Where Are The Jobs For Retired Office Managers


Where are the jobs for retired office managers?Where are the jobs for retired office managers?

Where are the jobs for retired office managers? I am working on my budget, Oh my.  Not quite what I thought I would find. Have you done one?

I will need to work some during retirement. Where will I find a good hourly wage?  What is the pay scale for part-time office managers?

This getting ready for retirement without a plan is proving to be a bit of a shock.  

Information proves what happens with the head-in-the-sand approach to retirement planning.  

There was not enough time, as you may know, you can not correct a lifetime of errors in a few short months.

This left the only other option of working through some part of my retirement.  

If this was going to be the plan, it needed to include work that could be handled from home. My home was where I wanted to be now. 

Retirement is about sitting on the couch some, or is it not?

This working through retirement should not require the strength and endurance that most normal 9-5 jobs did.  Getting older is what brought me here.  Slowing down some was the goal.

Experience is a good teacher.

Retired office manager want to work after retirement

One thing that experience taught, is that learning to do something properly was by far the preferred method for getting there faster.  

If I am going to work during retirement, I did not want to continue what I was doing.  At least not if I could find an alternative.  

Maybe this idea of working from home could be done. 

Yes, I would need some education and training for this. 

Sure there have been accounts of those who had the idea that made them instantly rich and famous.

I’ve seen the interviews on TV with people who have this off the wall revelation and made a business work with little investment. 

I have had some ideas that worked, but far more that did not.  

No, I wanted a tried and true guideline with some assistance available should I need it.

Enough time had gone by with no planning

So losing more of this precious time just floundering made no sense.  

Enough emails filled the inbox and made one think that all you had to do was pay a small fee, and instant success.  

Well, as had already been shown, through research, a lot of time had been spent around the “Blarney Stone during the writing of most of those ads.  

There was no time left. No more proceeding without planning.  It was already evident where that would get you.  I was living proof.  How can I make this work?

Too many years had been wasted already.  

There was a need for actual progress. To take action.

Already being aware of the folly of waiting to plan retirement, it was time to make a move.  Stand up and admit that the past was full of mistakes about planning for retirement.

It was time for a plan.  

Debt that carries over into retirement has such an effect on your retirement.  

As this didn’t apply to my situation, this part of the planning education slipped through the cracks.  Just a few visits with friends.  Looking at peoples’ lives, it was apparent this happens so often.  Personal Debt In Retirement Results in Stress And Financial Concerns

So, there is this matter of taking on personal debt when you are getting closer to the retirement age.  

There are fewer times in your life when time sneaks up on you as fast weddings for your kids.  Just hang in there a moment, I have to share a few of these debt warnings.


If you have to borrow the money, and it can’t be paid in full before retirement. Stop! 

A wedding is not worth that, regardless how special that child is.  

Rethink the plans.  Streamline the wedding.  Just say no, and refuse to pay.  Do you want to work during retirement because of a wedding you agreed to pay for?  Think about this folks.

The fantasy ideas that occur when your children marry are just that, fantasy.  If you have saved ahead for these events, great.  If not Forget It.  

Putting yourself on the line for higher expectations than you can afford is never a wise move.  While paying off the event itself, you may have to delay some expenses that will arise.  You may have to spend more money later.

I know I am treading on a sensitive area here.  There are fewer things as important to parents than seeing their daughter sent off in her married life, as a big wedding. This is never as important for a successful marriage as it seems at the time. 

There is nothing as damaging to a successful retirement as starting this time with personal debt. With retirees living longer, this is a longer time to be miserable.  Don’t create debt.

There is also an emotional thing when the last payment is made.  

This feeling of Now I deserve whatever indulgence (new TV, a fancy meal out) because of being faithful getting the original debt paid.  

The time to pay for events like a wedding is before, not afterward.

The unexpected

I do not think you will find a financial adviser anywhere who would the suggest you buy something you don’t have the money to pay for at this time in your life.

Often, this debt, that gets retirement in trouble is in the form of medical expense.  That is certainly not planned.

However, it is still debt and must be paid, even though it goes into your retirement years. 

Your plan must include these debts and may mean you need to remain in the workforce a while longer.

A payment that seemed manageable at the time becomes a burden with a smaller monthly income. Retirement usually means a smaller income. 

Time to face facts

At this time in your life, your financial picture should be looking better.  With the ability to live on your monthly income.  

If it isn’t, it is a safe bet that you have some personal habits that need to be addressed in your financial world.

(We are not discussing the sudden catastrophic life change like a serious accident, cancer, heart attack or natural disaster.)

We are talking about the daily life events.

Like thinking, you will plan better next week. But this week we will just eat out every night, even if it means using the credit card. 

Are you thinking that weekend holiday is something you can’t live without?  Even though the credit card is near maxed out?

Maybe it would be a better choice to stay home and work in the yard.  Apparently, you’ve been making the same choices for a really long time.  You need to get your priorities list back out. Remind yourself what is important.

Most of you just refuse to really look at what you need to do.  How to get on track for the goals you have.  

Sure you may be disappointed when you first think about denying that inner child that we all have to deal with, but the rewards of not having more debt far outweigh the disappointment.  

It is time to make positive decisions.

Review your list of priorities.  A great motivator to help you make better choices.  

Even though you have proven yourselves financially responsible. Haven’t incurred a great amount of debt?  You will still need to be alert to the easy availability of extended credit, late payments.  

Especially for basics, like housing, insurance, and the like. So where do you go from here?

These fixed expenses are not a surprise.  

You have them every month.  

Having to pay the house payment late because your paycheck hit the bank on a holiday.  Did not clear as quickly as you thought it would.  This is a red flag. 

The many aspects of the transition from employed to retired are tough enough without a financial mistake slapping you in the face.   

Do you have a plan started yet?           

Ken King, writing for the Sheboygan Press made these suggestions for those Baby Boomers who will carry debt with them into retirement;

  • Stop creating new debt    
  • Attack debt, pay it down   How to start planning for retirement
  • Scale down your budget    
  • Start saving now. It is better than never starting.  
  • Try living on 2% less for 3 months, reducing your budget by 2% every 3 months until you are saving 15% of your earned income.  
  • Seriously look at how you are spending your money on a weekly / monthly basis.

If you can not do it now, how will you manage when there is only the social security income (There is a link on this page to help you be able to estimate your monthly income from social security)

You will need to have savings to fill in the gaps. (Also remember that you will have insurance costs out of your monthly income as well.)  

The suggestion to avoid taking on extra debt seems to have no meaning if you have no personal debt at all, as in a car payment, house payment, personal loans, student debt.

Unless you have planned well, any form of additional debt will make the time as you are adjusting to retirement more difficult.   

Choices you make

One form of debt that seems to pass through the radar is the urge to “take one last vacation.”

Then there is  better get the kitchen remodeled and updated.

Get more reliable transportation.

As we are getting better transportation, why not that “cute sports car” that you have been doing without all this time.  

“Our loan will go through better if we are working and have our good credit references.” 

These are really nice ideas, and if you can afford to do any one or all of them, great. 

Please indulge yourself if you have been keeping a tight reign on expenses, and it is a good time to do these things.  

Is it time to splurge?

However, if you have not made a plan, nor adjusted your monthly expenses, and have some safeguards in place, you are not ready for this extra debt.  

Maybe it is time to review the plan and make some decisions based on what you can afford, not what you want.  

Your working time is limited. The salaries you’ve had to budget with will change to monthly social security checks.   

With what savings you have added.  

The adjustment to retirement will have enough built-in bumps without having to live with paying for some self-indulgence.  Items that don’t actually contribute to the overall stability of this time in your life.  

Have some plan in place for this time in your life, and retirement.

A plan that accommodates your budget will help you enjoy this well earned time.

If you spent some time working through how to spend your retirement years, you are definitely ahead of the pack.  

Too many have no plan.  They are just trying to get through to that time.  You are burned out at work, just hanging on, the job is too physically demanding.  

Changes in the economic world, have made a difference.

Many employers have changed what they expect from their employees.  

Maybe the challenge has gone out of production quotas.  This has lost it’s magic for you.  It is just all getting to be too much.  

Retirement to part-time

If your budget plan has made you aware that you will be working after retirement, maybe you can continue to do what you do. For maybe 2 or 3 days a week, not 5.    

Some employers are unaware that their retiring employees are available for some steady part-time work.  This can be a great solution for both of you.  

This could allow you a working future that will permit you to clean up any debt that stands in the way of a more financially comfortable future.  

The fewer hours will allow you to have longer to rest.  As well as work in a golf game, or whatever your favorite activity is. 

Many retail businesses need part-time workers for the holiday season, for the summer when working Moms need to stay home with kids.  do you have a job for retired individuals who need to work about 12 hours a week?

These jobs won’t match the pay scale of an office manager you are receiving now.  However, will allow you to have some wiggle room for the budget.  

What can you do?

There are many online opportunities available that will allow you to work in different capacities.   From freelance writing, virtual office managers, to building your own business online.  

There is an online platform that I work from that teaches me how to do all the things one needs to know to have my own business online. 

It is set up similar to an online University ( check it out by clicking the blue text now) and has been so easy to use, and access. Having a dream in my heart for an online business for the past 10 years, this was an answer to my lack of planning earlier in my life.

Apparently, it was important for me to have that long to check this stuff out because it was that long before getting to an online platform that made sense for me.  

By this time a ton of “get rich quick scams” had been on my computer screen.  

Then I found itGrow your own business to make the money you need in retirement

However, time spent looking made it easier to evaluate the opportunity when it appeared.  

This learning experience has given me the knowledge to build a site and market to the world. Check here for the information to see if this is what you would enjoy learning how to do.

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