What Is Aging? What Is Your Plan For Aging?


What is aging?  What is your plan for aging?  What is aging? How will you face this time of your life?

Do you have it figured out?  What is Aging?  Why do some of you “age well” while some of you don’t fare so well?  

Look around you at your fellow retirees.  

Have you wondered about the recent talk about aging?  And wondered what are the signs of aging?  What are they talking about?  

Sometimes I hear members of my family talking about aging and they dance around a real meaning.  I assume it is because they are talking about me.  Am I being over sensitive?  

What is aging, really?

First of all, this aging?  Generally, you will get the reply to this question with something of this sort:  “The process of getting older.”  This is not a true description of aging, as we often see the term used in the more modern world.

The term aging describes a segment of our lives. 

You are in the “growing”  years, then the time of “developing years.” 

Some of you will “grow up” quicker than others.  Everyone ages at different rates. 

Another series of descriptions is along the “baby age” the “toddler age,” “childhood age,” “adolescent age,”  “teenage,” “young adult” age.  

The “adult age” last longer that the ones before have.  Then you become “senior adults,”  “retirement age,” “older adults age.”  

The so-called classifications mean very little to you at the time. 

However, too often this is a way that many find themselves living.

You do not know the number of years you will live.  You can control how you choose to live through them.  The choice is yours. So you can choose to “age well” as you get older. You can choose to live well. 

I make the choice of living.What is aging?

Not just being old.

This mental decision is one that will control how well you live in the latter decades of your life. 

With added technology and better health care, you are living longer than before. Your parents were able to provide a better diet for you growing up. 

Not very many years ago, aging began in your late 40’s and early 50’s. All the stuff you think you do not like that is associated with getting old, started happening to you.  

What is one to do?

A quick look at the famous movie stars and their ability to move from one stage of life to another with grace and dignity makes you know that you can too. 

Yes, you may begin to look a bit different in your 50’s.  However, you are still active and involved with your family and communities well into your 70’s and 80’s.  Some blessed few are active beyond into their 90’s and older.

Those who have a negative attitude towards life will find themselves dealing with a negative life.  When you have a positive outlook, you will live a positive and happier life.

What is your attitude?

So while this attitude is usually the result of a lifetime of decisions, you can change your attitude and as a result, your life will change for the better.

If you have a negative attitude, will it be a quick and easy thing for you to change to be positive? 

No, not easy, nor quick, but certainly can be done.  This can be done with conscious effort.  Will you decide to make your life better?  

You can make your life better. 

I know you have heard this a million times.  Yes, I also know that you have tried before.

I dare ask did you really put forth the effort?  Do you know that you can change how you think? 

Yes, you can. How will you age? What is aging?

You can teach yourself to think positively.  You can learn to make these thoughts automatic in your mind.  

In this day of education and information, we have more people putting these things to the test.  There has been time to study and reflect on how people can and have improved all parts of their life.  

From their attitudes and outlook on life to the way, they live their lives.  They have done this on purpose and with a purpose.  

These people wanted to live a better life.  

No, these changes do not happen because you have on your lucky shirt!  

They happen because you take the steps to make them happen.  How do they do this?  On purpose and with intent.

They do it with a plan and a will to improve their lives.  We have grown up with the Think and Grow Rich to the Power of Positive Thinking.  

Now so many people have proven that the practices of this kind of thinking really do improve lives.  They share with us to help us to make things better.  

Will you claim a better life?

It is no longer a “wish” or just a “dream.”  This can be your reality!  You do have to choose it. Seldom will a positive life just run and jump on you.  

This is something that has to be actively pursued. Cultivated and used with appreciation.

You make a plan. 

You follow your plan.  It is like baking a cake.  There are ingredients to use.  Positive self-talk.  Just like putting the ingredients in the cake batter in the proper order, so with the correcting your attitude. 

It really is that simple. Have you ever made a plan to change your thinking?

This may require revamping the original plan that you make, more than one time.  

That is O K.  This is too important to not get done.  

If the first plan is not successful?  You just adjust what did not work. Keep what did work.

Start again.  

You do not quit.  

Throwing up your hands in surrender does not work.  You revamp your plan and start again.  One hour at a time.  One day at a time.  One bad habit at a time.

With longer lives to live during the aging portion of your life, it is worth trying for the best life you can have?  

Will something as small as changing an attitude really make a difference?  

Here I am sharing a quick outline to make a written plan for making changes.  

You may think you are too old to make changes.  

But- what if you aren’t?  

Aging involves all the parts of getting older.  Don’t you want the best you can have for yourself?

So will you take steps to change your attitude to one of wonder and fulfillment during aging?  Allow yourself to have the benefit of the years you have learned.  The life experiences you have had?  

Often people just get in the habit of being grouchy, and depressed.  They look for the bad things to happen.  

Why not look for the good things?  

I like them so much better.  Yes, illness overtakes some.

Some of my retired friends will have the sad duty of burying their mate.  Always a sad thing, but you can choose how you go through these times in your life.  

You can choose to face life with a positive mindset, or a negative one.  Somedays you may find yourself with both of these mindsets in one day.  

How will you emerge from the shadows?  Will you have positive habits to fall back on?  Or will there be only a pool of negative of habits to deal with?

You can choose to face life with a positive mindset, or a negative one. Whar is aging? You don't get the right answers if you ask the wrong question. 

Somedays you may find yourself with both of these mindsets in one day.  

How will you emerge from the shadows?  

Will you have positive habits to fall back on?  Or will there be only a negative pool of habits to deal with your life?

Pulling you down farther and farther.  

What is your choice?

My choice is to start building the positive pool of habits and thoughts that will help me during trying times. 

I had rather have my well full of good stuff.  There is no place for the negative, poor old me thoughts.  Count your blessings.  

Yes, they are there even in the bad, sad times.  It may be more difficult to remember what they are.   Even still, they are there.  

If you have them all covered and buried under a lot of negative self-talk, you are hurting no one but yourself.  

The choice is yours.  

If you habitually think negative thoughts, it is time to break the habit.  

Get a new habit of a positive outlook on life during your aging time.  

You are the one who controls this.  It is up to you.What is aging signature

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