Things To Do After Retirement To Help You Find Your Happy

Things to do after retirement to help you find how you can be happy.  Things to do after retirement

Wow!  It finally happened.  You are actually retired.  Do you have things planned that you wanted to do after retirement? 

How will you spend your retirement time?  You know that time when you no longer have to get up, get ready and go to work?  Have you made plans for the time in your life?  Are you asking the right questions?

I know you planned your finances, or you didn’t.  If you didn’t, you will probably not get to retire yet.  At least not completely.

The actual hours in the day

Sometimes you forget to make plans for the day time. 

You planned your vacations.  Your days off had planned activities.  Holiday times were eagerly looked forward to while you were working. 

What about this time after retirement.  Now you can plan your time and enjoy the activities through the day, or you may find yourself at loose ends.  Find yourself not knowing what you want to do with this new leisure time?

If you do not plan your time. You will find yourself not as content with the way the days are going after a while.  

We are all human

Sure we all enjoy some down time.  Sometimes that are not filled with activities that have to be done or at exact certain times every day. 

However, too much of this kind of time will leave you feeling a bit bored and not as content with your days as you had hoped for.  

Social contact

One of the important changes that happen after retirement includes the change in your social life.  You usually no longer have much contact with your coworkers. 

Social contact with co-workers after retirement is limited. You probably had people you are glad to not ever see again, at work.  However, there were some that had become good friends.  

Among the things to do after retirement is to make some new acquaintances.  Often people find themselves alone, after retirement, having outlived their spouse.  

Life sometimes seems to compound insult to injury.Things to do after retirement

When this time of bereavement has occurred recently and you have not completely come to terms with your new place in the everyday world, much less gotten yourself sorted out in your social life.  

Here comes retirement

Then retirement can sometimes be the event that stumps you.

The natural reaction to the retirement plus not completed the grieving process may find you pulling away from any attempt from friends and acquaintances. 

You do not want to deal with all of these life events, plus the demands and requests of being involved with other people.  You just want things back as they were.  

Adjusting to changes

While there is a time that is needed to deal with these events in your life, you should be aware of the importance of having others in your daily life.  Each event has happened, and can’t be undone. 

Even if things could go back to like things were, you are no longer that person who was the employee working every day, waiting for retirement time.  

You have been there, but going back?  Not so attractive.  The same with a spouse.  Whether your loss was due to death or divorce it has happened.  

You can not move backward in time

You have no choice but to move on.  While every well-meaning friend and family member who offers advice about your new life can’t be a part of your life, there will be room for additions. 

There will be a need for some new people to visit with, drink coffee with, do some activities with through your retirement years.

Closing the door to new relationships is one way to guarantee yourself a long, lonely life.  There will be new to you groups to help with projects at your church.  New activities to participate in within your community. 

There will be golf games to play, new skills to learn. You will be happier when you are working with new people accomplishing projects along the way.  

A new pathThings to do after retirement

Social mixers are great for some people, and a way to meet new retirees who are also interested in meeting new people.  Wanting new friends. 

There is always the tried and true ways of learning about things you have always been interested in, within your community.  Helping others along the way is very rewarding.  You will find people who are interested in some of the same things you are. 

These common interests are a better meeting ground than the local bars or an online dating service.  Going places with your friends made in common interest activities will be more enjoyable than trying to find special friends in less conventional ways.  

Do not think you are “not as old as this figure suggests.”  You will find that maturity allows you to have friends in all age groups.

Finding people you want to spend time with

You are generally more suspicious of other people when you are older.  You did not get this old being a dummy. 

I am sure you have seen prime examples of people who too quickly jumped into a relationship as a way of not coping with their life changes. 

Observing people in your church life will nearly always give you a prime example of a relationship that should not have happened.  Yes, some should not have happened. 

However, remember, they at least tried something different from where they were.  Yes, it was a wrong step for them, but they did try. 

You have no guarantees that our efforts will not result in a mistake.  However, stop and allow yourself to have a wider range of people to make new friends from.

New friends

By welcoming some new people in your life, you are getting yourself ready for a happier retirement life.  You may not ever find that special someone with whom to spend the rest of your life. 

That may not be in the plan for you.  However, having new friends with whom you share interests and past combined effort experiences will give you a surer footing into having friends during retirement. 

Making some friends who enjoy a day out fishing, a day learning new gardening ideas, new travel adventures or just a movie about a shared interest is important to us in our retired years. 

We do not have time to spend with friends while we are younger, working, raising a family.  All too often we do not develop a network that offers a full social circle as we get older.

Get over the uncomfortable feelingThings to do when you retire

Even thinking about doing something so different make you feel awkward.   This is only natural to have some questions about doing something different.  Making the first move may feel a bit like Lucy in this picture.

Sometimes you will need to put forth a bit of effort to make these new friends after retirement. 

Search out a group of people who are enjoying something together that you enjoy is a proven path for keeping a social life.  Now is the time to find those activities you enjoy. Ask your circle of acquaintances about activities they may know about.  

This may require some effort from you

Is there a group somewhere that could use some help for a few hours a week or month?   Do you like to cook?  Do you like to research history?  Travel to local places of interest?  Can you help people who have English as a 2nd language learn to read?

What about teaching woodworking skills?  Help make quilts for the needy.  Teach basic cooking?  Join exercise groups, something you will benefit from.  

The ways of growing your acquaintances continue growing as you think about it, even in this little town in the Texas Hill Country.

Enjoy retirement

It is discouraging to see fellow retirees so bored.  Don’t let yourself fall into the habit of being bored. Not being happy during retirement. 

Yes, you will encounter people you do not ever want to see again. However, you will also meet some that can become your lifelong friends.  You must take an active control of your retirement life.  

Sometimes for Fun

You must find things to do for fun for your retirement.  It is not up to me to make your happy.     

The responsibility for your happy retirement is yours.  Being positive and living your life with a purpose will do this for you.  

Have you allowed retirement to catch you a bit unprepared?  Do you have a plan?   Did you ever get into the positive thinking habit?  Do you still have some work to do in that department?

You have to make some decisionsThings to do after retirement

Whatever you fill your mind with is reflected in your life. 

Do you allow frustration with the place you find yourself being reflected in your life?  What will you do to change this?  

Did you not ever really buy into the whole positive thinking idea?   You are not stuck on the one-way street for retirement.

To the big reveal with “The Secret?”  I can tell you that I verbally bought into the idea, just never did anything about it.  With the typical enthusiasm that came with half-hearted commitments!  Not into the concept.  

As you have time to study, read, and think through some of the information that is now available you will find that the world is a better place.  Discover the opportunities for getting a better path for yourself.  

There is one right under your nose.  

You can do whatever you choose.  If you want to, you can watch frivolous movies and then rewatch them all day on T V.  The choice is yours, you know.  

Or you can take the experience you have acquired in your lifetime, add the positive mindset and find your happy retirement time.  It is up to you.  

Just because you are a senior citizen does not mean you can’t change your Things to do after retirementthinking.  Became excited about your days.  


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