What Are Baby Boomer Years ? What Is Your Retirement Vision


What are Baby Boomer years? What is your Retirement Vision for yourself now?What are baby boomer years

First, what are baby boomer years and what is your retirement vision?  If you were born between 1946 and 1964, you are a baby boomer.  

Where will the baby boomer years find you?  Will you be relaxing around a beautiful sunset, or sunrise?  What is your vision of where you want to be?

This is not a government determined label, having been originated by others trying to figure out how to relay the message of what happened after WWII and it’s effect on our lives.  It is an accidental combination of words that is now accepted as the correct word to use.

Will you be happy just drifting through your retirement years? Without ever doing anything?  Not having an interest?  Never knowing the fulfillment that retirement can bring? Retirement time should be lived as you want your retirement you time to be lived.   If there was ever a time you live by intent, it should be now.  

Live by intent

You may not have to work during your retirement years, so what do you want to do?  Been retired a while now?  Done the traveling you wanted to do? 

Have you been able to find something that you are really excited about taking part in?  Once the new wears off the whole retirement idea and you become a bit more adjusted to your new status it is time for a new vision.  You will need to consider what now?

According to how your advance preparing has been, you will want something to make your life meaningful.  This could be any number of interests that appeal to you. 

Once the actual retirement has happened, and you return from your cruise around the world, or whatever your dream.  It is time to refocus and get on with life and ongoing projects. Living in the past is not healthy. 

We are all human. Your brain was formatted to solve problems.  When this stimulation is not given, weakness and lack of interest in life will make you like a leaf in the wind.  You will go where ever it blows regardless of where you want to be.

If your vision is lots of time on the porch in a rocker, so be it 

Retirement time should be lived as you want your retirement life to be lived. Decide you want to be a lay-a-bout lazy bum?  Just make sure you are in control of your days.  Do things by choice, not at someone else’s bidding.

Time to consider “what now.”   According to how your advance preparing has been, you will want something to make your life meaningful. If you choose to be a bum, be the best bum you have ever known of!  Live a bum’s life on purpose. 


However, you will find that precious retirement time slipping away if you do not make some plan to live as you want to.  

Someone will find ways for you to spend your retirement that may be not at all what you wanted.  You are the only one who can decide this. 

Got the all-important budget done?  Any physical changes that need to happen done, like downsizing or relocating.  How will you spend your next 20 – 30 years? 

This advice is from a person who has lived the majority of her life never planning beyond the starting line.  The idea that to get what  I wanted would require that I have a plan finally dawned on me.  I always knew that schedules that involved deadlines worked better for me. 

It never dawned on me that it was because it is the end image in my mind of the completed project that worked the magic.  Once this obvious conclusion reached my conscious awareness, life has become so much more fun.


Have you taken control of your retirement time?  Have you planned your vision for this next phase in your life?  Do you want to have fun? Or have you found yourself still mired in the “stinking thinking” mindset?  You know the one that makes you think that you are too old and too broke to plan.What are baby boomer years?

You do not have to spend your days bored and listless because you do not know what you want to do with yourself. 

Give yourself the luxury of the best retirement you can afford for yourself, starting NOW.  


Get a sheet of paper and a pencil and get started. ( find some suggestions to help you plan here)

If your yen for travel still exists and your budget has no wiggle room for travel, go down to the library and check out books that cover the subject you would like to travel to. 

No this may not be as good as an actual trip to say Yellowstone National Park. You can have the fun of learning interesting facts about this national treasure. Seeing the beautiful scenery in the best available light.    

You can learn about how and why we have the park.  There is so much to read, really cover the park and a great deal of its history in one day.   When visiting the park, you can’t do that in person. 

A great benefit from your reading and study?  The journey in your mind won’t make you weary from walking and traveling.  There won’t be a body that is dusty and dirty.

You can plan    

Deciding how to spend your days?  These are just some of the benefits you don’t know you have till you get to that point in life.  You are entitled to these choices, but if there is no have a plan, you will not do them. 

As we are human, it is just too easy to put off the visit to the library.   There will not be new material and interests for your mind to enjoy.  

I know you are accustomed to actually doing what is fun for you. 

Have you considered why the new vision goggles are so popular?  The ones that can take you skiing, or mountain climbing?  They can make you feel a part of the scenery as if you are there.  

Can you remember sitting down with a Viewmaster and a whole new packet of reels for it?  You would usually notice something that you missed while at the actual event itself.

Check out what Viewmaster.com has on their site for you.   These new goggles are a part of your future.  You may as well learn to enjoy them. 

Are you one of the many retired people who want to have time to give back?  This article about the retired veteran and his efforts for his retirement.  This kind of work and interest will keep him involved in life as long as he can do it. 

Would that not be a wonderful way to live your retirement years?  Be active, busy and engage in something you enjoy.  

This is the retirement of your dreams.  Make whatever your dream come true.What are baby boomer years?

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