aging layer to the whole thing.The Importance of drinking enough water as you age for digestion

A layer of natural healing, then a layer of healing as you age. Is this something you can have some way to help yourself?  Let’s look a bit farther at this idea of help as we age.

Natural healing

One of the surprising benefits of drinking more water is the help with heartburn?  At least it was a surprise to me. 

Is this one of the minor complaints you have as a retired senior citizen? Indigestion?  Is it possible that the pain you have from indigestion is your body letting you know that you are thirsty?  You must take control of your health as you age.  That fun retirement is what you are planning for.  

Helping yourself to a healthier body with natural healing sounds practical.  If changing how I am doing things a little will help?  Sure just tell me how.  

I do not like the idea of aging feeling less than as good as possible.  To spend my time searching for a drugstore. Browsing the shelves looking for antacids, laxatives?  That is not how I want to spend my retirement.

That is not how I want to spend my retirement.  

Can not imagine calling my daughters.  Scheduling a girls day out.  Agreeing to meet at the local Walgreens Drug store to fill my shopping list?  Not if I can help it.  Or worse, having to reschedule because I don’t have the energy to do anything.  Oh no!

Are you thirsty

Nothing works as it did when you were younger, does it?   Stands to reason that the ability to recognize thirst might also become a bit less accurate.  I know, you get a drink when you are thirsty.  Are you sure you are aware of the importance of drinking enough water?  

While I can’t guarantee this will be a fix for you, it helps me. 

Drink more water  

Yes, here is another reason to drink enough water. 

The pain from indigestion is not simply explained, nor is it easy for me to understand.  I do not dismiss dyspeptic pain when saying “just drink a glass of water.”  I understand how you might think I am making fun of you.  Drinking a glass of water is too simple.

If drinking enough water had been suggested before all the research I have done about drinking water.  Before finding out the important role it plays in our overall health, I would be skeptical as well. 

This  condition of indigestion or heartburn is making you  too uncomfortable.  How can a glass of water help, you are thinking.  

You need some “real” help.  

If you have had the problem for some time.   Maybe even been diagnosed as having  a peptic ulcer?   I am not suggesting that you forgo the treatment your physician has prescribed. 

However, I feel safe in suggesting that you began your response to this condition with a glass of water, even before taking your medication.  It may not help but won’t hurt. 

Drinking more water through the day could actually help heal the condition, not just treat it. 

Digestive health

Your digestive system is far too important in this aging thing to be taken lightly.  You must follow through and do all that you can to assure that it is working properly.  

Digestive discomforts of one kind or another make up a large portion of complaints when people visit their doctor. 

If you have been staying with all the habits that you have developed in your life?   Chances are this does not include drinking enough water.  Now you are retired and want to be as active and busy as you had planned. 

So if drinking more water can help, how about starting now, today?

Drinking enough water.the importance of drinking enough water as we age for digestion

Now for a bit of how this water-drinking works.  Why drinking enough water when you have indigestion or dyspeptic pain can help.  This information can help you make your decision.  Medical science is slow to change its method of treatment.  At least when there is money to be made selling products.

So, you are having this discomfort along?  You already know that there are limited ways to treat it. 

When the over-the-counter stuff does not work, it usually takes a prescription.

The medication is given.  So are the appropriate warnings for side effects.  You already have pain, do you want to open yourself for other complications?

Sometimes, when you are very uncomfortable, yes you are willing to open the door for other issues to get rid of the pain.  However, you know that is not the best long range plan.  You are in this retirement stuff for the long haul.  You want the best and life possible, with no health complications, don’t you?

Now back to this business of pain being your bodies thirst signal  

The condition has progressed past warning you that you need some water when you have this pain.  Your body is telling you that you were already in a dehydrated condition.  

You have eaten or drunk something that irritated these already dry cells in your stomach.  They will irritate easier when in a dehydrated condition already. 

While yes, you need help, the condition needs to be treated. Make sure you are treating the correct thing.

The condition is Dehydration

You need to drink more water.   Treating the pain does not relieve the dehydration.

Testing is being done using just water to treat these conditions of indigestion and heartburn by just drinking more water.  A glass full every hour.

If an ulcer exists, a change in diet is in order.  The change in diet along with drinking enough water seems to be doing what needs doing.   True someone having this condition wants relief immediately. 

True someone having this condition wants relief immediately. 

There is usually some masking of the discomfort by taking a medication, but the condition still exists.  You are still dehydrated.  So if this is a problem for you, pay attention to  your water intake.  

Do you think that your physician will share this with you?  Would you really listen if he did? You are in his office for pain relief.  If he does not help you with that, you will probably just find someone who will.   Besides your doctor makes more money if you leave his office happy with what he has done.  If you think he is concerned about helping you.  This assures that you will be back.  So, you will be given a prescription.

Here is what I did

I have been so glad to have some relief from arthritis joint pain.  

I may not have had a problem with it anyhow.  The problems I had were not often or regular. 

However, just a short few days ago, I was made aware by a bowl of chili. Yes, I doubted the wisdom of a bowl of chili.  This has long been a problem for me.   I do have a few antacids tucked away for emergencies.  

It was not long before I was aware that there was a problem. Yes, being human I grabbed the antacids, but not before drinking a glass of water.  

The discomfort was not very long lasting, I drank a glass of water every hour for several hours, 4 or so.  I was soon past the discomfort, and on to normal. I will next time drink water, first.  

A check up

After logging the water I drank for a few days, I found I had decreased the amount in the cooler days we had been having.

So I probably really was a bit dehydrated and did not realize it.  The pain or discomfort was my body’s way of reminding me to drink more water.  

I do know that drinking water will be my treatment of choice if one reoccurs.  I was just unaware that I could help myself.  

So  while I am not a good example of a “cure,” I do have a plan.

Have you noticed this symptom as you have gotten older?  How much water are you drinking on a daily basis?  Are you reaching for the over-the-counter stuff more frequently? 

Would drinking more water help you avoid the need?  The water helps by making the stomach able to produce the materials it needs to handle the digestive process.

Help yourself to better health.

Remember, you should drink 1 oz. of water for every 2 lbs. you weigh.  If you weigh 150 lbs. this means you need 75 oz. a day. 

Don’t know how much you are drinking every day?  Well, find a way to measure how many ounces the glass you drink from most often holds. 

Then write down every time you get a drink for a while.  You may be surprised at how little you drink.   Will you do something to help your overall health picture? 

Remember you could be forestalling some expenses from rising health care costs.  And this treatment is free!   No side effects. 

You already have pain, do you want to open yourself for other complications?the importance of drinking enough water as you age



Goes without Saying

Important medical disclaimer.

I am not a Doctor, Lawyer, or Investment advisor.

I am simply a fellow traveler on this road through retirement.

Here,  I share what I have found  through actual practice or through a stumbling effort to improve myself. 

Your results, should you adopt one of my suggestions will probably be 100 times better as you are probably a much stronger person than I am. 

This retirement stuff is hard!  Retirement would be a challenge even if it did not involve the aging process.

We have to work together to make the best of it!  Lifetime habits, good and bad, accompany us on this journey we are on. We sometimes are not aware of how we hinder ourselves. My intent is to call attention to what I have found along the way that either teaches, warns, helps, or hinders me.  

I hope you can learn, laugh, think about, and pick up a suggestion that will make things better for you.  Sharing is how we do it.  Do you have a suggestion that  you can share?  Please leave your comment.

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