The Power Of Positive Thinking Books And Your Retirement Mindset

The power of positive thinking books and your retirement mindset?

Are you aware of the power of positive thinking books and your retirementPower of positive thinking books mindset?   Of their importance to your happiness?  Did your professional life contain a healthy dose of positive quotes acquired in training and through reading?  

As a small business owner, I had one and only one opportunity to hear and see Zig Ziglar in a live presentation. This positive approach to life stuff was not as known at that time.  

I almost did not go, as there was a conflict of another scheduled activity at the same time!  Can you imagine the hesitation now?  Knowing what how powerful this information is? (This is the cover of one of his programs to improve your life)

I was struggling with weight control by then and still remember his story of getting started on a weight control program.  About how his wife was not going to have her “boy” appear in public around the neighborhood looking less than good.  

So she bought him a new track suit.  At that time, few regular people had track suits.  Especially, portly men well past the age that could be considered in training for some sport.  We did not have dressy track suits and everyday track suits.  

So this was a real fashion statement.  We all loved getting a “tracksuit”.

Then Mr. Ziglar shared his workout story

This story also contained the description of his getting into shape.  His first day, he ran 1 mailbox. From his mailbox to the nearest neighbors.  

His point is you start where you are, and do what you can.  Then start over tomorrow.   

When you are running in the city neighborhood blocks, the mailboxes are not far apart.   

The power of the positive quotes is still there

The story aways stayed in my mind but did not take root in my life culture. I still struggle with weight control, now many years down the line. However, as I approached this retirement time in my life, I found that when reading, I still got a positive feeling from positive quotes.  

They just made me feel good.

As the sad fact kept making me aware, I still had a closed mind for accepting the positive changes that could improve my retirement years.  

Zig Ziglar was one the most effective motivational speakers and authors of his generation.

As a small business owner,  I found a great deal of comfort in these positive statements.   Too bad I had to be old before I realized how to apply this wisdom.

What a legacy of helpful information these positive quotes hold.  

When the secret of the words are really considered and thought about, they are even more important to my life now that they were then.  

The reason?  I have finally gotten smart enough to allow them to work for me.  Here is one, just to remind you of how they can help you as well.  

“It is your attitude, not your aptitude that determines your altitude”  (Zig Ziglar)

How is your attitude towards your retirement years?  Is your retirement everything you wanted it to be?  If it is, what are you doing to enjoy these years?  

Retirees are in control of the larger part of the individual wealth of the world. Are you using your portion of the world’s wealth to make your life better?  

Or have you taken up guard over the reserves you have and refused to allow yourself to have a comfortable attitude about living?  Are you so afraid of spending a dollar that you are sitting at home looking at the world with a suspicious eye?  Not doing anything for fun?  

What are you waiting for? 

It is a true finding for most of us who had to be thrifty throughout your earnings life, you will not be comfortable spending excessively in your retirement years.

However, we can enjoy some variety in our dining.  In meeting friends to share a meal in a comfortable restaurant.  It is good to give yourself a break on occasion.  We all know the tales that float around about the Scrooge mentality.  

Reading and researching this subject has proven that this is just a mindset that goes too far.  It is a lifestyle that can be as destructive as the excessive action of any other kind.  

The big picture thinking will help you figure out where your middle ground is.

As a general rule:

“People don’t just wander around to one day find themselves at the top of Mt. Everest.”   (Zig Ziglar)

What do you plan to do in retirement?  Did you think you would just wake up happy after you retired?  Have you found this is what happened?  Or have you found your retirement to be less that what you had hoped for?  

Are you willing to take control of this time and make the days more like what you have in mind?

Often there is little standing in the way of your true feeling of happiness.  You just have to realize what needs changing and change it.  

Have you always thought you would be happy if you just did not have to work?  Did you do anything to see that you would have some financial security at this time? 

Wait, no whining here.  

No blaming someone else.  

You thought your husband would take care of that?  Did you ever step up and ask how those plans were coming along?  Husbands often do not what to face the truth about how they are not preparing for retirement. Some plan help 

They need some good positive input.  From someone like you who is depending on this time with them.  Do not allow yourself to retire without knowing the answers to these questions.  

Prepare yourself 

Do not allow yourself to retire without knowing the answers to these questions. If there is a lot of pushback when you ask these questions, he probably is aware that you as a couple are unprepared.  

If there are no savings, you need to know that.

You need to make some plans for retirement time.  This time does not always take care of itself.  

You are what you are and where you are because of what’s gone on in your mind.  (Zig Ziglar)  

Don’t like what you are and where you are?  Change your mindset.  

Change that lack of avoiding asking questions to actually asking questions and getting answers.  If you find you are not prepared financially for retirement, keep working.  

This is one way to give yourself a head start.  Continue to work and get everything paid off that you can.  This is especially true if you find yourself partially responsible for making the payments for personal credit card debt or for a car payment.  

When the social security checks start, pay off the debt.  That alone will make your money go further in retirement.

Know why you are working longer, and you will find the resentment of continuing to work not so great.  You have a plan now.  You know when you can look forward to quitting.  

So many people avoid actually looking at their budgets and making plans. Yes, you have lived your whole life without knowing, but now is the time to know.  

People often say they are motivated, but that motivation does not last.  Neither does bathing.  That is why it is recommended to be done daily.  (Zig Ziglar)  

Remember this one?  What are you doing to make sure your motivations stay strong?  Are you spending some time daily thinking about your retirement goals? Some of the things you wanted to enjoy during these years of your life. 

With present day statistics what they are, you will be retired for close to 30 years.  How will you spend your 30 years?  No more excuses.

What are you doing today?  How will you change your future in all areas of Power of positive thinking books for retirementyour life that are not working for you?

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