The Ugly Truth About Health Care Costs

The ugly truth about health care costs!

So is there an ugly truth about health care costs?  One you aren’t aware of?  Did you know that America does not even offer the longest lifespan expectations to their citizens?  Did you know that we are not number 1?   

Now, we are finding out how the ugly truth about how health care costs affect our lives.

How can you have the healthier lifestyle that is so important for living longer?  

You are all receiving the notices about the increase in your health insurance policy changes that go into effect the first of the year.  Every January these come around.  A great and happy retirement is a planned event and you must plan it Plsn for health care costs

As you retire, you find that you have the high cost of insurance

These monthly costs are eating up a chunk of your retirement budget. 

You must be responsible and take control of your retirement plan and retirement years.  

You all know and understand that you can’t have a budget if you don’t have a good health insurance plan.  So you are stuck with those increasing costs.  

Not having a good insurance plan is a one-way ticket to bankruptcy. 

Over 50 percent of all bankruptcy in the United States are a result of health care costs.  With the rapid rise of health care in our country, you find yourselves very vulnerable.  

Our country finds itself in a similar situation with the health care costs it now tries to pay for in our present economy  The added increases are finding the weak spots in your financial plans and making you pay more than you may have the resources to comfortably pay.  

The costs are shocking, as is the amount of fraud present and accepted as a part of that practice.  

The fact is that so much of the present day medical issues that you may seek help for can be reversed.  You can turn the tide of an unhealthy lifestyle around.  Just make healthier choices.  Live healthier. You can encourage each other to make positive steps to a healthier life.

These costs affect retirees

This cost is making an impact on your country and the county’s budget as well.  This cost is having a devastating effect on parts of our basic financial structure.  

Another ugly fact about our health care costs

50% of bankruptcy cases in the US are due to health care costs  That is a big toll to have to pay for healthcare that could be avoided.

Your social security checks will continue to have less and less buying power.  Inflation is rapidly leaving retirees scrambling to balance the budget with rising health care costs. Medical care costs will make a difference.   You must be able to have healthcare to stay healthy.  

So there you have it

The United States is an important superpower.   Yet, you do not have the longest life expectancy in the world, mostly because of lifestyle choices.  Not even in the top 10.

What is the action you need to take?  

How do you make sure you are in control of your retirement years?  I don’t know about you, but being bankrupt is way down on the list of how I planned to spend retirement.

Of all the countries in the world, how come we rate only 42nd in longevity?  

Why are our numbers not better?  

  • You take care of yourselves, right?  
  • There is access to good health care.  
  • We can out produce, outfeed, and out supply all other countries.  

There needs to be an adjustment to our thinking.  

We rate number 42nd in the world for the average length of life

And which is the number 1 country?how length of life affects US economy health care cost in retirement

Monaco is number 1.  And we’re only number 42.

While knowing that the citizens of Monaco were quite healthy and educated, didn’t realize they live on the average, 10 years longer than the average American.  

The average life length expectancy for a Monaco citizen is 89.57 years. 

The average life expectancy for a citizen of the United States is 79.56!  That is a full 10 years behind.  

I do think that I am much different from others in my part of the world during my growing up years.  

We were taught a great pride in who we are!

OK, so I grew up with the thinking that we in this great country were the greatest and best of all.  Yes, I am proud to be a citizen of this country.  Loyalty to our heritage was learned early in life.  

The founders of our nation were the brightest and most willing people.  We studied all the stories of how great they all were.  However, none of the teachers pointed out that the hard struggle for existence resulted in much shorter lifespans for them. 

I was a kid.  Anyone over 40 was ancient.  

We had yet to have the access to facts about having to start all over with learning what would grow and how to grow it. Then we had to learn how to make what we grew edible.  

Yes, there was a lot going on that hadn’t yet settled in my reality check.  

I wrongly assumed this extended to our inheritance of long life!  

Now, to help with putting a rational spin on this information I searched some more

In a research project entitled “The Health and Wealth of Nations, I found a report by Harvard Economist David Bloom and Queens University Economist David Canning  

The results were explained by the writers in this way:  

  • If there are 2 countries  
  • They are just alike in all respects
  • Now let’s say that in one country, there is a life length expectancy of 5 years longer than the other   
  • The real income per capita of the longest living populations will grow by 0.3% to 0.5% per year  

This was based on available information at the time of the research.  

This may not seem like enough to matter

But when you consider:  

  • Overall growth
  • The number of individual citizens of all the countries multiplies about 2% a year.  
  • Then that 0.5% has a great deal more meaning.  

The reason one country expects longer life spans than another?  

It is a healthier country.  The wealth of a nation is controlled by its’ health. Remember the old saying your folks used so often when you were younger?  

“A man who has much wealth and loses his health has nothing!”  Science and aging studies are bearing out the wisdom of this statement.Continuing to ignore the health of our retiring seniors is insane. health care cost

Having citizens who live longer

This can have a huge effect on the overall economy of the country.  

What steps can you take to ensure that your lifestyle is healthier?

You can’t continue the insane approach we have had for too many years.  

  • Your diets must be healthier 
  • Lifestyle must become more active  
  • The benefits are evident
  • We owe this to our children

This information and knowledge have had some effect   

This information is causing some of the leading activists to start pushing for:

  • More longevity studies  
  • As well as more anti-aging research.  

The first thought that came to my mind about aging studies?  

Yes, it about was all the overdeveloped cosmetic world with all the potions and creams to hold back time.  That dreaded menace of an aging appearance!    

Shows how short-sighted we can be about something so important.  

It also shows how important it is to make ourselves aware of what is happening with our tax dollars.  If helping us live longer will make this great nation better for my children and grandchildren?  It is surely money well spent.

How to make sure we stay competitive internationally?

  • A sound economy  
  • Healthy citizens  
  • These citizens must have a good education

These are the basics that everyone needs.  

With these basics, better economic situations will be reflected in each of our citizen’s life.

This is exactly what we want for our children.  

  • A good education  
  • A healthy body  

The rest will take care of itself.

Public Health Professor S. Jay Olshansky: “If we are able to slow aging by just 3 to 7 years.   The benefit to our population?  We will at the same time, be postponing most all fatal and nonfatal diseases”

This would have a positive effect on health and the economy.  The effect would be similar to the discovery of antibiotics in the 20th century.   These are all positive steps for our country and future.

So let’s get to get to how this affects you?  

Why is the US behind in this long life part of the picture?  

The 3 main causes are:

  • Gun violence
  • Obesity
  • Less frequent Dr. visits  

These issues when added to the pitiful state of America’s education.  Well, this results in a situation that will continue to grow worse.  Continue to grow worse until some productive measures are taken.  

As long as we have a poor education system, our young people will have fewer opportunities for becoming a stable workforce.  

They won’t have access to adequate preventive health care.  

Not be able to afford to pay what that health care costs

The gun violence will continue to grow.  The use of guns will be seen by the frustrated part of the population as a means to handle their needs. 

  • Education is necessary for jobs  
  • Jobs so our citizens will be able to afford better nutrition  
  • With better nutrition, citizens can ward off obesity  
  • Obesity that we are seeing a rise in an alarming number in our population.  

The undermining of the very self-supporting structure of our country.  The end result of these issues won’t allow us as a nation to grow and stay competitive internationally.  

Although we are strong, we can not continue to avoid correcting the problems in our society.  

To continue to ignore what is happening will allow a crumbling of the very basis we are built on.  

We will become venerable in so many areas.  We will no longer able to provide the “American Dream” for our population.  

Education will help provide the strength to rebuild.  importance of education to our future and on our health care costs

You as retired members of our society, can all work to be better custodians of tour personal health.  In doing this you are protecting the public resources.  

Those are the resources that will spread farther to help our citizens live a better and longer life  Those resources will be shared with the next generations.  

Did you know that living longer has its benefits for society?  

Always thought that we older folks were just a burden after a while.  And we are if we don’t do our part to preserve the financial resources of this great country.  

We do this by being more aware of your diet.  Eating healthier.  Eating less if you are tending toward obesity.  

Moving about more in your daily routines.  Get out and walk in the neighborhood.  Take the stairs.  

Make those little lifestyle changes that can result in a healthier you.

 Do your part.  Work at keeping the health care costs down for all of us.  

Do your part in supporting the education of our youth. Help them understand the importance of the education for their future. 

Well now, here is proof that the population needs us   

Society needs our resources   

Society needs our wisdom to keep the country moving in the right direction.  

Now you will know when you hear about or read about the government making studies into longevity.  Funding research for slowing down aging.  Maybe they aren’t referring to the superficial part of our life.  It could well be a reference to the most fundamental and basic part of our country’s strength.  As well as with the ability to stay competitive in the modern world.

Informed citizens are more prepared to be leaders as we move care costs