Water Aerobics Exercises Improve Balance For Senior Adults

Water Aerobics Exercises Improve Balance For Senior Adults  

Research is proving that Water Aerobics Exercises Improve Balance For Senior Adults.  Have you considered adding better balance as another reason to indulge your self in another swimming session?  (Good source of information)

The muscle building and toning, as well as the strength improvement.  This all helps provide the building blocks for the balancing exercise that benefit that is so important for senior adults.  After finding out that water aerobics exercises improve balance for senior adults I searched for local opportunities to participate.  Knowing how important balance is important as you age. Makes this fun form of exercise even more attractive.Water aerobics exercises improve balance for senior adults

When considering how you need to stay active and get exercise in the colder months of the year, you need to also be reminded of how much fun you had during your summertime sessions at the public pool doing Water Aerobics Exercises.

Water aerobics exercises is such a fun way to stay active

With the ability to get the aerobic exercise that you need for strong bodies. The fact that this exercise improves balance in senior adults is just another plus.

Knowing that the pool will not be open until Memorial Day weekend, it is fun to dream about doing something so good for you in a few months.   It sounds especially inviting in light of the time that you spend in front of the T V during the colder months of the year. (If You like to spend time on the computer why not   Check out Wealthy Affiliate for how you too can learn how to build a business and earn a stream of income.)

A bit of research revealed that the benefits are not just wistful dreaming. Water Aerobics is actually one form of exercise that does away with so many of the issues that you face as you get older.  

You can stay in the exercising mode longer with this kind of class.  

An exercise  that can be participated in when other forms of exercise are too painful.   This is also important to senior adults.

This should make you a bit interested, as preparing for a happier retirement is more than just having money saved to meet your financial needs.  You must be healthier as well.  You have to have a plan for keeping yourself healthy and reasonably fit to enjoy these years.

As there are many of reasons to stay as physically fit as possible, this form of exercise is sounding better all the time.  Water aerobics exercises improve balance for senior adults, well, sounds to good to be true.  Building muscle, stamina, and flexibility all benefit with balance.

Water aerobics exercises improve balance for senior adult

Fear of falling  

When you walk, out through the park, or even in your neighborhood will benefit your overall health picture.

Having both hips replaced over 10 years ago, and not being as diligent with the rehab as I should have been, the balance is just not there.

In the water, this fear is gone.  

You can move, stretch, walk and run-   

Well maybe not really run, but you can go through the motions as fast as your body can with the water resistance. 

The lack of balance plays less of a part of the water aerobics session.  Even if you fall, a small splash in the pool does not result in a broken bone as it might in a conventional aerobics class.  Water Aerobics has great benefits for adding balance for senior adults

Benefits of water aerobics

  • The class is a group fitness format with a series of exercises for stretching, and strengthens as well as some increased circulation benefits. 
  • You are in shoulder deep water.
  • There are warm up exercises to get ready.
  • Some classes start with 12 repetitions and progress by adding one repetition a week.   By the end of summer,  you are usually at 27 or 28 repetitions.
  • Variety of routines that you can work with. 
  • Most classes usually last 40 minutes to an hour. 
  • The number of classes each week will vary, according to time and resources available.
  • There are usually some cool down activities.
  • Moving across the pool a time or two during the cool down also gives a good stretch for your senior body!

You will find that you are usually not very sore the next morning.  When you get a late start and they are already at 16 or so reps, yes there will be some soreness come morning.  That should disappear in a day or so.

Water Aerobics provides a cardiovascular burn along with a light resistance training. 

The cardiovascular burn is so important to seniors to keep heart muscles functioning, as well as improving your circulatory system.  The resistance while moving in the water helps maintain muscle strength and balance.      

The joint protection!

This protection is offered by the buoyancy of the water.  This buoyancy allows you to do repeated jumping and walking exercises that are not possible for some seniors as they age.   The strength and additional muscle tone are so good for senior adults bodies.

The range of movement is increased and the ability to move is enhanced.  The resistance of the water helps in preventing overextension of joint movement.  This further increases the benefit of this form of exercise.water aerobics exercises improve balance for seniot adults

Do not let this form of  exercise fool you.  

This is a workout. 

Each participant goes at your own level of ability.  Of course, as in most things, the benefits are mostly dependent on your personal motivation to improve and get the most out of the exercise routines performed. 

The fellowship

Exercising with the group is excellent therapy in itself.

My 40-year-old daughter who joined us in one class did not feel really challenged.  She did feel she had a workout, and was relaxed and reported a good night’s sleep. 

The stretching exercises for seniors are complete enough to help younger bodies as well. 

Some classes do not have music for your water aerobics exercises class, which is more fun.  (Always a personal thing.) 

This is such a fun group activity, that having a class in the winter sounds like a dream come true!    

How can you make this happen for you? 

Do you live in a larger city where there is an indoor pool, with a  program to allow you this fun exercise year around?

Even a few months would get you started in the right direction for a more physically fit body to enable a more independent lifestyle for your retirement years.  Water aerobics exercises improve balance for senior adults. This is something you need!

Exercise for seniors is an important step for maintaining independent living for yourself, in the retirement time of your life.  You are not aware of the damage you do yourselves by becoming so sedentary.  Not being active. This is one lifestyle habit you can correct.    

Do you want to be happy in retirement?  Stay active.  You can become more active.

For those of you who have lived in the smaller towns of America all these years, this is something you need to start doing for yourselves. 

The idea of having access to an indoor pool.  With the benefits of a class to encourage you to keep at it long enough to be able to see the difference.  That may not be a reality.  But you can check for the programs that are available for exercising.  If a group participation class will make you more active, it is worth your time and efforts. 

All too often we are too self-conscious about the way we look in a swimsuit.  

Believe me, I have many reasons to be self-conscious about this factor.  And wearing a swim suit in public, even only class members requires some deep breaths and courage to do.  The results are worth it. 

You may never see the calories burned making any overnight beauties of the adult senior bodies.  Or the younger ones either.  Exercising for building endurance and stamina to make your lives better.

Benefits gained include the ability to move and bend and squat without pain. The kind of pain that being on dry land leads to.  The benefit of better circulation. Just do not forget the fun.  Don’t forget to have fun.

Yoy will see the happiness of the participants.  The pleasantries exchanged.  And the friendliness resulting in a joint activity that was exhilarating, playful and beneficial at the same time.

It is so beneficial, that I will be better this next year about making both classes every week.  I am ready for Spring.  And Water Aerobics Class.   

Exercise is the cornerstone to healthy aging  

National Council on Aging is working hard to build successful exercising programs throughout America.  There is some information in this link that will enable you to get an exercise program going for you.

I am sorry there is not as many men’s class for water aerobics exercises in my part of the world.  You guys would benefit so much from this extended exercise program during your retirement years.  These are exercises that enable you to work out long enough to actually do some good.   

These are habits you can form to make your life better.  To help you to be happy during retirement.   

Exercise for seniors adults is important. 

You do have some choice in the matter.  You may not be able to enjoy water aerobic exercises to improve balance, but you can choose a more active life style.

water aerobics improve balance for senior adults.



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