Why Drinking Water Is Important For Health

Why Drinking WaterIs Important For Health.  Want more energy?

Why drinking water is important for health.  Do you want more energy? Do you drink enough water?  Chances are that if you are not drinking enough water you do not have as much energy as you might like.  Why drinking water is important for health

Is your journey like mine?

Some rely on coffee. tea, or sodas for taking care of their thirst.  I know how it goes, I did too.  Most days I never considered just drinking water!  I wanted something in it to taste sweet.  

I was young.  

Now the error of my ways has caught up with me.  

Have your years of ignoring your body’s call for water caught up with you?    

Have you constructed a basic and very plain idea of water and how water performs its magic?

Do you know even the basics about how water works in your system to supply what you need from the food you eat every day?  How you do get to the point that you have the energy you need for your day?  

The basic explanation, as I understand it

Here is a basic and very plain description of water and how it performs its magic.

And magic it is.  The way water enables your body to function.  

When your body is made up of 60% to 70% water, you will have more energy. 

When you are born, your body contains about 70%  to 75% water.

Immediately you start losing a bit from the desired amount, and it continues.  

By the time you are grown, most adults are 55% water. Some are even less, especially as they age.  

Any wonder they deal with brittle bones, and lots of the other conditions associated with old age.

The double edge sword of aging.

Along the way, allergies, asthma, joint pain and eventually arthritis begins to develop. You have fewer energy reserves.  

You have sinus headaches, bad skin.   Then indigestion, constipation, and diabetes.  

These things all occur and you think it is normal and just part of growing up. Getting older.  

Could it really be that all these things began happening because you are thirsty?  

The more research that is compiled, the more the proof is piling up to support Dr. F Batmanghelidj’s ideas about dehydration.  He presented his ideas in 1992 in his book “Your Body’s Many Cries For Water.”

When you eat food, your body uses the proteins and carbohydrates to make energy.  

Both of these two nutrients most efficiently manufacture or create energy.

You also need water in the correct amounts to allow the digestive process to happen as you were programmed in your DNA. This explains the digestive process.   

The process that your body will adapt to make energy is changed when it is done under dehydrated conditions.  If you are dehydrated, your system is forced to work under drought conditions. It is not as efficient.  You will not get the same results.  

Do you know when you are dehydrated?  As I have been studying how I can help my body age with less protesting, water has become more important to me.  

Is your journey like mine?

Little did I know that I was setting myself up for weight issues as I got older.  

I did not know that when you taste something sweet, the chain reaction starts.  That chain reaction is designed to produce the energy from the sweet taste that has been promised by the taste.  This process does not know the difference in artificial sweet and naturally sweet.

That chain reaction is designed in your DNA.  

If the promised calories from the sweet taste do not appear in your body?That part of the digestive system that is there waiting for the sugar promised will cause you to be hungry for the calories.  

They are waiting in line for them.  Your digestive team is ready and waiting.  Where are the calories?  They will, on their own, cause hunger pains.  

After all, you gave them a taste of something sweet.  They responded to the call.  They need something to digest.  

Those reactions are only natural in your body.  It is reacting as it was programmed to do.  You started this reaction, and the food is what is wanted.  

This cycle is not what you want if you intend to avoid those extra pounds that creep up on your body as you age.  

Sure, my body’s system allowed me to go full force through the day. These sodas and juices supplying all the fuel for energy my body needed. This was true when I was young.  However, the same thing has not happened during retirement. 

However, the same thing has not happened during retirement. 

Is water important?

Do I really feel better when I drink more water?  Yes, I do.  

The proof I have already seen in my over-the-counter medications cost? There is no question, that for me, this has proved to be a form of magic. Not only am I saving money, I am seeing a healthier body.  I have learned the answers to why my over-the-counter medication did not always work for me.

I have learned the answers to why my over-the-counter medication did not always work for me.  They did not have enough water to digest properly.  

Now that I have learned to drink enough water, even the over-the-counter stuff works better.  It is true that I do not take so much anymore.  The pain is less.  What I do take works better.  These two facts make me more positive about a better health overall picture as I age.

The pain is less.  What I do take works better.  These two facts make me more positive about a better health overall picture as I age.  

I just plead ignorance.  I did not know how important water is.

Are you still a bit skeptical?  That is O K.  I was too until I gave myself the chance to have enough water.  

Try it for yourself.  

You will see the benefit. There are some ground rules for adding water to your day.  One is to monitor how much water you drink for a few days.

Write it down.  Otherwise, you won’t actually know.  

Then divide the number of pounds you weigh by 2.  Take the answer, and you will have the number of ounces you should try for every day.  

Take the answer, and you will have the number of ounces you should try for every day.  If you weigh 200 lb. you will need 100 oz. of water. Everyday.  

This will require discipline.  

You will probably need to start slowly. (I did)  

Your kidneys are not accustomed to being processing this much water.   You are no longer a kid.  You can not do that stuff you did as a kid.  

Allow your body to adjust to digesting this water.  It is a better life habit you are working on.  This is not a whim.  

Healthier body

You are preparing your aging body to be healthier.  Give it a chance to perform.   

As I was already retirement-bound when I discovered this simple and magic way to make my life better.  I learned this lesson the hard way.  

Please do not use the fact that you will need to let your body adjust before you can drink enough water.    

You spent years getting dehydrated.  You will benefit by spending a few months teaching your body to handle the increased water.  

Do yourself a favor.  Adjust your amount slowly.  Will you take advantage of the knowledge that I learned?  

Consider giving yourself a chance to be healthier.  Drink enough water, Why drinking water is importantevery day.





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  1. Jeff,

    Thank you for your interest in my post. There are many parts of life that surprise us. Hopefully, knowing there are steps we can take to make them better will take some of the confusion away when this does happen.

    Old age is not something we search for or seek out. It just is. Retirement we know about, but the aging? That is the surprise.
    Thank you,
    Sami William

  2. Thank You

    I enjoyed my visit and your articles on your website today, we all must prepare ourselves for retirement and old age. Your articles provide very good information for us all to prepare for that time in our lives, that time is often closer than we imagine and sneaks up on us many times.


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