Work At Home Edu. Review

Work At Home Edu.Com review.   

Work at home review is my personal experience with this work at home opportunity.  I was expecting an educational opportunity.  Thinking that “work at home” meant that it was an educational opportunity, the work at home aspect was a surprise.  

You know, learn how here kind of thing.  As there was a lot I had to learn about how to work from home, education was required as I had no experience in this.  At least in my mind, that is how it was. 

work at home -making -money-on-line-using-my-computer-affiliate-marketingy
Make money from home on my computer

At that time, I hadn’t given up to the fact that I had to be taught how what and when to market online.  

New Name – Old Program.

I still had those scam promises stuck in my head!  

  • Big money!  
  • Little work!  
  • No effort!  

You know the kind!

Back then it went by the name of  Home Profit System.

It all looked so familiar to me- I even remembered what the young single mother made in a year working in her spare time!  The pictures were the same!  The wording seemed to be the same- as near as I could remember.

I did not go far enough in the selling part of the information to find out where the first upsell appears.

When they asked for my credit card number before even showing me any more information- I just clicked out.

I got to the part of finding out the fact that “for only $97″ which was a reduced fee from the original $197, (Just the same as before. ) After the fee was paid I would be allowed to get set up with training and a site to work on my own for 6 weeks.  Then what would happen?  I couldn’t find out what happened in 6 weeks, did I pay more?

Great results

Then there would be some testing and if I qualified I would then be put on the list to receive the assignments.  

  • What happened if I did not qualify?  
  • Would there be additional training?
  • Did I need to pay more?  
  • Were there additional requirements?

To find out any more, I had to give the credit card information.  

Anyhow, I was disappointed to not be able to have a good program to consider.  I prefer reviewing programs that I think I might like to enroll in.  This one sounded like it had my name written on it.  Had I enrolled with my credit card information- the name on the card would have to read FOOL! 


To stay true to  the form I like to use here when I do a review:  This is as a  formal as this review gets:

Product:  Work At Home Edu.

Cost:         $97.00

Transparent?   No!   Must give credit card numbers to access rest of information.  ( a true opportunity will show you what all you are getting, and what else is available for an additional fee)

They do not think I will see the value of what they offer, so they give descriptions of huge earnings, little effort. A bit deceiving.

Right away I knew.

Scam!  Pure Sweet and Simple

The information that was given stated that you would be taught where, how and when to post links that big companies wanted to be posted on different sites and different publications online.

They would control how much work you would get and when.  

You wouldn’t be gaining any skills that you could use outside this program.  

Always depend on the distribution of the links to post to make your money.

There would always have a “boss” someone looking over your shoulder.

Making the important decisions of what your pay would or would not be.

Unanswered questions  

  • Was there a daily quota to meet?  
  • If you didn’t post enough-would there be no pay? 
  • How about if you posted quickly and finished the list could you ask for more? 

There seemed to be no incentive in place to make more than the controlling level you purchased in at would allow.

I was searching for an opportunity, with the benefits offered by the one I was already chosen to enroll in.

I am awed by the internet 

It is a legitimate source of actual opportunities.   There has to be another plan that meets the criteria ten years of searching has taught me about.  

I am aware that one has to be responsible and practice due diligence when searching for the opportunities they want to work with.  

More than one program is sure to exist that will allow me to work from home online from my laptop and add to my income streams.   My Wealthy Affiliate training has taught me that there are many ways to make money from home online.  Work at home just was not the right one for me.


 With having experience with the best, now as well as knowing that as I grow in this business I’ll want to keep up the research into other programs, and should one appear that has all that we have at Wealthy Affiliate University,  I may have room in my life for another one.

The encouraging words were engaging in the ad about Work at Home EDU:  

The colorful pictures.  

The money promised. That especially.

The whole invitation was well put together in the particular way I have now realized makes our hearts beat fast. Our minds imagine how having that much money added to our checking accounts every week would be.

Reminds me of the old game people play when they talk about how they would spend their money if they won the lottery.  No wonder that part of us not affected by such ridiculous statements gets shushed.  We go ahead and buy that lotto ticket.

Yes, I can appreciate the way we can be duped

I didn’t find anything in the description provided that stated real information about the time it took to do enough link posting, other than “minutes” a day.  

Spare time?  What is spare time?  Sunrise to sunset?  

Did they know I worked full time?   

Reality check 

As the reality check continues there are so many holes and weak spots in the presentation.  It was fun to hope, though.

Now, I will submit this to you to consider when making your decisions about what you would like to get started with.   You may choose to investigate further and share the information that I find hard to share from my credit card.

You may want to take the risk, and if you can afford to take chances with your money, this may be the opportunity of a lifetime. I just didn’t get to my comfort level with this final step.


Meanwhile, back near the Llano River,  here in the hill country of Texas—

 make money at home edu. Make,momey,work,at,home,online,free,educatiton


 Update*  As of 4 / 2016  the monthly premium is now $49 a month.  The rest stayed the same.  There have been so many upgrades and improvements that this post needs updating.  Check us out to see some of them

I chose to sign up for just the basics.  

Getting access to a Program that has Education as the basis of its operations.  The level of education that is available for free, I will repeat FREE. 

  • Will allow you to build a website
  • Train you to work with the latest tools out there
  • Host your site

Get a feel for what is offered here~

  • For the first week- you will have access to training,
  • The networked community and support for 7 days!  
  • You test drive the site
  • See what is happening
  • The education is offered for free

At the end of this first week, you are offered the opportunity to move to the all-access Premium level for only $19 for the first month. 

If you are ready

You can choose to do this, a remarkable value for sure.  Or you can stay at the free level with the basics level of education available to you to continue to build your site and take care of it.  

This basic entry level will enable you to continue on this path to an online career. You decide if you need the Premium level of assistance. Upgrade when you are ready for this next move.

I knew from the start that I wanted to join the program

I did work through the steps, 1 week and 1 month at a time.  Then I chose the reduced rate offer by paying a year at a time.  This was best for me as I had so much to learn.   

I had been searching for 10 years.  I wanted to get on with it.

In your 1st month for $19,  you continue your education.  You can continue working with the tools and support provided to continue working on your website.  

You can easily have a live working site at this time.   Most new members have 1 site up and live, at the end of the week.  If you are not computer literate, it will take a bit longer. 


I took a good bit longer but got it done.  

If at the end of the month, you don’t wish to go to the premium level or $49 a month, you merely discontinue the use of your site.  You have no contract to full fill.  You decide if it is right for you to continue, or go along with your free access. There is a basic course still available to you for free.

 One thing to remember, however.  You can’t go back to a free membership once you upgrade.  

At the free level, you can keep your 2 free sites, as well as have them hosted.  You can continue to access the basic levels of education at the free level.   

The sites will be frozen for a bit,  should you leave. When you come back they will be here for you.  However, this will not be an indefinite freeze.  I am not sure how many months, but long enough for you to discover your mistake at letting the program go.

At this point, you are making an informed decision.  Not like the Work At Home 

You know what is there and have worked with all the tools, have networked with the members who are making their living online, and some living very well. The marketing tips and successful practices they share will make this membership fee more worthwhile than you can imagine.

Your websites are hosted by a company that has website hosting as a primary concern in the operation of theWork at home edu. review! Work from home online product revies daily activities in operations.  Hosted 24 /7 with knowledgeable people who will help you with your issues. No extra charge for this either.  You can have unlimited sites hosted here.

Check it out- see what you think