Warning! Free Power Of Attorney Form To Print


Warning! Free Power Of Attorney Forms To Print.

Why the Warning!  Free Power Of Attorney Forms To Print title here?  Why even question?Warning Free power of attorney fprms to print  This is free. That is what you want.  Free information. Free forms.

When you are not paying for your information, it is not easy to get answers about these things.  Sure you can find answers to questions, all over the internet. Specific questions.

However, this is assuming you know the question.  What if you do not know the questions.  Do you know that you need to know?

Limited information

Getting any start to finish information is proving a chore.  One I wish I had not started.

With the idea of sure, “I like D I Y stuff.”  “Why give those scheming lawyers any of my hard earned  money.”

Reality can be a bit brutal.

Even though by nature, I am somewhat persistent, there is always more. Another angle.  Another side of the picture to consider.

It seems that as soon as I  plow through with one level of this information. Get comfortable there.  You guessed it.

Always more.

You know this business of getting your “legal affairs” in order?   Well, you may get part way with one concept.  Or one of the forms and its purpose is explained.  

You take a deep breath and think about what you have found.  Try to get everything in mind for how this affects you.

There it is.  Uh oh.  Another question. 

This one came when I wondered what a “Living Will” will is.  How does this document work? What is the purpose?  

Why do you need it?  Or do you need it when getting ready for the time you might not be able to handle your own business?

This is the definition given by Wikipedia:

“An advance health care directive, also known as living will, personal directive, advance directive, medical directive or advance decision, is a legal document.  In this document, a person specifies what actions should be taken for their health if they are no longer able to make decisions for themselves.  Because of illness or incapacity.

In the U.S. it has a legal status in itself.  Whereas in some countries it is legally persuasive without being a legal document.

A living will is one form of advance directive.  This form contains instructions for treatment. Another form is a specific type of power of attorney or health care proxy/.  With this form the person authorizes someone (an agent) to make decisions on their behalf when they are incapacitated. 

People are often encouraged to complete both documents to provide comprehensive guidance regarding their care.   An example of combination documents includes the Five Wishes in the United States. The term living will is also the commonly recognized vernacular in many countries, especially the U.K.”

While this is also the same power given for a Durable power of attorney for medical decisions, it does nothing for handling your possessions.

What Possessions? you ask

We are talking about bank accounts, property and such.  Some states require having both, a durable power of attorney as well as a living will.  So we have another way to go.   Yes, laws were made to protect us, keep things orderly.

Some states require having both, a durable power of attorney directive as well as a living will.

So you have another way that you can go.

Yes, laws were made to protect us, keep things orderly.

However, most all the laws are cloaked in such language that you are damned if you do.

And damned if you don’t.

One of the “do not’s” I am referring to is if you “don’t” know or “don’t” understand.

Answering questions

This Durable Power Of Attorney question has not cleared up for me.  Not completely

My conclusion it that this is not something I feel comfortable suggesting as a “D Y I” project.  The more I study this document.   The power you are conveying to another.   The more questions I have.   

So, my conclusion at this point is that  I will continue to study this Durable Power Of Attorney part a bit.

I do think it is important and should be handled sooner rather than later.   However,  I do think a  legal expense may be in justified here.

More homeworkWarning free Power of attorney forms to print can be found

I will do my best to have all the questions answered. 

As I started researching the living will and durable power of attorney documents and how they were different, guess what?  I started thinking about the differences in personality of the ones I planned to designate as my representative with this document.

Then came the question of “do I want the person I planned to appoint to represent me in case I could not speak for myself?”  Making medical decisions?

While I think I am comfortable with this choice, I am glad to have a bit of time to think about just this issue of the question.

This is all a part of the prep work of getting ready to get these documents completed and ready for use.

By having these decisions made.  

The little questions that come to mind written down in a list.  So these questions can be answered quickly and efficiently.

You are paying for a lawyer’s time.  The less you have to use, the smaller the fees you are paying.  Every time you must alter or change, you are adding to your fees.

So people, give some time to thinking about these questions.

Make sure that you have given your representative the power to carry out your wishes.

So he /she can represent you as you want to be represented.  While yes,  you could do this yourself.  Just make sure you are not causing problems for you or your representative.

Making problems?  That is not on my list either.  As I become more comfortable with this whole idea and continue to study, I feel more ready to make these decisions.  Not written in stone yet, but more ready.

Where are you with the process?  Have you even begun to work through the questions?

The last question I had that produced a shocker?

So now are you ready for the one last question that I had?  

The one that gave me an answer that was a shocker?

This Durable Power Of Attorney becomes null and void when you die!  

Your representative can continue to act for you until the moment they know you have died.

At that point, there must be a will!   The state government could still come in and make the rulings about your estate.  Even though you have a durable power of attorney.

Will your kids agree on everything?  I told you this stuff was written by people who practice law for a living.  Your durable power of attorney does not carry over.  Have you seen the light at the end of the tunnel?Warning Free power of attorney fprm form tp print

What is next?

Now please stand by and share with me the journey of drafting a will!  That is the next step.

Question- Is there no end to it all?

Answer- No there does not seem to be.  However, as some of the mystery is taken away from making a will, I am sure it will be just like the durable power of attorney question.  

I do plan to get my legal affairs in order.  This means to continue carrying onWarning! Free power Of Attorney Form To Print with research and study.



Goes without Saying

Important medical disclaimer:

I am not a Doctor, a Lawyer, or Investment advisor.

I am simply a fellow traveler on this journey through retirement.

Here,  I  will share what I have found through actual practice or through a stumbling effort to improve myself. 

Your results, should you adopt one of my suggestions will probably be 100 times better as you are probably a much stronger person than I am. 

This retirement stuff is hard!  Retirement is a challenge even if it did not involve the aging process.

We have to work together to make the best of it!  Lifetime habits, good and bad, accompany you on this journey you are on. You sometimes are not aware of how you hinder yourself.  My intent is to call attention to what I have found along the way that either teaches, warns, helps, or hinders me.  

I hope you can learn, laugh, think about, and pick up a suggestion that will make things better for you.  Sharing is how we do it.  Do you have a suggestion that you can share?  Please leave your comment.

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